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Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
The Sugarcubes
Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
Genre: Alternative Rock
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All Artists: The Sugarcubes
Title: Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
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Release Date: 10/16/2007
Album Type: Import
Genre: Alternative Rock
Number of Discs: 1
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Other Editions: Here Today Tomorrow, Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
UPCs: 075596086028, 5016958004323, 5016958099411, 731453799028

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CD Reviews

Lots of fun!
valeska_ | The Pacific Northwest | 07/01/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"(sorry, long review!)It's hard to pick favorites with this cd.
One of the things I love about it, is it seems to have more of Einar's odd amusing quips, that I love. :-) they are very plentiful in this cd. But sometimes the music plays so loud, you can't really understand until you read the cd sleeve. And sometimes they sing them differently then what is written...In "Nail" Bjork begins singing "When I've been just by myself, I start thinking too much...." Einar joins in the background: "I just go out walking with my favorite piece of wood with a 4 inch nail driven through it... somehow people don't seem to like me, I don't know why..I just met them." (Bjork) Can't you see?
(Einar) Ahh!!!
(Bjork) Sir, this nail of yours is rusty, it's evil!...I can't deal with it!
(Einar)Oh, I know, it's stupid! Sorry!"Pump" Bjork starts sings "eat me love, leave nothing behind. Swallow me, all of me..." Einar then shouts "I hate you! I really do, I think I do" (Bjork) I need you closer, I want him now, EAT ME LOVE! (Einar) never say love to anyone!Or Bee, In which Bjork begins singing: Who is it? Who'll get the sting? Who'll get the stripes black & yellow? A dangerous creature, chattering wings, flashing antennae, who is it? It buzzes fine, the bee. Buzzes fine, stings deep.(Einar)I play a frightening little game, I eject myself myself at scary speed in front of cars and go: Blaaaaaa!"
...The cars freeze from fright, when they see my beautiful body and tongue, Then I speed away...noone catches me, I'm the fastest bee in town!"(Bjork) Oh, hot bee, buzz to me. I want to be stung! I want to be out! Here is the honey, you're it.The lyrics for "Shoot Him" aren't included in the booklet...but they're some of the funniest..and strangest...:-)
Shoot Him: Einar sings: "there were four of us, one of us was the landlord. We were on a drinking spree...I washed my landlord, he was covered in gravy...The others were amazed at how dirty he was..but I said, he never took a bath, he never takes a why don't we just shoot him? (Bjork joins in) Why don't you shoot him? why don't you shoot him? why don't you shoot him?....(Einar) I said, that's no polite manner to behave in, or something like that..I was too drunk to remember. I said he can't survive the cold water, he'll die! he'll die! They said, no way Jose! I said my name ain't Jose..he said yes it is......"Hey" A very fun song, Bjork really belts it out!, at one point Einar yells to her "You give it to em!" in English :-), but both it & "Dark Disco" are mostly in IcelandicOne of my favorites "Hot Meat". Is a very twangy version of "Coldsweat" sung a little slower and a lot funnier than the original, Einar sings in a silly sort of southern drawl/icelandic accent. :-)"Well I'll be damned, if this ain't the country western version of Coldsweat, I heard it years's bad *someone shouts "yee-haw!"* -----It also Includes a nice addition of strings and bass (sax, trombone,trumpet) & also what sounds like a mouth harp that provides the "twang" for "Hot Meat"The future and space seem to be recurrent themes in this cd. In "Speed is the Key" Bjork sings: "I'm a spacegirl, pass me that aeroplane..I've got to go now, speed is the key.Or in "Dear Plastic" Einar sings: " I was born aeons ago, before anything human was known. My friends the alchemists told me everything was natural, and will always be that way. And possible to make gold from dirt...
I believed I was their dustbin for knowledge, took everything and digested. Of course I became big, bigger and very, VERY STRONG!!..
