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Philosophy of the World
Philosophy of the World
Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Rock
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No Description Available No Track Information Available Media Type: CD Artist: SHAGGS Title: PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORLD Street Release Date: 02/23/1999


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All Artists: Shaggs
Title: Philosophy of the World
Members Wishing: 5
Total Copies: 0
Label: RCA Victor
Original Release Date: 1/1/1969
Re-Release Date: 2/23/1999
Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Rock
Style: Comedy & Spoken Word
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPCs: 090266337125, 011661303218, 011661303249


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No Description Available
No Track Information Available
Media Type: CD
Artist: SHAGGS
Street Release Date: 02/23/1999

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CD Reviews

Okay, it's like this...
Travis Miller | Shepherdstown, WV United States | 11/08/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"You either "get" this record, or you don't. The naysayers complain that people only like it because it's hip to do so - and there are undoubtedly some people who are guilty of that charge - but I think the naysayers are mostly just missing the point.No one's denying that this is a terrible album, at least from the customary perspective of music appreciation and criticism. Technically speaking, these are probably the worst musical performances I've ever heard. But you have to look beneath the surface to truly appreciate the Shaggs - an effort which usually isn't made by the typical music listener. There are a number of things to love about this album.First of all, it's just *fun*, in a delirious and incoherent sort of way. With only the barest rudiments of musicianship (actually, that's being generous), the Wiggin sisters effortlessly created a Dada masterpiece. Granted, it was entirely accidental, but what could be more Dada than that?But the deeper importance of this record doesn't lie with the notes that are played, but rather what's *between* the notes, at the meta-level. Forget the out-of-tune guitars, the drunkenly meandering tempo, and the nonsensical lyrics. Listen to the naïve, adolescent earnestness, unrestrained by self-doubt or the straightjacket of musical convention. The Shaggs were inept, but they didn't know or care. And it's that unpretentious honesty - so rare in pop music - that makes this music meaningful.Many others here have compared this recording to a child's crayon drawings, and that's very apt: you don't appreciate such artwork for its technical accomplishment, but for its honesty, for the *human* element - you simply appreciate the creative act in and of itself.Ironically, given the trio's utter lack of musical ability, this album is most likely to be appreciated by musicians. Why? Because it reminds us of the true purpose of music. You can fixate on critical comparison and technical analysis until you're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, music means NOTHING without the creative experience, and the simple joy of sharing the musical experience (as musician *or* listener) with other people. That's a valuable lesson in today's world of self-consciously stylized, hyper-premeditated music."Philosophy Of The World" definitely isn't an album you'll need to listen to every day, but it'll give you a new way to look at music nonetheless."
Reptilian-Brain music
Fez Monkey | 12/17/1999
(4 out of 5 stars)

"The consensus seems to be that the music of the Shaggs is one of the great modern paradoxes: It is juvenile, awful, inept, and unlistenable while being creative, beautiful, sophisticated, and progressive.The truth is that the Shaggs were likely nothing more than overly indulged girls, whose father believed them to have far more talent than they really did. If the other possibility is correct, and they WERE geniuses, then surely they would still be producing music, and we never would have heard of Laurie Anderson.Still, there is something so compelling about the album. Hearing these girls attempt to play their individual instruments is mesmerizing. They are actually the proof to the old idea that putting a million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years will eventually produce "Henry V". If you were to put three other musical novices in a room together and ask them to play their instruments, you'd get nothing more than bad noise. The Shaggs, however, managed to hit that magic point where their racket actually combined to create a unique and haunting sound.However, in my opinion, the real triumph of the Shaggs is that even though they will forever remain an asterix in history, their music will have been more influential than anything put out by the Satan-spawned Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boyz, Celine Dion and countless other artistically retarded, vapid, musical opiates."
Everything you know about music is WRONG
Kenneth T. Ward | Houston, TX USA | 08/23/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Almost all modern music leaves the listener with absolutely no feelings whatsoever. Not so of The Shaggs. You do not so much listen to them as endure their total assault upon the concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm, and logic. Your first play-through will be a cathartic experience of sorts - disbelief turns into incredulity, incredulity mutates into speechlessness, speechlessness transforms into a deeply-rooted hatred of the life force within you, and before you know it your lower intestine is snaking up through your neck trying to strangle you. This is the music your dogs would make if they could strum guitars and speak English. And this is the beauty of The Shaggs - they are so mind-bendingly, death-defyingly horrible in every conceivable way that they grab your viscera, shove them through a turbocharged garbage disposal, and put them back inside of you in random order. Buy this CD (or rather inflict it upon yourself) and marvel at the amazing variations found within the human species. Besides, you have probably done something unspeakably evil in your life - this will be your punishment. You DESERVE this."