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Fighting the World
Fighting the World
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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No Description Available No Track Information Available Media Type: CD Artist: MANOWAR Title: FIGHTING THE WORLD Street Release Date: 07/07/1987


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All Artists: Manowar
Title: Fighting the World
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Label: Atlantic / Wea
Original Release Date: 1/1/1989
Re-Release Date: 10/25/1990
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 075679056320, 075679056344, 756790563200


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No Description Available
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 07/07/1987

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CD Reviews

"Unreal....." review proves what I've said in previous revie
Matthew Szymonik | Elgin, IL | 09/22/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Obviously Mr. T. Hardin is suffering from some musical mental problems. He would apparently refer the knuckle-dragging, amateurish, talentless stylings of the hundreds of bands that play the same three notes a thousand beats per minute while some oaf screams and growls unintelligible garble supposedly using all sorts of elaborate words for 'kill' that neither the band nor the fans know how to use or say properly.
OK, now that I've gotten that rant over with, let me continue on to what you really want to read. This was actually the very first Manowar album I heard. A friend picked it up the day it came out, let me borrow it after he listened to it once, and never got it back (sorry Darren). I was forever hooked. The first half of the album is classic, well produced, straight ahead metal. Fantastic, clear solos on each song. The title track is a classic Manowar anthem. It sums up what they are quite well. 'Blow Your Speakers' is not only another trademark metal anthem, but is also the closest Manowar has gotten to an actual "hit" in the U.S. "Carry On", one of my instant favorites, is and inspirational rally cry; the kind Manowar is known for, among other things. "Violence and Bloodshed' is a fast and furious return to the Heavy Metal beginnings and Vietnam theme that hasn't been seen since the first album "Battle Hymns". All in all the first half of this album is just in your face heavy metal.
The second half is a return to the days of long, long ago. 'Defender' is one of the last things that the late, great Orson Welles ever did before his passing. I listened to this track at least 200 times in the first week I had this album. It aptly sets the tone for the rest of the record. A rich narrative that opens to a powerful crash of truly heavy metal. From this point on, this album does it all. Beautifully clear and powerful bass lines. Articulate and soaring lead solos. Earth shaking Drums. And the absolute best vocals on any recording of the time. 'Drums of Doom' pounds you into 'Holy War' like a charging team of mammoth beasts which then throws you into the 'Master of Revenge', a mystical segue into 'Black Wind, Fire and Steel' which blinds all with the relentless speed and accuracy of both music and lyrics. All done at a rate that almost defies logic. Manowar have definitely cemented there place as the Kings of Metal with this album forevermore. All those who refuse to believe it can go back their amateurs and goons. Leave us and make room for the true men of heavy metal.
Blow your speakers!
Patrick Stott | Rolleston, Canterbury, New Zealand | 07/19/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"heavy metal n. 1. heavy guns. 2. metal of high density. 3 (often attrib.) colloq. A type of highly amplified harsh-sounding rock music with a strong beat and frequent theatrical performance. 4. Manowar.Manowar probably say it best themselves - death to false metal, forever fighting the world. No band has stayed truer to the cause of heavy metal in the past 20 years than Manowar. Bowing to no trend, this band has peddled straightforward metal in the face of opposition from all sides. No compromise, no bulls**t, just metal. For some reason, this attitude has seen Manowar become the object of derision and mirth among many a so-called metal fan.Y'see, Manowar have this homoerotic thing going on. They dress like rejected extras from a Village People video. A lot of people can't seem to see past the codpieces, rippling muscles and the dodgy leather pants. It's a shame, because behind the codpieces you will find... heavy metal, of the highest order! (If you thought anything else, you have a dirty mind.)Second best is not good enough for Joey De Maio, self-styled macho man, bass virtuoso and visionary driving force behind Manowar. Here you will find only the best in production values, the best available musicians, and some of the best sounding metal you will ever hear. The definition on this album is crystal clear. It is one of those recordings where you feel the urge to keep turning the volume louder and louder because it sounds so damn good. And anyway, it's Manowar, so "turn it up louder 'til we all get fried"!Vocalist Eric Adams has a dramatic, theatrical voice, able to hit those oh so metal falsetto screams with ease. The drum sound here is absolutely booming. Even the drum kit is called the Drums of Death. "It is the ultimate drum system in the universe. Everything else is junk", according to the liner notes. De Maio's bass work needs to be heard to be believed. He consistently outplays guitarist Ross the Boss, who is no slouch himself.The proof, they say, is in the pudding. Manowar lay on a veritable banquet of goodies. The trio of opening tracks, "Fighting The World", "Blow Your Speakers" and "Carry On" all espouse the virtues of furthering the metal cause. "Holy War" and the almost thrash metal track "Black wind, Fire and Steel" are pure Dungeons and Dragons fare.The legendary voice behind the War Of The Worlds radio hoax of the 1930s, Orson Welles, lends his vocal talents to the epic "Defender". All the more remarkable is that it was one of the final things Welles recorded, not seeing the light of day until two years after his death. Only Manowar could have secured such a legend of the screen to appear on their album.Unfortunately, Manowar generally turn out one ultra cheesy track per album. This time round, it was "Violence and Bloodshed". Musically, it's fine but the lyrics? "My brother's still in Da-Nang/Puttin' an ad in the back of Kerrang!/I'm looking for people who just wanna kill/We'll go back to 'Nam, cause no one else will". Who ordered the double cheeseburger with extra cheese?There is an absolute treasure trove of "true metal" quotes to be found in the lyrics and the liner notes here. In the words of Joey De Maio: "The battle rages - Choose your side". I'm with Manowar. It would be too damn scary to be against them."
The battle for true metal wages on...
Salvador Smilie | Miami Beach | 08/27/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Very few albums will snap the bones of wimps and posers quite like this call to arms. Thy ferocious bedlam of riffs woun't give the blood on your battle axe time to dry, as thine assault in everlasting. This masterpiece begins with the title track, "Fighting the World" which affirms the kings stature as True Metal Champions! The final clash of steel in the closer "Black Wind, Fire and Steel," acts as a guillotine, coming down upon the necks of all whom would dare play false metal. This is not just "an album," for it tis a right of passage to becoming a man, in a world filled with wimps.

Hear ye, hear ye! For thy most presonal aspect of this work of passion and pride was the preasence of Orson Welles on the mighty tale, "Defender." An expression of skepticism fell across my countenance, as I did not foresee Sir Welles impressing me anymore than he had done in his films. However when I heard the track I was amazed. I have never heard a more emotionally intense preformance in all my years. My heart opened wider then all the young madiens whom come calling to Manowars bed chambers upon thy midnight hour of lust. Welles' preformance as a noble warrior, on his death bed, writing to a son whom he has never met in the flesh makes this faithful warrior shed enough tears to fill the nile. The great one's powerful passion makes his work in "Touch of Evil," "The Third Man," and even "Citizen Cane," look like the feeble-weak-life forsaken preformances given by such wimpy dogs as Adam Sandler. With Lord Adams enacting the voice and soul of the son, this heartbreaking tale is so full of spirit, it is impossible to believe they are not really father and son. After experiencing this powerful journey, I marched into the resthome where mine own father rested dormant. With all my heart I reached out my hand and pulled my father from his life-less slumber. Together we marched out into the sun set-hand in hand-two warriors on the quest bigger than life itself.

Question for all true metal fans. Do you have the courage and might to give your souls to the force of Manowar, and help slay the vile slug which is false metal? The battle rages-choose your side. Forever...Fighting the World into glory we ride."