Today I'm old and withering away. My friends the alchemists long disappeared into dust..I no long get anything fruity..The only thing I get is spacefood on a tray!"Also in "Planet", which is one of my favorites (it has a nice sweet tone) Bjork sings :" The planets & me, we get along so well together. Gliding down imaginary rollercoaster paths along the sky. I can do somersaults around Jupiter if I feel like it.."A Day Called Zero" seems to be about an post apocalyptic world :-P (Bjork): "a day called zero is the day we'll all relax, the mountains will tumble with a long & heavy thump! Dust spreads on the sky, so the sun will grow pale. Oil tanks tear open, and the city livens up.... A day called zero will be such a buzy day...controlling a bulldozer, I will improve my town, stacking concrete slabs." :-)"Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!" is very fun and enjoyable....."
Need a Buzz? Try Sugarcubes!
Max | Olympia, WA | 06/02/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is an extreme example of happiness... loudness, love : lust... I love, lust for this album.Einar has a stronger part in this Disc as compared to the Sugarcubes' first album, Life's Too Good, and he is, as always, hilarious and fun.This album is better composed than Life's Too Good, and it seems more thought out and much, much more 80s.Tidal Wave is a hilarious song with two different themes (Björk singing about the dangerous tides, Einar sreaming about sniffing diesel)Regina is another song that starts out sounding like it will yeild terrible crops of sugar energy, but whips you back into a very sweet melody and a 'haha, Regina!' that's to die for!Speed is the Key, a wonderfully upbeat song that sums up this album with a simple 'I must energize'!Dream TV warns of the evils of television as stealing your dreams... it's a sad tale told with an upbeat tune, pumped with happiness... and hilarity. one of my favorites.The beginning of Nail reminds me of KUKL more than anything, but it proceeds to become entirely Sugarcubefied as the song is an interesting tale... 'that's nonsense!'Pump.... one of the only sad songs on this album (still told with a somehow upbeat melody) about a girl who only loves the man who hates her. sad sad.Eat the Menu for an incredibly invigorating Sykur-High! one of my favorite songs about nothing... nothing but a menu...Bee is probably my favorite off the album... Who is it? seems it's a bee. This song's really catchy, i find myself humming it whenever i get the chance.Dear Plastic puts björk's philosophy about the world into song... that plastic is natural, and everything humans create is natural, it was meant to happen. another nifty, yet pointless ode to an inane object (with a long history). Sykur heaven!Dischord is 'Shoot Him'. fun. about shooting him.Water is calm, like water. Einar is not screeching during this one. he's quite soothing. like water.A Day Called Zero is the day when this song will speak of the poor human condition. It's great fun, though. fun fun.Planet, the song that everyone should worship as the universe. she longs to see the universe, and to be a cell. reminds me of timothy leary's psychedelic experience.Hey!Hot meat's the country western version of coldsweat... a real chiller.I love this album. I feel it to be an essential part of anyone's björk/einar/sugarcubes collection because it's a crafty and catchy hunk of history worth biting and chewing... it tastes sugary and gives a nifty happy feeling afterward. a happy album for people who love sad music."
A modern pop masterpiece
Matthew Hall | SoCal | 05/16/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The Sugarcubes' 2nd album is less a follow-up to LIFE'S TOO GOOD than a lyrical and stylistic ode to Bjork and Einar's old band, Kukl. The heavy back-and-forth vocal interplay between Bjork and Einar on HERE TODAY, TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK is very reminiscent of the last Kukl album, the brilliant HOLIDAYS IN EUROPE. And the lyrics are beyond wonderful. Pure poetry. This cd is worth buying for the lyric sheet alone. When Bjork and Einar sing completely different competing (and often ridiculously silly) lyrics at the same time, at first listen it is a bit disorienting, but after a few listens it sounds perfectly natural. You begin to realize that Bjork is the singer and Einar's gritty voice is a complimentary instrument, like a lead guitar. A lead guitar that makes sounds that resemble words. The Sugarcubes' style was truly original. And this album captures The Sugarcubes during their most musically adventurous time.Although not every one of the 16 tracks on here is a winner, I think there are more great songs here than on LIFE'S TOO GOOD and STICK AROUND FOR JOY combined. 'Tidal wave', 'regina', 'planet', 'a day called zero', and 'speed is the key' are especially wonderful. And the darker 'dream tv' and 'shoot' are a throwback to the days of Kukl."