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World Wide Message Tribe
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Pop, Christian & Gospel
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All Artists: World Wide Message Tribe
Title: Revived
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Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Release Date: 10/14/1997
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Pop, Christian & Gospel
Style: Pop & Contemporary
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 093624658122, 093624658146

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CD Reviews

An amazing mix of hits, US edits, and some new songs
phenomenon101 | USA | 05/20/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This was probably the first WWMT album I listened to all the way through (with 30-second samples, of course). At the time I had first checked it out, I was confused and interested at the same time, because I wasn't familiar with the World Wide Message Tribe's music, and because the only dance music I was familiar with was mostly just Raze and ShineMK.

Reach For Heaven (US radio mix): It's a bit hard for me to decide what I think of this, in a way. When you compare it to the original, it's like a completely different song (not just sound-wise). More lyrics were added (which might be a good thing, since the original had hardly any lyrics at all). All in all, this remix really isn't bad! I might actually like it better than the original. I liked that they had Sani sing the chorus this time; the guy who sang it in the original did a great job as well.

Jumping In The House Of God (US version): You know, this isn't terribly different from the original, although there were elements of it I liked better than the original. I still hold to what I said in my last review; I like the remix on The Tribe's album Take Back The Beat a lot better.

Real Thing: VERY classic! This song is hard not to like, even if you're not into dance music. This doesn't have the most frantic dance beat, either; just what I'd call a basic dance beat. This is certainly one of WMMT's biggest hits ever! I'm pretty sure it was a big hit in the US when it came out, too. The song has simple, but very good lyrics. The piano sounds great, the vocals from the girls sound great, and Cameron Dante does a good job rapping. Unforgettable!

I'm On My Way To Zion (Dead Fit mix): This isn't bad, but it doesn't sound as good as original. The new sound effects in it are a bit too muffled. Go with the original, but I can survive and get used to this. There is some nice, heavy piano at the intro that sounds cool, though.

Hallelujah (Praise The Savior): This is quite a beautiful song! It's no doubt the most gentile WWMT song ever, but that shouldn't be bad at all. Sani does a BEAUTIFUL job singing it. The quiet percussion in the background is very nice. Again, BEAUTIFUL song!

Revolution: This has always been one of my very favorite WWMT songs! It has awesome vocals, awesome lyrics, and an awesome sound. It also has a great feel to it. Great for dancing. The lyrics that Andy raps are very good. AWESOME song!

In My Life: This is a bit mellow in some places, but it's a very awesome song! It's from WWMT's second album Dance Planet (1993), so it's pretty early. I hope you don't mind, but I've gotta put in something WWMT's producer Zarc Porter wrote about this song..."Mark and myself are both massive Beatles fans and we always slipped into Beatle mode when nobody else was listening. The song "In My Life" was a case in point. We added lots of farmyard noises and an `80s style synth hook to try to cover it up a bit!". If you listen very closely, I guess you can kind of hear that this was covered up to be less Beatles-like. I actually like how they still left a bit of the Beatles style in it. It sounds cool!

Re.Revival: VERY awesome song. The only vocal in this song is an old recording of a man named Duncan Campbell talking about a revival in the Scottish Hebredian islands that had happened in about 1949, and the whole message was amazing. Here's some more of what Zarc Porter had to say about it..."We were trying to get hold of a recording of Duncan Campbell who was the evangelist involved with the Hebridean revival of the late 1940s. I remember saying to Andy, I hope it sounds characterful and interesting thinking we could possibly sample it and put it in a track. Sure enough when it arrived, his voice was definitely a bit unusual but it also had this incredible anointing about it. Just hearing a first hand account of what happened was gripping and incredibly inspiring. I immediately chopped it up into sections and put some beats behind it. That became the track `Re:Revival'."...The sound effects in the song are great, sounding a bit like "Revolution" in some places. Sorry to be a bit out of place, but you've gotta love that Scottish accent!

The Cross: This is another slow, but very beautiful song. It's off from their first album that was either called "Take A Long Hike" or simply titled "World Wide Message Tribe". Andy Hawthorne and Mark Pennels' vocals mix beautifully and sound great. The lyrics are simple, but they're very challenging and moving. Highly recommended.

