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Ratt helped pioneer Hollywood's legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene. The band has returned sounding fired up and better than ever. Ratt's first studio album in 11 years, 'Infestation,' is a return to their heavy, riff d...  more »


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All Artists: Ratt
Title: Infestation
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Label: Roadrunner Records/Loud & Proud Records
Original Release Date: 1/1/2010
Re-Release Date: 4/20/2010
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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Product Description
Ratt helped pioneer Hollywood's legendary Sunset Strip sound and scene. The band has returned sounding fired up and better than ever. Ratt's first studio album in 11 years, 'Infestation,' is a return to their heavy, riff driven roots. The band has
reinvented their sound by rediscovering their strengths, shuttling listeners to a time when metal ruled the earth and real musicians wore eyeliner like a badge of honor. 'We wanted this to be like something that we would have written right after
[1984's] 'Out of the Cellar,' says vocalist Stephen Pearcy. 'We definitely went back to basics with the mindset of a band with a lot of excitement and some great songs to get out.'
Ratt flew to a remote area of Virginia Beach in spring 2009 to work on new songs. They stayed in a four bedroom house there and wrote on their own schedule, banging out riff after riff and molding them into tunes quickly and with great enthusiasm. 'We literally ate, slept and did everything right there, and it was great fun,' DeMartini says. 'We would stay up as late as we wanted and work as late as we wanted and wake up when you want and eat something and get right back to it. It was really cool; there were even a couple of engineers that lived close by. It felt like going to an oasis to be creative.'
Produced by Michael 'Elvis' Baskette (Chevelle, Alter Bridge).

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CD Reviews

Like 1987 all over again...Ratt n' Roll is back!
Justin Gaines | Northern Virginia | 04/20/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Now here is a reunion album I never thought we'd see. Ratt - with Stephen Pearcy - is back together with a new album titled Infestation. The guys have put their past issues aside, now the question is whether they can release a real Ratt n' roll album in the new century. As good as recent albums from bands like Great White, Dokken, Tesla and Whitesnake are, they just aren't at the same level as their classic 80's output. These bands have all matured, and their sound has too, which is fine, but when you're best known for decadent party rock, mature isn't quite what the doctor ordered.

Fortunately, Ratt somehow managed to capture some of the energy that made albums like Invasion of Your Privacy and Dancing Undercover essential "hair metal" releases. Infestation is an album that absolutely fits with the classic Ratt sound. It's tight, melodic, and catchy, with just the right amount of sleaze. I've heard Stephen Pearcy's post-Ratt projects, and I have to say he never sounded as good as he does with Warren DeMartini by his side. Pearcy supplies the bad boy charm and sleaze appeal, and DeMartini supplies some insane guitar work. It's easy to overlook when the songs are so catchy, but he is an absolute wizard on guitar. Former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo is a great addition as well, supplying killer rhythms as well as some lead work. Of course, Bobby Blotzer is rock-steady on drums.

Infestation is every bit the sexually-charged party rock album I was hoping for. "Best of Me" is the album's first single, and it's one of the best songs this band has ever recorded. If that song doesn't convince you to check out this album, nothing will. The rest of the album is almost as good. "Eat Me Up Alive" and "As Good As It Gets" are wickedly fun sleaze rockers, and "Take Me Home" is a ballad of sorts, but one with plenty of punch. The rest of the album is wall-to-wall riffs, catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

You know how every time a band is pushing a new album, they invariably call it their best work ever? In this case, they might be on the mark. Infestation is the first comeback album I've heard from an 80's era hair metal band (and I use that term with total affection) that actually measures up. Ratt is back and it's like 1987 all over again!"
1986 minus the big hair and spandex = GREAT music. Hide your
Bishop | Seattle, WA | 04/20/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"When I first heard that Ratt was recording a new CD, I really wasn't sure what to expect. As an eighties kid, Ratt was always my favorite rock band. I've gotten every CD (or cassette) of original music that they've released starting with the pre-Out of the Cellar EP. There was always something so distinctive and gutter about Stephen Pearcy's voice, something so intricate yet restrained about Warren's guitar playing-- while everybody else was trying to sound like Van Halen or Bon Jovi (to get more radio airplay) NOBODY else sounded like Ratt. Whenever you listened to their music, it sounded like the soundtrack to the streets of LA. Below all the lights and glamor, it was nasty and dangerous.

Like every other hard rock band post-Nirvana, Ratt lost their focus. Somewhere along the way, Pearcy left the band, guitarist Robin Crosby passed away, bassist Juan Croucier exited, and... well, at least everyone would always remember "Round & Round."

Back in 1999, there was a little buzz over a "new" CD featuring a modern sounding Ratt. Titled simply "Ratt" with a REALLY lame CD cover, it was a big disappointment. The production sucked, the songs (written with a lot of outside help) were left over wannabe-Aerosmith songs, and it just sounded... boring.

So, now it's 11 years later, Stephen is back in the band, Robin has been replaced by Carlos Cavazzo (you remember him, he was the blond haired guy in Quiet Riot) and once again there's buzz about a new CD. So, this time around, 11 years older, can the guys in this band still rock?


If I didn't know any better, I would swear that these tracks were recorded back in the eighties and remastered to sound current. Stephen's voice (amazingly) sounds almost exactly as raspy and distinctive as it did on "Out of the Cellar." I'm sure that all the reverb and other little computer effects helped out, but he sounds incredible. Warren's crazy blues man style punctuates every track, and Carlos fits in VERY well. Cool guitar solos are everywhere (and amazing sustain!), but even better are the heavy rhythms. The very first lick you hear on the first song is NASTY-- a little reminiscent of "Lack of Communication."

Matter of fact, that's probably the best thing about this CD, most of the songs sound just enough like songs that you remember to sound familiar, but then they go in exciting new directions. The first single "Best of Me" is a lot like "I Want A Woman" only better, "As Good as it Gets" sounds like a sequel to "Wanted Man," and best of all, a lot of these songs sound like stuff that was on the EP. I don't know of many bands that could put themselves in the same vibe as 25 years ago without sounding like a bunch of old guys trying to sound like teenagers. Or worse, they could sound like old guys trying too hard to sound relevant. Like the dude in his fifties at the bar trying to talk to the 22 year old hot chick. That would get pathetic real quick.

Instead, Infestation shows that Ratt is the best at doing what Ratt does best... taking us all for a ride through the streets of LA. It may seem fun and pretty, but if you're not careful, you're gonna get kicked in the nutz.

When it comes to music, sometimes that's a good thing.

Oh one last thing-- my only complaint is the lyrics. Some of them are just kinda simple and goofy ("you say let's stop I say let's go, you say it's hot I say it's cold.") But we'll leave the complicated lyrics to Rush and early Queensryche. These are "partyin, drinkin and fightin" songs. And with Ratt I can still sing along even when I'm drunk."
Are you kidding me?
Aron Basile | Millersville, PA | 04/20/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I could hardly believe my ears. When I bought Infestation at a Mom and Pop(got it 4 days early), I told the lady behind the counter I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best. Well the best is what I got. This is EASILY the best album put out by the so called "80's metal bands" since the early 90's. After suffering through some of the garbage that Bon Jovi, Poison and Firehouse have released in the last 10 years, I literally had to stop the first song and start over again to make sure I was hearing this right. I won't write a long review about each song but ,believe me, if you love this type of music go immediately to your source for new music and purchase the ENTIRE RECORD. RATT is back and this is one of their 3 best albums."