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Everything I Long for
Everything I Long for
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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Most of the songs on Hayden's debut album were written and recorded late at night in his bedroom on a 4-track mini-studio. Though he's not the first schmo to embrace lo-fi as a means of low-rent self-expression, Hayden's m...  more »


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All Artists: Hayden
Title: Everything I Long for
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Label: Sonic Unyon
Original Release Date: 1/1/2001
Re-Release Date: 1/8/2007
Album Type: Original recording reissued
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Styles: Singer-Songwriters, Indie & Lo-Fi
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPC: 621617000223

Most of the songs on Hayden's debut album were written and recorded late at night in his bedroom on a 4-track mini-studio. Though he's not the first schmo to embrace lo-fi as a means of low-rent self-expression, Hayden's music is completely the product of where it was created. Hayden, a fairly normal twenty-nothing from Toronto, is pure folk poet--a troubadour of the suburbs, a kitchen-raiding, late-night-cable-TV-watching, oversleeping product of middle class North America. To record him any other way would be like taking bacteria out of its petri dish. Over an acoustic guitar that skronks with the metallic reverberation that comes from strumming too hard, Hayden sings of everyday minutiae with a deep and raspy monotone of perpetual ennui. On the beautifully lumbering "Bad as They Seem," the singer pines for a neighborhood girl and her mother as someone "to share with me my midnight snack," only to conclude, "I got to get out some more." Hayden knows even the most mundane scenes can have tragic undersides. Hence, "Skates" starts off about an old department store job, but ends up about the interminable grief of a customer. And in a story ripped from the news, a child in "When This Is Over" wonders about cleaning his room and brushing his teeth while he and his baby brother are drowned in a car by their mother. The music, which mixes in electric guitars, pianos, and other random noises, is more coarse than most singer-songwriter fare, but often a lot more penetrating as well. --Roni Sarig

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CD Reviews

One of my very favorite albums
Mike Smith | Albuquerque, NM | 10/03/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This album is depressing, melancholy, and almost criplingly sad. It will make you ache, it will make you miss times of your life you can never go back to, it will accent your lonelinesses and remind you of your sorrows.
This album is the epitomy of where I was hoping modern-day folk music would head toward: this album is as sincere and as truly folk as the mournful songs of Mississippi John Hurt or the Carter Family. Back then, people sang about what was really happening to them, to their world, to where they lived. If they'd had microwaves and pizza and cable TV and coffee shops, they would have sung about them, too.
That's what a lot of modern day folk musicians don't get. They treat folk as if it was stuck in a bubble. They imitate something real, and what comes out is something phony, because what they're singing about isn't really their world.
Not so with Hayden.
Not so with "Everything I Long For."
This album recognizes its time and its place. It draws as much from indie rock and grunge as it does from folk, and the result is something completely original. Low-fi folk grunge? Grunge-folk?
It's Hayden.
Like Daniel Johnston, Hayden is never afraid to be painfully honest, even if it makes him look cowardly or pathetic, and it pays off by mostly just making him incredibly sympathetic. He sings about liking a girl he sees in a coffee shop, and having his friend give the girl his number while he himself hides in the bathroom. He sings about a weekend spent with a girl at his parents' house and how he wishes she would got there with him again, now that they're all grown up. He sings about lying to ditch out on a crappy job, and about working in a sporting goods store. His songs are depressing, yet songs like "My Parents' House" and "We Don't Mind" also have hope and private happinesses hidden deep inside them, and warm the sad and chilling soul of this album.
The songs are quiet, for the most part, and haunting, but on occassion it feels as if too much quiet suffering is being left unexpressed, and Hayden has to scream out, and let it out, and let you know. Those are some of the BEST parts. He sings one song from the perspective of child-murderer Susan Smith's little son, as the car he's strapped in rolls into a pond--the child wonders what he did wrong, tries to help his brother, and screams and screams and screams and screams as the water fills the car.
My gosh, it's good stuff.
If you're the sort who occasionally feels better after listening to depressing music, then this is the album for you. If you like the blues not for their mind-numbing repetition but for the idea that singing out one's pain is cathartic and healing, then buy this CD. If you like albums that feel like a friend you love confiding his deepest secrets because you're his closest pal and he's at the end of his rope, then buy this album. If you like music, if you like music that makes you feel something, if you like music that makes you feel something meaningful, then you really do need to buy this album.
And Hayden's "Moving Careful" e.p. is great as well."
A brilliant album I keep going back to again and again
Robert Moore | Chicago, IL USA | 10/08/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

