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There are several ways to package your CD for mailing, and the cost varies by packaging method (postal rates depend on package dimension and weight).  The two potential mailing rates are First Class Letter and Media Mail--which one you use depends on your package dimensions.

First Class Parcel Rate is currently not available to print onto a SwapaCD wrapper.

Our goal is to recommend safe, inexpensive and convenient methods of mailing. For this reason, we do not recommend mailing the jewel case with the CD, due to the increased postage costs. We recommend keeping your old jewel cases and reusing them to hold the CDs you receive.

Note: The postage does not print out on the wrapper--unless you choose SwapaCD Printed Postage with Delivery Confirmation.

Our Two Recommended Methods of Packaging both use First Class Letter Rate:

Note Regulations for First Class Letter Rate:

Required Dimensions:

  • Not less than 5 inches long and 3-1/2 inches high.
  • Not more that 11-1/2 inches long, or more than 6-1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4-inch thick.
  • Not more than 3.5 ounces.
  • Rectangular, with four square corners and parallel opposite sides.
CD packages not meeting the dimension/weight requirements for letter rate will fall in the Media Mail rate.

Letter Rates: as of March 2024

  • 1 ounce: $0.68
  • 2 ounces: $0.92
  • 3 ounces: $1.16

Recommended Methods of Packaging and Mailing using Letter Rate:

  1. Cost: $0,92 (2-ounce letter rate):  
    • Place the disc with or without inserts (no jewel case) in a small bubble wrap envelope (6x9) and tape the SwapaCD wrapper on the front.
    • Using a 8.5x11 envelope is not allowed for the letter rate.
  2. Cost: $1.36 (2-ounce letter rate plus 44-cent non-machinable surcharge):  
    • Wrap the CD and 1 to 2 pieces of non-corrugated (cereal box-type) cardboard with the SwapaCD Wrapper.
    • The stiffness of the CD and cardboard adds a $0.44 non-machinable surcharge to the $0.92 2-ounce letter rate.
    • The cardboard must be thin, to stay under the 1/4-inch thickness requirement
    • One sheet of poster board (for example) could be cut to mail many CDs.
  • We recommend these two methods due to the low cost of mailing and their proven record of safely transporting CDs.
  • When using either of the above methods, do not mail the case with the CD.

Three Alternate Methods Used By Some Members (all use Media Mail rate):

Note Media Mail Rates: as of September 2021

CD packages not meeting the dimension/weight requirements for letter rate will fall in the Media Mail rate

Up to 1 pound.......................................$3.19
More than 1 pound, less than 2 pounds....... 3.82
More than 2 pounds, less than 3 pounds.....4.45
More than 3 pounds, less than 4 pounds..... 5.08
More than 4 pounds, less than 5 pounds.....5.71

  1. Cost: $3.19 (Media Mail) 
    • Wrap the CD with a sheet of bubble wrap and then enclose it in the SwapaCD Wrapper.
      • The USPS has told us that using bubble wrap will cause the package to be irregularly shaped which will make it Media Mail rate.
      • If you carefully wrap your package to make it flat and rectangular you can check with your local Post Office and they may charge you $0.78 for the letter rate.
  2. Cost: $3.19 (Media Mail rate)  
    • Mail the entire jewel case in a small bubble wrap envelope. Lightly tape the jewel case shut to prevent the CD from coming loose while en route.
    • If you mail the jewel case you will always have to pay the more expensive rate.
  3. Cost: $3.19 (Media Mail rate if it stays under 1 lb)  
    • Mail the CD in a jewel or slim case, enclosed in the SwapaCD Wrapper. Please note, most jewel cases are broken when using this shipping method, but the CDs arrive safely.
    • If you mail the jewel case you will always have to pay the more expensive rate.


We ask that if you are unsure about the postage rate for your mailing method that you take your package to your local Post Office.  Please share with us your individual experiences with mailing CDs.


See Current Postal Rates

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