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Wagner - Götterdämmerung / Bayreuther Festspiele · Barenboim
Richard Wagner, Daniel Barenboim, Waltraud Meier
Wagner - Götterdämmerung / Bayreuther Festspiele · Barenboim
Genre: Classical
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Second only to Solti
David Gottner | 04/18/2000
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is a great recording of Gotterdammerung. It is second only to the Solti version of this opera.The cast here is excellent. Anne Evans is a very convincing Brunnhilde, and sings in much better form here than in her previous recordings of "Siegfried" and "Die Walkure". Her voice has the power it needs in this opera, which I felt was lacking in the other operas. She conveys all aspects of here role convincingly, and the immolation scene sounds great. Siegfried Jerusalem is a great Siegfried, as usual. Hagen is a bit disappointing - he's an adequate Hagen, but does not compare at all to Frick in the Solti set, or to the Hagen that is on the Metropolitan Opera videos.This opera does not have the sound effects that were lavished in the Solti Gotterdammerung, and the horn call in Act II is played by the trombones, as is conventional, rather than with steerhorns. However, because this recording is a soundtrack of a stage production of the ring, there is an excitement here that can't be matched by a studio recording. You can hear more depth in this recording, with regard to placement of the actors, and so there is a more "live" feel here than in the Solti version. (The other Barenboim operas are also recorded from stage, but the large cast of Gotterdammerung makes it more of a factor here than in Siegfried or Die Walkure.)Barenboim does his usual fantastic job conducting the orchestra. All of the orchestral interludes in Gotterdammerung (and there are many) are great, with the Funeral march and the finale being the highlights. The approach here is a bit lighter then with Solti, which I like better most of the time. (the exception to this is the horn choir prelude in Act II/Scene II, which I think benefits with a larger orchestration.)There are some technical problems with the recording; in the Gibichung hall in Act I & II, sometimes the orchestra seems a bit too loud in relation to the singers. Also, I can live without thunder in Act I, but I really wish they did something to lower Jerusalem's voice when he comes disguised as Gunther (as they did with Solti), or else have had Gunther sing the role offstage. The horn call when Hagen summons the Vassals in Act II does not stand out enough, and sounds more like it belongs in the background, rather then being part of the action on stage."
A Great Reverence To The Genius
Guntram | PR,Brazil | 01/31/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Many people can not believe in another great Ring performance after Nilsson's retirement.In fact,Brünhilde by Anne Evans is very distinct;she constructs the Walküre upon a pellucid,uniform vocal emission,less warlike,something like a wagnerian Felicity Lott,a solemn,feminine yet heroine.No problem on high notes(of course,no à la Nilsson);maybe,a few intonation waverings on Immolation Scene,but,...that's alive.This time I enjoy a Jerusalem performance;never more after (1991)...;just compare Barenboim version and the same singer on Met/Levine DVD and you'll agree with me.Philip Lang,a korean bass-Hagen-has a robust voive but such a beautiful timbre that his qualities raised some objections on a credible villain audio performance.Meanwhile,he was ok to me;really.Waltraud Meier sings here the best Waltraute I ever heard,by her or others,including the great Christa Ludwig.I would like to suggest to all wagnerians;just lay aside reluctances and enjoy yourselves that dramatical apprehension,architectural performance skill and musical intelligence on this really great singer.All of us are blessed because we are contemporary of an artist by her carat;maybe the greatest moment on actI can be Evans-Meier titanic double singing.Barenboim conception is great,solemn like Walhall castle;huge orchestral legatos,looking for a visionary Wagner,a "Gotterdammerung" dream recorder.A honest reverence to the genius, very fine digital sound and the magnificent Bayreuth acoustics.Truly,this recordind was a great emotional experience to me;I advise that."
Really, Really, Mediocre
jerry i h | Berkeley, CA USA | 08/09/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"I was truly hoping for a sterling recording. B is one of the best currently active Wagner conductors; more, his Siegfried was pretty good. So, my hopes for Gotterdammerung were high.

Overall, this was a very lacklustre recording. You might be tempted to blame the deservedly lacklustre cast, but I do not think so. This recording is polite and business-like, but lacking in emotion; here, I lay blame squarely on the conductor's doorstep and NOT on the singers.

There were some good parts: the revenge trio at the end of Act 2, and the Rhein Maiden scene with Siegfried in the beginning of Act 3. But these moments were very rare in a rather tedious 4 hours. I was surprisingly disappointed."