Miles Goodman

CDs Miles Goodman performed on...

Currently Available CDs (1)

Larger Than Life (Original United Artists Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Genre: Soundtracks

Currently Unavailable CDs (1)

1994 - Getting Even With Dad

Genres: Blues, Soundtracks

CDs Miles Goodman helped create...

Currently Available CDs (2)

1991 - Staying Together - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Genre: Soundtracks
1990 - La Bamba Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Genres: Country, Alternative Rock, Blues, Special Interest, Pop, Rock, Soundtracks, Latin Music

Currently Unavailable CDs (3)

1999 - Larger Than Life

Genres: Pop, Rock, Soundtracks
1996 - Double Features Sister Act and Sister Act 2

Genres: Special Interest, Pop, R&B, Soundtracks
1996 - Television's Greatest Hits Vol6 Remote Control

Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Soundtracks