Return Of The Queen Of Sheba: From Zarc Porter again..."The rave scene was crossing over into the mainstream during this period and we did "The Return Of The Queen Of Sheba", which was essentially Handel's "The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba" over a rave track so that the guys could use it as an intro to the Friday night concerts in schools."...anyway, this is an absolutely AWESOME song. It's so fun it should be illegal!

Joy: Very awesome song! This is a great song, and something that can give you a bit of a rest after the previous track, though this isn't excactly a slow song. Sani has lovely vocals for it! There are also great lyrics ("No matter where I wander to, He will always be in the same place / He'll be there for me, he'll be there for you, and everyone of they want him to"). Very great! Perfect '90's dance-pop.

Come All Ye Faithful: No, this is not the old Christmas song O Come All Ye Faithful, this is an awesome song with challenging lyrics on how some celebrate Christmas ("Sleigh bells ring till it's all over / And children sing "lay down his sweet head" / Everywhere the snow is falling / But no one sees that inside they're dead"). Very cool sounds. The vocals are great, too. Highly recommended.

We Talk To The Lord: This seems cheesy the first few times, but there's a point where it may turn to a classic! Very fun song. As WWMT's producer Zarc Porter said..."On another occasion I remember putting down this weird jazz/swing thing and we had always wanted to do a track about prayer so we wrote `We Talk To The Lord' over it. The sound of the track was a bit comedy so Andy did these tongue in cheek raps for the verses and we had the dancers doing a routine with Kenny Everett style huge hands on stage. It was very memorable, but as with any novelty track they don't last that long before they turn to cheese!"

Peace (US radio mix): This another slow song, but it's VERY beautiful. The ladies do beautiful vocals. This is a very peaceful song. Absolutely beautiful! Highly recommended.

Life (Eternally): This is another VERY awesome song! It's fun with a fast and "punchy" beat. Andy's rap lines are awesome and fun with great rhythm! Gotta love it all! Great fun to dance to.

Nobody Knows (US radio mix): This is a very cool song. It's almost a bit weird sounding, but it's a good kind of weird; mysterious and interesting. After the mysterious and interesting beginning, it breaks off into the chorus with a nice vocal and cool guitar. One of my favs from WWMT!

Sweet Salvation: Absolute cool song! Very good sounds. I love the beat, the synths, and the sound effects. Fun stuff! Sorry to be out of place again, but for the longest time, I misheard the lyrics in the chorus as "I know You're never gonna eat me, I know You're never gonna call" (what I was mishearing as "eat" as actually "leave", and what I was mishearing as "call" was actually "go"). Misheard lyrics can come out so strange sometimes.

There Is A Green Hill: This is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL song and a perfect ending for any album! The guys do awesome on the vocals again. Again, here's some more of what Zarc Porter has to say..."As was to become the custom with all Tribe albums, we once again wanted a slow song to end the set with. Mark and myself were at a party opposite our church one day and as we needed this song, we decided to pop over to the church and see if we could write something. As I sat down at the piano I noticed that the music book on the stand had been left open to the hymn "There Is A Green Hill". I began doodling some chords and we started to sing a tune using those words and within a few minutes it had all just slotted together. That song later became our biggest US CCM radio hit."...and this truely deserved to be their biggest US radio hit! This is a sweet, peacful song, and if you want, it can get you into a pleasent sleep.

I have to say, this album is truely worth every bit of money and every bit of your hearing! Very amazing album with lots of great songs on one CD. Perfectly awesome from beginning to end. Highly recommended, especially if you're looking for REAL dance music!"
A great techno-dance album with fun lyrics that praise God!
phenomenon101 | 09/11/1998
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This CD is loads of fun! The lyrics aren't really deep, but it is a great CD to listen to while just hanging out and messing around. My youth group went on a missions trip for 11 days, and we listened to this CD every day. Our favorite song was "Jumping in the House of God," but they are all great!"
A must for music fans
Drews DJ Service | usa | 12/10/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I am a new christine and a am swiching over to christine music but at first it was hard but after i found this cd it was easy because i was use to listening to up beat music and all the mucie on this cd is up beat so it made it much easyer i am still working on it but thanks to this cd it is so much easyer!"