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Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson
Antichrist Superstar
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, Metal
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Marilyn Manson started out as a depraved, marginally talented group of freaks that played a caustic but undeveloped brand of metallic industrial noise. Then Trent Reznor stepped into the studio for seven months with the ba...  more »


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All Artists: Marilyn Manson
Title: Antichrist Superstar
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Original Release Date: 10/8/1996
Release Date: 10/8/1996
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, Metal
Styles: Goth & Industrial, Alternative Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 606949008628

Marilyn Manson started out as a depraved, marginally talented group of freaks that played a caustic but undeveloped brand of metallic industrial noise. Then Trent Reznor stepped into the studio for seven months with the band, and Manson emerged with the most intense, visceral, mechanical metal album since The Downward Spiral. Antichrist Superstar is a horror-house of grisly atrocities that stains as indelibly as a bathful of warm blood. Brooding rhythms collide with corrosive samples and buzzsaw guitar riffs, while vocalist Marilyn croons irresistible melodies in the voice of a vagrant regurgitating broken light-bulb shards. Essential listening, regardless of how much input Reznor had. --Jon Wiederhorn

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Member CD Reviews

William E. (unholyblackdeath) from N RICHLND HLS, TX
Reviewed on 7/27/2007...
Marilyn Manson at his best! This is THE groundbreaking metal / industrial album of the 1990's. This CD is my all time favorite. The music is hard yet dynamic. There is really talent here.
2 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.
Lindsey J. from CHAMPAIGN, IL
Reviewed on 4/15/2007...
a MUST own album for anyone younger than 30.
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Brett G. (rockin) from SPOKANE, WA
Reviewed on 8/20/2006...
PA Explicit artwork!
1 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.

CD Reviews

Manson's best album, by far: "A musical ritual to bring abou
Hudson | Greenville, SC | 05/30/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Marilyn Manson has been a staple of my music collection since 1994, with the release of their first album, "Portrait Of an American Family". That album featured a campy-horror sound to it, which was completely reinvented with the release of this album, "Antichrist Superstar". "ACS" is the complete culmination of Manson as a rock star. The album's sound has an industrial metal feel to it, yet the band (along with Trent Reznor's production) has written such a variety of sounds on this album that it's difficult to categorize. Naturally the album is chock-full of anti-religious and anti-establishment sentiment. I've never heard an album that is so lyrically and musically mesmerizing, especially while in an angry state. "ACS" invokes a wide range of emotions from the listener, regardless of whether you love or hate Manson, the man or the band. For me, the album makes me feel a great rush when I'm down or upset, yet it is plenty satisfying in any other state.

This is hands down the best (and heaviest) Manson album. This album is so good that it's hard to pick my favorite tracks from it. So I'll discuss each song.

1.) "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" - The album was released near the end of 1996, and the liner notes read, "Irresponsible Hate Anthem was recorded live on February 14, 1997." Nice way to get a listener's attention. The track actually sounds like a live track (sort of). This song is very heavy and distorted, and has become a staple of Manson's collection of songs. Favorite lyric: "Everybody's someone else's n**ger / I know you are, so am I / I wasn't born with enough middle fingers / I don't need to choose a side."

2.) "The Beautiful People" - Breakthrough single from the album, helped launch this album to success. Another Manson staple, very recognizable. Favorite lyric: "There's no time to discriminate / Hate every motherf**ker that's in your way."

3.) "Dried Up, Tied and Dead To the World" - Manson himself describes this song as one of his favorites from the album (along with "Kinderfeld"). This track has a more industrial sound with electronic drums and has an atmospherically dark sound to it. Really cool track. Favorite lyric: "You shove your hair down my throat / I feel your fingers in me / Tear this bitter fruit to mess / Wrap it in your soiled dress / Now you must spit out the seeds."

4.) "Tourniquet" - This song has a slower, almost ballad-like feel to it. Another single released from this album with a really cool video. Favorite lyric: "I wrapped our loving in all this foil / Silver-tight like spider legs / I never wanted it to ever spoil / But flies will lay their eggs."

