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End of All Things to Come (Bonus Dvd)
End of All Things to Come (Bonus Dvd)
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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All Artists: Mudvayne
Title: End of All Things to Come (Bonus Dvd)
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Label: Sony
Release Date: 11/19/2002
Album Type: Limited Edition, Explicit Lyrics
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
Style: Alternative Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 696998697423, 5099750993835

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CD Reviews

Another Powerful Heavy/Nu-Metal Album By Mudvayne!
M. Hart | USA | 11/27/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"On the heals of their very successful previous album "L.D. 50" with its hit song "Dig", Mudvayne has produced an even more powerful heavy/nu-metal album with "The End of All Things to Come". Mudvayne's four members; calling themselves Chüd (vocals), Güüd (guitars & vocals), Spüg (percussion) Rü-d (bass); changed their names from the ones used on the "L.D. 50" album to emphasize their expanded dynamic range and their new alien look for this album. "The End of All Things to Come" clearly illustrates Mudvayne's maturity and improved musicianship over their previous two albums. My ratings for each of the songs (including tracks on the Limited Edition DVD) are below:CD:
1. "Silenced" 5/5. Heavy & aggressive guitar/percussion with screaming vocals all the way. One of the heaviest songs on the album.
2. "Trapped in the Wake of a Dream" 5/5. Eclectic mix of screaming/melodic vocals backed with aggressive to heavy guitar/percussion; overall a very heavy song.
3. "Not Falling" 5+/5. Very reminiscent to the previous album, "L.D. 50" with its fast percussion & rhythmic guitars mixed with mostly-melodic/screaming vocals.
4. "(Per) Version of Truth" 4/5. Slower song with more melodic vocals, but giving way to more aggressive choruses.
5. "Mercy, Severity" 5/5. A fast & aggressive guitar/percussion beginning giving way to soft & melodic vocals, but quickly going back to very aggressive choruses.
6. "World So Cold" 5+/5. One of the best songs on the album, this song begins as a percussionless, melodic ballad but transforms cleanly into a more aggressive percussion-driven song with a mix of aggressive/melodic vocals & guitar. The beginning ballad is repeated in the song, but with percussion. Very well done guys!
7. "The Patient Mental" 4/5. An eclectic mix of aggressive/soft guitar and screaming/singing vocals.
8. "Skrying" 4/5. Aggressive, pounding guitar with screaming vocals giving way to a soft melodic center; but erupting back into a more aggressive ending.
9. "Solve Et Corgula" 4/5. Powerful guitar & percussion with mix of emotional screaming/singing vocals.
10. "Shadow of a Man" 5+/5. Aggressive guitar/percussion with mix of screams/singing vocals at a slower speed, then speed picks up with more rhythmic (but powerful) section. This song changes speeds several times. Very well done!
11. "12:99:24:99" N/A. Silent track, probably the website data-key.
12. "The End of All Things to Come" 4.5/5. Fast & heavy guitar/percussion with screams, much more heavy metal than nu-metal sound.
13. "A Key to Nothing" 5/5. Powerful, heavy vocals accompanied by aggressive rhythmic guitar. Limited Edition Album Bonus DVD:
1. "In the Studio" 4/5. Video of the band in the recording studio working on "Not Falling".
2. "Photo Shoot" 5/5. Video of the band having busts of their head made and showing them receiving their full latex appliances & make-up for their new alien look.
3. "Downtime" 4/5. Video of the quartet riding bicycles & dirt bikes.
4. "The Interview" 5/5. +++ Video of Spüg & Rü-d having breakfast & discussing the recording & creation of this new album.
5. "Goodbye" 5+/5. Previously unreleased song. A tauntingly dark, nearly percussionless & very melodic ballad that begins with the tin-sounds of a toy piano similar to a celesta, but much more tinny.
6. "On the Move" 5+/5. Previously unreleased song. Fast & aggressive guitar/percussion with very aggressive vocals leading to more melodic choruses. This song is also reminiscent of the previous album "L.D. 50" and includes some speed changes.By and large, Mudvayne is a very talented group whose matured sound will probably continue to only get better with each new album. I highly recommend this limited edition album to any heavy/nu-metal music fan over the regular album since it includes the two previously unreleased songs on the DVD that further illustrate Mudvayne's musicianship & dynamic range. Overall, I give this album 5 out of 5 stars!"
Everything about this Album is Great
Michael Crane | Orland Park, IL USA | 12/08/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Is this album as good as "L.D. 50?"No. It is not.Is it BETTER than "L.D. 50?"Yes it is! Very much so. I know, I thought it couldn't be done. "L.D. 50" was a great album with some intense singing, rhythmic and heavy guitar and drum playing, and an overwhelming delivery. I found nothing wrong with that album, and I thought it would be pretty hard to top it."The End of All Things to Come" is better than "L.D. 50" on all fronts, or at least I think so. I'm sure many will feel differently, but I'm just telling you my overall impression of the album. The singing and lyrics have definitely improved, as well as the instrumental front improving in a very dramatic way. The guitars and drums are really something to hear when you pop this bad boy in. There are heavy songs, and there are mellow songs. And then there are those that are in between.I could not find one bad song on this entire album. I have listened to it many, many times, and I have found all of the songs to be great. My favorite ones are "not falling," "world so cold," "silenced," "(per)version of truth," "mercy, severity," "shadow of a man," and "the end of all things to come." Those are the songs I have listened to repeatedly, and haven't grown tired of them yet.The bonus DVD included with the limited edition version of this album is well worth the extra dough. It also includes two previously unreleased tracks. Very cool stuff. Everything a Mudvayne fan would want.All in all, I found "The End of All Things to Come" to be a marvelous and awesome album; undoubtedly Mudvayne's best work, or at least that's how I feel. It's very heavy, and yet very mellow. And then there's a mixture of both. Chances are that if you were a fan of "L.D. 50," then you will enjoy this one just as much, if not more. I'm happy to say this is NOT "L.D. 50 part 2." Though there are similarities, this album has a look and feel of its own. Very happy with this new album. I couldn't had asked for more."
The End of All Things to Come
Cameron Ladd | 11/20/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I picked up this CD right after school earlier today. I had been looking forward to it for so long, so I chances are I was let down, just like people are with most artists' second CD's, right?Man, if you think that, then you are wrong. Very wrong.This CD is pure magnificence. The intro track, "Silenced," does a great job of bringing you into the CD. The spontaneous pauses in the chorus is well more than enough to whet your appetite for more. By the time you get to the third track, the first single "Not Falling," you'll be headbanging like your life depended on it. If you aren't, you are a liar. Trust me, my friend tried it. Anywho, the rest of the songs are just as good, if not better, than any song off their previous LP, "L.D. 50." The song "A World So Cold" is one of the best songs on the album. It's soft, emotional, and shows to any of you non-believers that modern rock bands *do* have emotions and feelings, and that they aren't just a bunch of screaming idiots.And if you thought MuDvAyNe was, then you really need to listen more clearly.This is by far one of the best CD's I have ever listened to. But that's the CD... How does the bundled DVD do? It does *great*. Granted, there isn't a lot of features, but this is a simple... addition to a CD. The few videos give great insight into what the band did during the making of the album, and the two bonus songs are better than the best songs on the CD itself. "Goodbye" is a soft, melodic song that gradually gets heavier, with lyrics that are comparable to... Well, someone with superb good writing ability, that's for sure. "On The Move" is pure speed, which is just perfect for my tastes. ;)Well I'm running out of room, so thank God I'm done talking. Simply go buy this CD, you won't regret."