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Bill and Teds Bogus Journey
Bill and Teds Bogus Journey
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All Artists: Various
Title: Bill and Teds Bogus Journey
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Label: Universal Music & VI
Release Date: 4/16/1996
Genre: Soundtracks
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 075679172525

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Andrea P. from S CHESTERFLD, VA
Reviewed on 4/20/2013...
Love this cd, songs on here are true songs of that decade! Had this on cassette but had to get the cd as well, and love having it in my car to listen to anytime. Awesome stuff! :)

CD Reviews

Do not listen to this music without wearing headphones; it's
Joshua D. Ayers | Bixby, OK USA | 12/01/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I'm a huge Bill & Ted fan, for I absolutely love the movies! I also absolutely love the music, it is indeed most excellent!

This soundtrack is to the Bill & Ted sequel, Bogus Journey. It is indeed very good, but has it's pros and cons. I'll list why each song is great, or not so great, and also where they can be found in the movie.

1. Shout It Out - Slaughter = (This can be found: When Evil Bill and Ted are trashing the apartment and playing basketball with their heads.) This is a great song to start out the CD, it delivers with lots of force and lots of rock n roll! I throughly enjoy it! Party On! 5/5

2. Battle Stations - Winger = (This can be found: As Bill, Ted, Death and Station head to the Battle of the Bands and Station builds the good robot Bill and Ted.) This is one of the most excellent songs on the entire CD, and one of my absolute favorites! There's nothing left to say but STATION!!! 5/5

3. God Gave Rock & Roll to You - Kiss = (Bill and Ted's big performance at the end of the film and into the end credits. The guitar introduction in the movie was performed by Steve Vai and does not appear on the soundtrack album.) If you are Bill & Ted fan, as well as a KISS fan, you won't be dissapointed with this song at all! Another reason why I love the CD; this is without a doubt one of the best rock anthems! As the title says: God Gave Rock & Roll to You! 5/5

4. Drinking Again - Neverland = (This song does not actually appear in the film. Another song by Neverland entitled For the Love (of Music) appears in the scene when dead Bill and Ted return to their apartment to find the evil robots trying to make out with their girlfriends. The musical introduction to this song was used on television commercials to promote Bogus Journey, however.) This was a very good track as well, and I throughly enjoy it as well! 5/5

5. Dream of a New Day - Richie Kotzen = (This can be found: As Bill, Ted, Death and Station arrive at the Builder's Emporium.) This is one most excellent song, and it one of my new favorites! It's pure rock n roll! Most outstanding! 5/5

6. Reaper - Steve Vai = (This can be found: Leaving the auditorium after the Battle of the Bands audition and during Joanna and Elizabeth's 521st birthday party.) This is one of Steve Vai's most excellent pieces! It's all instrumental, to what is exactly the music used for the song the Reaper Rap! Even without the moviie quotes, it's just as good and most excellent! Makes me just want to play air guitar all day! 5/5

7. Perfect Crime - Faith No More = (This can be found: When Evil Bill and Ted are driving Bill and Ted out to the Vasquez Rocks.) This is without a doubt one of the most rock driven songs on the entire album, and it always makes me bang my head like a rocker! Plus it's Faith No More, a most excellent band Bill & Ted love in the film! I'm sure those who love this song as much as me, will be singing a long as well! 5/5

8. Go to Hell - Megadeth = (This can be found: When Evil Bill and Ted lead Bill and Ted up Vasquez Rocks and proceed to kill them.) If you are a Megadeth fan, and you love your metal, this is a song that'll get you into jamming along! I love Megadeth, they're one of my top favorite metal bands! This song is one of their greatest! 5/5

9. Tommy the Cat - Primus = (Primus is seen performing this song during the 4th Annual Battle of the Bands.) This was one of those songs that wasn't that good, because I couldn't stand the sound of it for too long. But it's a key Primus song! Let's hear it for Primus; NOT! 2/5

10. Junior's Gone Wild - King's X = (This can be found: Very briefly as Evil Bill and Ted eye and decide to bag the Porsche while standing on Vasquez Rocks.) This was a not bad song, I would just say it was only good. Not one of my favorites, but this song has lots of rock n roll in it! 4/5

11. Showdown - Love on Ice = (This can be found: When Bill and Ted close Death into the back of the van with the Stations and when Evil Bill & Ted are driving to Ted's Dad's house.) This is a nice and mellow rock song, which gets me into the groove! Another new favorite of mine! 4/5

12. Reaper Rap - Steve Vai (This can be found: Over the end credits once God Gave Rock and Roll to You II is finished.) Finally we reach the most excellent Steve Vai's song, the Reaper Rap! The moviie quotes are what make this song most excellent! And I always can't help myself by reciting these quotes; I'm that big of a Bill & Ted fan! 5/5

If you absolutely love the Bill & Ted movies and music, get this CD; you just may like it!

And most importantly, do not listen to this CD without wearing headphones! And party on dudes! :D"
Good sampling of early-90's metal (plus Primus)
K. Finegan | Baltimore, MD | 04/07/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I've thought for a while that if 80's-style metal hadn't been so thoroughly killed off by grunge post-Nirvana, it would have developed into some very interesting directions. While the Bogus Journey soundtrack didn't include anything incredibly groundbreaking (well... besides Primus) it was a good overview of the state of metal at that point in time.

You had the bog-standard Winger, Love on Ice, and Slaughter tracks(the low points of the album, but still very listenable), the driving "Dream of a New Day" by Ritchie Kotzen, the Seattle-esque "Drinking Again" by Neverland, and the always-enjoyable Steve Vai. The easy high-points of the collection are the aggressive, powerful "Perfect Crime" by Faith No More and Megadeth's "Go to Hell" - which is incredibly dark even by Megadeth standards. And then, to top it off, there's Primus. Being Primus. Not much more to say there.

All in all, it's well worth the penny + shipping it'll take to buy it from most sellers. Apart from a few throwaway tracks from bands that never grew past 1985, everyone puts on a solid show of some of their best work."