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Sending a CD involves:

  • Responding to a Request
  • Getting the address/Printing the Wrapper
  • Wrapping the CD
  • Applying postage to the package
  • Mailing it
  • Marking it Mailed before the deadline to do so


Please note:

Marking a CD mailed before the deadline to do so is essential to prevent the transaction from being canceled.

  • A canceled transaction cannot be reactivated, and does not earn credit from the system.

Your deadline to mark a CD mailed appears in red on the transaction for the CD on your My Account page

    • The deadline will be 11:00 PM ET, 5 days after the acceptance date if you click "I can mail within two days" when accepting the request
    • The deadline will be 11:00 PM ET, 2 days after the alternate mail-by date you choose if you click "I can mail LATER" when accepting the request

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