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Abnormally Attracted to Sin-Deluxe
Tori Amos
Abnormally Attracted to Sin-Deluxe
Genres: Folk, Pop


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All Artists: Tori Amos
Title: Abnormally Attracted to Sin-Deluxe
Members Wishing: 7
Total Copies: 0
Release Date: 5/19/2009
Album Type: Import
Genres: Folk, Pop
Styles: Contemporary Folk, Adult Contemporary, Singer-Songwriters, Adult Alternative
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaCD Credits: 2
UPC: 602527073972

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CD Reviews

The Best Ever!
Brian Kimmel | Las Vegas, NV | 01/09/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I consider myself a tori fan. Haven't been to as many shows as some Tori fans have, but she has definitely changed my world for the better. This new album of hers, "Abnormally Attracted to Sin" is her best yet, and I'll tell you why. She's a mother, a wife and an artist making a living doing what she loves. She's grown, and this CD is everything about who she is today. The other CDs are phenomenal too; there is no reason to compare them really. They are all what they are--gems and gems and gems. The first time listening to "AATS" I came alive. "This is her for real," I thought. She's making a difference, she's shining in a way I've not seen her shine before. The music is so new, nothing like she has played before. Thanks for yet another gem, Tori."
A. Ward | 01/31/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I for one love this album. I take each album on it's own, judging it for what it is, not comparing it to her previous work. Her sound has definitely changed over the years. I think her recent stuff shows maturity. She can't be a teenager full of angst forever."
The Growth of a Flower
Morgan | 04/05/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I don't know what to say, except that I want to say something. I love the work of Tori Amos. I've been reading reviews of Tori Amos' CDs on Amazon and other sites...So many people have worded what I have felt much better than I have, yet...Like others over the years I have found it harder and harder to connect with her music but I don't give up. I play the CD's over and over again, I listen to the lyrics, and I don't research any of the messages that are behind them...only what they mean to me.

Over the years I've been hearing less and less of the piano and more and more of an electronic sort of sound, and when I picked up Abnormally Attracted to Sin it was very evident. But I've found songs that bring me into that deep dark place that I love like Lady Blue and Give from this CD, Smokey Joe from another, and fun songs like Mary Jane! I even enjoyed American Doll Posse, I connected a lot to the darker versions of Tori even though I myself am growing.

I never did connect well to Scarlet's Walk I did connect with a few and I didn't connect with The Beekeeper (though there were 1 or 3 songs I liked). But even so to me her music hasn't degraded it hasn't gone down the hole, I began to notice that a different kind of people were attracted to songs from The Beekeeper and even American Doll Posse. I realized what was happening!

Tori Amos was growing, and her music was evolving with her though I do not know Tori Amos. She was the first concert(and last for anyone that I'll ever go to). When I saw her swear and say "Get out of my f-ing show" to someone from the stage..I felt disillusioned and realized she wasn't a Goddess, just a woman I don't know who sings well and has lyrics that I connect to for completely different reasons than for what she wrote them!

I do wish that though I was too young to go, that I could have witnessed the concerts of the Choirgirl Hotel and earlier eras because those are the eras I relate to even now when I am not as in much pain as I once was.

You see, Tori Amos has moved on from all that. She's growing and evolving and is sharing that with us, and even people who connected with the older stuff can't connect with the new stuff that's fine. Because in the end even if this isn't true 'I' don't think it was ever about us (in the make music that makes us happy not for herself sort away) for Tori it was about sharing her soul, her ideas, her feelings when she has them, and people connected with those things. And as she grows and evolves she's attracting a different kind of people which isn't a terrible thing at all, at least from my perspective.

Even though I may never go to another concert, and even though I may never get what I once got out of the old CDs, I can relate to some of the songs, and I will buy every CD always because it's rare to get to watch and see a transformation of a human soul in the very sound of her voice and look. It's spectacular.

I really love this latest CD, and I loved American Doll Posse, the latter had 'light' parts that had to grow on me. I never grew on to The Beekeeper but I loved this CD. I mix my favourite songs with the playlist of older CDs that I have, even the techno songs she's made (Blue Skies).

I hope she always keeps singing, and I hope this isn't her last CD because I really want to see more, even if I can't connect with every track except one, the beauty of witnessing a transformation alone is good enough. Just listening and not judging.

I wouldn't call myself a Toriphile in the sense of knowing everything about her, going to every single concert, owning every single CD (because I make an active choice not to). I am a Toriphile in the sense of her music being the only music I have brought every CD of and can still find something to love in each one and listens to it every night since I was 11-12 (I'm in my early 20's now), I try to give it up, and even though I don't have a connection to the person herself because I don't know her, there's something magical still about the music she makes...maybe it's because I've grown up with it and her music has been with me through everything, I've got a song for every album for every emotion I feel and for every good and bad time. And there's something cool about listening to the playlist shuffled with songs from all the different albums and not judging why one is not as good as the other but appreciating the beauty of what the song or album as an individual. Picking which ones I am in the mood to listen to and just going with that.

Besides, I love how every CD has a different theme and a different tone. And it means a lot to me that Tori Amos has shared pieces of her heart and I for one can not bring myself to judge it, only appreciate what it is for what it is, a piece of her heart and her own personal journey...not mine, but hers.

She's not a sell out (like others have said maybe not here but in other places/In my opinion) because if she were, she would force herself into depression and keep on singing the sad old songs just to please an old crowd who want her to stay making CDs that 'they' can relate to not ones that she herself can relate to anymore.

So...there will be people who no longer feel they can stay on the Tori Amos track because of the direction her life is moving in which shows in her music, and that is fine. Those people will always have those older CDs that they can play provided they haven't grown out of them, which is fine. I guess for me well...I'm just glad to still be on the track and will be there listening to this journey until the music stops.