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How to Request a CD

Before you request:

  • First, you need at least 1 credit and at least $0.49 in swapacd money
    • The credit(s) and money for each CD order will be deducted from your account balance at the time your request is submitted.
    • CDs at SwapaCD "cost" 1 credit per disc (multiple-disc CDs cost 1 credit per disc in the set).
    • If a CD is currently available to request, it will have on the listing. 
    • If a CD is currently unavailable, it will have on the listing. 

When you have found a CD you want:

  • Click    on the CD listing.   
If you are trying to order the CD from a specific member's tower:  you will need to click the button ON THE TOWER (and nowhere else) in order to be sure the request goes to that member. If you have clicked the CD  on the tower to read more about the CD, use the back button on your browser to GO BACK to the member's tower and click "Order This CD" there.
  • The Order a CD page will come up.  
    • Choose which version of the disc you would like:
    • (if available, icon will be dark orange and the box will pop up when you mouse over it saying that this version is  available)
      • Disc Only
      • Disc and Back Insert
      • Disc and Front Insert
      • Disc, Front and Back Insert
  • Specify your ship-to address.
    • The default ship-to address is the address on your account.
      • You can enter an alternate address if you want
      • You can choose from previous alternate addresses you have used (these are stored in a dropdown menu)
  • Click on the bottom right of the page. Do not refresh your page or click the button again while the button says Processing, or your request may go through twice!

That's it!

  • You can relax and wait for the CD to come to you. There aren't any more steps in the process for the requestor. 
  • The sender has 5 days to respond to your request.  Find out how to monitor your request from your account page.
  • Additional Notes:

    • you have 1 hour before your request is submitted to the sender
    • If you want to cancel this request, you can do so by clicking on the request
      You can cancel ONLY up until the sender prints the address to send the CD
    • If you want to contact this sender, click  on the request on your CDs I've Requested tab to send a Personal Message 
      • if you do this, the 1-hr waiting period will be eliminated, and the CD request will be submitted to the sender immediately.
    • You can expect your CD to arrive within a week after it is marked mailed.


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