""Criminally" and "under appreciated" are three words that occur repeatedly in talking about some of the finer unknown musicians active today, but they fit Hayden Desser better than most. Objectively, I think that ELK-LAKE SERENADE may be his best album, but subjectively I value it and this one about equally. While the songs on ELK-LAKE SERENADE are a bit more polished, all rough edges smoothed away, the lyrics are so spectacular that I have to give the nod to that one. Lyrically EVERYTHING I LONG FOR isn't quite as good, but I must confess that I love the rough-hewn quality of the songs. His music can be alternatively described as lo-fi or folk-rock (though it is really more like rock-folk), but mainly what it is, is good.

This is an album filled with one gem of a song after another. I especially love the way that he will go from soft and melodic to rough, raw, and loud. The technique was, of course, first perfected by the Pixies, but Hayden exploits it better than almost anyone since. No song uses this technique better than "When This is Over," a nightmarish song about being strapped in a car with his younger brother because his mother is apparently off with a boyfriend, a song that I hope to god is purely fictional. The verses are soft and almost whispered, but the chorus raucous and despairing and very, very loud. (The song also illustrates what I was talking about before, that this album is stunning musically, but the lyrics are not as strong as what you would see on ELK-LAKE SERENADE, where each song's lyrics read like great poetry.) Another great song that blends softer segments with rough, gruff bits is "Skates." Likewise, the musically marvelous "Bad As They Seem" that starts off the album is gorgeous to listen to, but the lyrics are simply not as strong as almost any song on ELK-LAKE SERENADE. That being said, I have to say that I musically enjoy almost all of the songs on EVERYTHING I LONG FOR more than almost all of the songs on ELK-LAKE SERENADE. The other side of the coin, however, is that the lyrics of many of the songs on the album aren't up to the quality of the music, whereas on ELK-LAKE have the enjoyment of the album are the brilliant lyrics. Still, "We Don't Mind," "Stem," and all of the aforementioned songs are all marvelous to hear.

One reviewer predicts that Hayden Desser will be the new Bruce Springsteen. I'm less sanguine. I suspect that he will always fall into the category of the brilliant but neglected artist. I think he will continue to produce wonderful albums, be ignored by most, and appreciated by a few. But I would strongly recommend anyone reading this becoming one of the few. Hayden is a truly wonderful performer who deserves as much of an audience as he can get. If you don't know his music, this is definitely one of the two albums you should try first, the other being ELK-LAKE SERENADE. If you like both of those and feel you need more, try the wonderful live album LIVE AT CONVOCATION HALL and the studio album SKYSCRAPER NATIONAL PARK."
On par with BEST CD EVER!!!
JBone-smith | Tucson AZ | 10/22/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

""Story-songs" are the hardest to create and pull off. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN's "Nebraska" album is most highly acclaimed due to his amazing ability to tell a moving story in each song on the album. Years from now, Hayden's album "Everything I long for" will be highly acclaimed by musicians and songwriters worldwide (Hayden will be the next BOSS). Hayden has the miraculous ability to make you laugh and cry in each song. He captures a universe of mood and feeling from beginning to end. The pace of his music is magical!!! If you are going to buy one Hayden album, this is the one that i would recommend! (If i were to be stranded on an island with 3 Cds, this would be one of them.) Buy it, shut your eyes, listen, and you will cry and laugh."