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Meditation: Classical Relaxation (Box Set)
Johann Pachelbel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Leo Delibes
Meditation: Classical Relaxation (Box Set)
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Classical
  •  Track Listings (9) - Disc #1
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #2
  •  Track Listings (6) - Disc #3
  •  Track Listings (11) - Disc #4
  •  Track Listings (15) - Disc #5
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #6
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #7
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #8
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #9
  •  Track Listings (10) - Disc #10


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They are giving it away!
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Excellent recordings of excellent performances. You are undoubtedly skeptical that you can buy 10 quality CDs for 20 bucks. But here they are! Notice the sales ranking...people are finding this by word of mouth? Now, if you are a serious listener, you might think you would not enjoy the excerpt format. But the arrangement of these tracks has been very well designed. And why be a serious listener all the time? These make wonderful background music while you are filling out your tax forms, etc."
Meditative, But Not Boring
A.Trendl | Glen Ellyn, IL USA | 06/21/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Here's the deal: If you check out the individual CDs of this collection, you'll pay way too much. That said, compare this price, and realize it is a steal at twice the price.

The list of selections is immense. 101 selections. Most of it you've heard before, but that's OK. Despite the various cute names -- quite creative -- "Vol. 9"!... you can load your CD player and enjoy them without feeling a transition of style.

It's true these aren't meditative in the sense of a Gregorian chant. Anyone familiar with classical music will recognize the composers and various movements to know this. What is true is that you can sit down and write Amazon reviews with it in the background quite comfortably. No weird interpretations, just the music as you know it.

It is also meditative in the sense of popping on it your portable player as you go for a Sunday afternoon walk. The music has just the right pacing: no quite aerobics class, but not ready for the office elevator either.

The box and jewel cases are not that flimsy kind of thing often associated with box sets. It sounds silly to review the jewel cases, but I'm frustrated with the ones I've received lately that have no meat to them. This'll do the job.

I fully recommend "Meditation: Classical Relaxation, 10 Volume Set [BOX SET].

Anthony Trendl
Classical Elevator Music Not
E. A. Lovitt | Gladwin, MI USA | 01/15/2002
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This isn't a bad set of CDs, if you like strings and bits of things. There are lots of `adagio sostenutos,' intermezzos, and movements from such and such. However, Delta Music didn't stint on the performers. The Budapest Philharmonic is a major presence, along with the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, the Vienna Mozart Ensemble, Budapest String Quartet, and Prague Festival Orchestra. I didn't recognize any of the soloists, but that doesn't mean much. They are probably first chairs with the orchestras.I disagreed with some of the selections as not really conducive to meditation, e.g. Bizet's `Intermezzo from "L'Arlésienne," Suite No. 2' (BOMM, BOM, BOM, BOMP BA BOMP!). Everyone will probably wish for some exclusions since this is a ten-CD set. The really great news is that "Meditation" is a ten-CD set and you can purchase the whole thing for the price of a single CD. The performances are good, and most of the excerpts are very peaceful.Note: there are no liner notes to speak of, except for a quotation from Ludwig van Beethoven: "Music is the mediator between the spiritual [geistigem] and the sensual [sinnlichem] life." The back of each CD case identifies the exerpt, performance, and timing for its tracks."