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Mix of Life
Mix of Life
Genres: Pop, Christian
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All Artists: Zoegirl
Title: Mix of Life
Members Wishing: 0
Total Copies: 3
Label: Sparrow
Release Date: 9/24/2002
Genres: Pop, Christian
Styles: Pop & Contemporary, Rock & Alternative
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPCs: 724354054624, 724354054655

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CD Reviews

A remix album actually worth the price of admission???!!!
Scott Hay | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | 10/02/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I admit, I simply do NOT like the concept of remix albums. I don't like listening to recycled sounds that are barely different from the original that sound like I could have made a better version on my own! So when I found out that ZOEgirl (one of my favorite groups) had released a remix album, I was instantly sceptical and didn't give any second thought about it. Looking at the track listing it seemed like most of the songs would have needed a major facelift to sound better since the majority of them were already jazzed up on the original releases. I figured the only way that this LP could make it was if they got some major underground DJs and tranced the heck out of every note on every song. Finally, when I decided to give the album a test run, I was more than shocked to find out that that is exactly what happened!Not only does every song sound different, but practically every one of them sounds BETTER! And not every song is a trance/house remix either! I was very surprised to see the song that got me hooked on ZOEgirl originally ("Believe") turned into an alternative rock song! "With All Of My Heart" was turned around into a rap ensemble with KJ-52 and the Soul Purpose crew, and "Even If" was basically the perfect example of what I expecting to hear when I grabbed the CD in the first place!I almost couldn't believe my ears, but this album was actually definately worth every penny, and is a definately must for ZOEgirl fans, and Christian music fans in general! GO OUT AND GET IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!"
Current best Christian pop group dance remix CD
J Lee Harshbarger | Ypsilanti, MI United States | 08/03/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This album is fantastic. In my mind, it is a landmark album in the field of Christian music, a monument to how far we have come from the horribly dreadful early days when Christian record companies tried to make dance remixes. (Anyone remember 1988's "Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feets"? Ugh!)Now we have remix albums from pop singers--Zoegirl, Avalon, and Rachael Lampa--and all three of these CDs are good. While Rachael Lampa's album "Blur" is a high quality remix album, it is also quite consistent in style and can easily be enjoyed as a listening album. The Zoegirl and Avalon albums, however, are more adventurous in finding new styles and dancebeats for the vocal pop group sound.A couple years ago, I found three groups in this category whose albums I wanted to get: Aurora, V*enna, and Zoegirl. I got the Aurora and V*enna albums first because their dance beats were more prevalent than Zoegirl's; with Zoegirl I could hear the potential for a good dance beat, but it needed to be brought out more.I never got around to getting either of Zoegirl's first two studio albums, but since I got this remix album, I don't even need those two albums. This album is 65 minutes of musical ecstasy.Unlike Rachael Lampa's remix album, this album explores a lot of styles and shows quite a bit of creativity. To that degree, it's more like Avalon's remix album, but I think this one whips Avalon's remix album, hands down. There are plenty of examples of the Top 40/r&b/hiphop sound on the Zoegirl remix CD, which are top quality and enjoyable. But what really puts this album ahead for me are the other styles.My favorite song on the album is "Even If," which is 7 minutes of a fast, heavy, driving techno/electronica dance beat. Totally awesome!!! It's followed by a song with a grand power-pop rock mix, with soaring heavy guitars on the chorus. Another stand-out cut to me is "Ordinary Day (Blue Mix)" which features a somber piano riff...the kind of song that would fit walking on an empty city street on a cloudy day, while you're depressed and thinking about life...absolutely beautiful. "Nick Of Time" is really cool because it is nothing but drum beat and some electronic meandering and vocals; there is no "music" to it other than the vocals, giving it fresh, unique feel. "Living For You" reminds me of house music, but at a frenetic pace of a dance beat.While this is not so much an album to sit and listen to, because of its wide variety of styles, it is certainly superb as a remix album, taking pop dance songs and turning them into remix masterpieces without losing the flavor of the songs. I think it would be hard to top this album as far as dance remixes go. "
Will please ZOEgirl fans, like me.
iamjoey | Kentucky, USA | 10/08/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In between studio releases Life and Different Kind Of Free, ZOEgirl released an album in which the 4 singles from their debut and most of the tracks from Life (In fact, all but Forever 17, The Truth, and R U Sure About That) recieved fresh new remixes.1. Dismissed [Omega 8 Mix featuring Shon Lock] - This is probably the first ever rap/pop collaboration in Christian music, a trend that has plagued, in many cases, pop music for years. But it's fine for this album, as it fits the style of the remix. A harder hip-hop beat has been given to the already edgy song. 10/102. Even If [Prefab Mix] - The stuff of club remix maxi-singles, but better. The song already was quite dance-y, but this gives it a pure electronica/techno beat and feel, yet it doesn't sound like every other dance remix out there. 10/103. I Believe [Trip Rock Mix] - Talk about a 180! The techno dance pop song becomes a rockin' tune with guitars and the works. A sign of things to come maybe? (Different Kind Of Free is very rock influenced.) 10/104. Waiting [Nova Mix] - The beat isn't dancey, but it's definitely faster than the album version, but still retains the soothing qualities of the original. 10/105. With All Of My Heart [Beatmart Mix featuring Soul Purpose] - I don't get why this site or my Windows Media Player call it the Beautiful Mix when the package clearly states Beatmart. But they also messed up on the DKOF and Life tracklistings. This remix is awful. It's like nothing more than a beat and some sound effects, with no real music to back the effects and beat up. 2/106. Save Myself [You Like That? Mix Featuring MC Ripper] - I can't really compare it to the original, as I haven't heard it, but I do believe that this is the original, as I've heard a clip of the original, and it sounds exactly like this remix. Maybe the rapper is the only difference between the two. Still an awesome track. 10/107. Ordinary Day [Blue Mix] - This dance song also works well a nice slower track. Well done. 9/108. Plain [Beautiful Chill Mix] - Nice remix. The acoustic guitar gives this remix a nice touch. 10/109. Nick Of Time [H2O Mix] - Remixing does not make this track any better. The beat only shows up occasionally during the verses and the choruses, and there's not much else going on at any other time. Even worse than the original. 4/1010. No You [H2O Mix] - Here comes the block of 3 remixed tracks from the debut. The ballad is given a nice hip-hop ballad feel. But the original is better. 8/1011. Anything Is Possible [Madame LaPulse Mix] - The song, which was kind of R&B influenced, while still having the driving beat of a techno song, is transformed into a full on electronica/techno song. I love it! Muahahaha! ::Mad scientist:: 10/1012. Living For You [The Ghost Mix featuring Grits] - This could not be any more different from the original, or anything on the debut. The mid-tempo pop song is transformed into a mid-tempo hip-hop track. The 4th and final song to feature a guest rapper. 10/1011. Here And Now [Turbo Radio Mix] - The song is great, and this version is not bad, but I'm only giving this 2/10, because it doesn't really change the song that much. A different intro, shorter ending, and the song is speeded up, but it still pretty much sounds the same as the original. The idea of a remix is to make the song sound completely different. Maybe not a different style of music, but to not sound like the original with a few changes.Overall, this is a GREAT remix album. Also check out Blur by Rachael Lampa, which is also a fantastic remix album."