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All Artists: Riverdogs
Title: Riverdogs
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Label: Sony
Release Date: 5/15/1990
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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CD Reviews

The best album you have never heard!
j troyer | Salem, Or | 04/03/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I bought this title originally in cassette form after reading a review in Guitar Magazine back in the late 80's. I was a big Vivian Campbell fan, and decided to take a shot. Wow! Great guitar and amazing lyrics had me hooked. I waited to hear some songs get air play, but I never did. Without a doubt the song WATER FROM THE MOON is one of my top 10 songs ever! I wish there were more ways to describe how awesome this cd is. I recomend it to everyone I know, and have surprised many music fans with an "obscure" cd from a band nobody has ever heard of!"
Powerful and passionate. A musically emotional masterpiece.
Scott "Dr. Music" Itter | Naperville, Illinois United States | 09/05/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Released in 1990, and spearheaded by ex-Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell, this record received no accolades upon release. With sales virtually non-existent, it now sits in cut-out bins all over the world for $.99......and there's still nobody buying it. Well, I'm here to tell you that this is one of the best records that I own.

As you might expect from a band that has a key player in the guitar world as its leader, you get a nice heavy dose of Vivian Campbell on this record. The one thing you may not expect, is to hear a vocalist that goes above and beyond the challenge of playing alongside someone of Campbell's talent. Vivian Campbell released three records behind the powerhouse pipes of Ronnie James Dio, so this scenario was nothing new to Campbell. As a matter of fact, with Riverdogs vocalist Rob Lamothe at the helm, it had to feel very much the same.
Rob Lamothe is an impassioned and vibrant force here. Coming from a totally different angle than the Dio material, Lamothe gives this record a "rootsy" personality. Like Dio, Lamothe is strong in his delivery. Unlike Dio, he sings of his country and human issues that lie inside of it, instead of slaying dragons and storming castles. And did I mention, Lamothe is strong in his delivery? This guy makes you feel every precious lyric; lyrics that all happen to be products of his pen. When he sings =Born in chains (I can't break free), Fire coming down like rain= in Holy War, ...the room you're in gets hot. When he sings =Freedom rings, like a hurricane. America, you were the promised land= in America, want to stand and salute the flag. This is strength and passion at its' very best.
All of the songs on this record are extremely well written; each with dignity, eloquence, and strength. As human beings, we can all relate to the songs lyrically, as they speak of issues relating to our world. It is very rare, though, to find a band that has deep, emotional lyrics sung by an even deeper, more emotional voice. Meanwhile, these great lyrics and this sensational voice, are enhanced even further by an incredible supporting cast led by Vivian Campbell on guitar. As Lamothe pours every ounce of his being into these songs, Campbell never seems to overplay his piece. The tone he achieves, and the rhythm he sets are always perfect. He sounds very comfortable with what he's playing, so therefore it never sounds "forced" or overplayed. Vivian Campbell is a guitar player that could very easily steal a spotlight. He's a player that has the ability to overshadow his other band members, if he so pleases. But, as we hear throughout this record, he exhibits tremendous patience, and delivers exquisite guitar parts that enhance instead of overshadow.

Sounding like an amalgamation of John Mellencamp, Eddie Vedder and David Coverdale, singer Rob Lamothe is the driving force here. As they kick off the album with a song entitled Whisper, you're immediately treated to all of the elements being offered. Lamothe of course, a rock solid rhythm section, and a super solo from Vivian Campbell. All of this topped off with lyrics of great expression and feeling. Mmm...mmm...mmm, this is sweet stuff. Moving into Toy Soldier, all of the same qualities remain intact and stay very effective. With Big House we get it all once again. With Lamothe singing =I am bound to you, Like steel is bound to rust=, all the chills start coming. As Holy War strikes down, my spine is shredded by so much tingling. This is a track that sticks with you forever. I still hear Lamothe belting out =Fire coming down like rain= in my sleep. A tortured soul was singing this song when they recorded it; just a great, great performance. I could bore you and tell you, over and over again, how every song keeps up this enormous pace, but I won't do that. Let me just leave you with a few lyrical passages that are driven to success by all of the aforementioned qualities of this band:

There's a light in my eyes,
And it's blinding me as much as showing me the way,
Well who will believe me?
from Toy Soldier

There's a bullet in my Daddy's gun,
I will make it sing,
I swear it's the closest thing to Heaven,
I will ever see,
When my own land covers me.
from Rain, Rain

Tommy got a medal in the war,
He never wears it,
Man's got a hole in his head,
Nobody cares.
Tommy hears voices at night,
Nobody's there,
He never got used to being half a man.
There's a fire burnin' the sky tonight,
Come to take me home,
Pull me from a cold black river if the angels come.
from Spooky

This record is one of those rare treats. Severely talented musicians that put their heart and soul into each and every note, and play for the betterment of the songs instead of themselves. This is a real gem that I would wish on any passionate music fan.
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Way better than todays music
joel andriese | newbury park, ca. United States | 06/08/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"just look at the other reveiws. thats all you need to know. except they released one after this, called bone. it is as good as the first one. go and find it! it was never released in the u.s."