5.) "Little Horn" - Awesome track, really heavy and abrasive. Little horn is mentioned in the bible, and the little horn is often believed to be or referred to as the Antichrist. One of the most killer tracks Manson has ever done. Favorite lyric: "Dead will dance for what is left / Worms will wait with baited breath / Your blind have now become my deaf / So says the little horn".

6.) "Cryptorchid" - A song that stands alone on the album. Industrial drums with incredibly eerie music and vocals. Not heavy at all. Really original track here. Favorite lyric: "Each time I make my mother cry / An angel dies and falls from Heaven."

7.) "Deformography" - Another industrial sounding song, with keyboards and electronic drums dominating the track. This track grows on the listener and turns out to be one of the more original sounding tracks on the album. Favorite lyric: "I lift you up like the sweetest angel / I tear you down like a whore / I will bury your god in my warm spit / You'll be deformed in your porn."

8.) "Wormboy" - Pretty hard to describe this song. Another track that stands alone on the album with it's upbeat tempo and in-your-face lyrics. Another track that may need some time to grow on the listener, but I love it. Favorite lyric: "The world shudders as the worm gets his wings".

9.) "Mister Superstar" - A really rockin' song, and pretty much sums up the idea that people are hopelessly devoted to rock stars in every way (kinda like myself, hehe). Favorite lyric: "Hey Mr. Superstar / I'll kill myself for you / Hey Mr. Superstar / I'll kill you if I can't have you."

10.) "Angel With the Scabbed Wings" - Another hard rocker. Manson opened with this song many times on the "Dead to the World" tour. Intense song. Very cool. Favorite lyric: "Mommy's got a scarecrow / Gotta let the corn grow / Man can't always reap what he sow."

11.) "Kinderfeld" - As stated earlier, this song was identified by Manson as one of his favorites from the album. The song is the spookiest song in Manson's entire catalog, with a very slow gothic feel to the music and lyrics. Manson sounds like an evil witch on this track. One of my favorites from any of this bands' albums. Favorite lyric: "The toys all smell like children / and the scab-kness will obey / I'll have to kneel on broomsticks / Just to make it go away."

12.) "Antichrist Superstar" - Another hard rocking song that is the most important song on the album is this title track. It sums up the central ideas of the album's theme, the rise of the antichrist and the failure of society. One of my favorites from the album I would say. Favorite lyric: "Prick your finger, it is done / The moon has now eclipsed the Sun / The angel has spread his wings / The times have come for bitter things." (This lyric also appears in "Cryptorchid")

13.) "1996" - The most angry and aggressive song on the album with a really cool lyrical theme. You feel the theme of the album is further driven home by this track. Heavy and offensive. Just the way it should be on a Manson album. Favorite lyric: "Anti-Satan and anti-black / The anti-world is on my back / Anti-gay and anti-dope / I am the fa**ot anti-pope."

14.) "Minute Of Decay" - A slow song, with the bass guitar leading the way most of the time. Cool song, slow and creepy. I guess if I had to pick some lesser favorite songs from the album this one would be up there on my list, although it's still a cool song. Favorite lyric: "The minute that it's born / It begins to die / I'd love to just give in / I'd love to live this lie."

15.) "The Reflecting God" - My favorite Manson song, period. From any album. This song is brutal and adrenaline pumping. One of the more anti-religious tracks the band has ever recorded, which is a bold statement. This song totally kicks ass. Favorite lyric: "I went to God just to see / And I was looking at me / Saw heaven and hell were lies / When I'm God everyone dies."

16.) "Man That You Fear" - An acoustic track (believe it or not) serves as the album closer. One of the first real ballads from Manson, this song was also a single with a cool video with it. Good song, another one of my lesser favs on the album, but a fitting closer for a great album. Favorite lyric: "Spread me open / Sticking to my pointy ribs / Are all your infants in abortion cribs."

99.) Hidden track, #99 - Seems to me that this spoken word track serves as an extended version of the introduction to the album. Favorite lyric: "God will grovel before me / God will crawl at my feet."

I hope this review gives you some insight on one my favorite albums of all time. Untouchable - 5 stars."