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Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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This EP pairs a remix 'Safe' by Sascha of KMFDM with recent live tracks and illustrates two distinct methods of reworking songs from both the current albums Oracle and Spit. Includes enhanced CD with live video footage. ...  more »


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All Artists: Kittie
Title: Safe
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Label: Massacre Poland
Release Date: 12/8/2008
Album Type: Single, Import
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
Style: Alternative Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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Album Description
This EP pairs a remix 'Safe' by Sascha of KMFDM with recent live tracks and illustrates two distinct methods of reworking songs from both the current albums Oracle and Spit. Includes enhanced CD with live video footage. Artemis Records. 2002.

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CD Reviews

Kittie; "Safe EP"
Fish Spanker | Lancashire, United Kingdom | 09/06/2004
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Mmmkay! Well here we have the "Safe EP" by the excellent band Kittie.

I'll do a song breakdown review thingy.

"Safe [KMFDM Inc. Remix]" - Okay so this remix isn't BAD but it's not GOOD. It's VERY industrial and it's very...Electronic. No instruments or anything, just computerised really. I can't say anything negative about this remix, but nothing positive either. 6/10

"Safe [Radio Edit]" - Exactly the same as the album version except it features a sudden ending instead of the breakdown featured on "Oracle". They cut about 20 seconds off the song and that's literally it. Because of the lack of creativity with the radio edit and it's pretty much the same on the "Oracle" album, I'm giving it the same rating as on "Oracle"... 6/10

"No Name [Live]" - This is a good recording. Morgan's growling is very good. This is more hardcore than on the album! 8/10

"Severed [Live]" - This is by FAR my favourite live track featured on this CD! Morgan's growling is awesome! I LOVE THIS LIVE TRACK! 10/10

"What I Always Wanted [Live]" - Okay from this song forward the CD goes completely downhill. This is probably my favourite song off "Oracle", but here Jennifer is singing and Jeff is growling with Morgan doing back up growling. To be honest, this live track is disgusting. Jennifer makes horrible noises when attempting to sing, and another reviewer described it quite well when (s)he said she sounds like she's trying to give birth to a dolphin out of her nose! This live track makes me sick. Jennifer should keep her mouth shut if that's the standard of singing voice she's capable of. Now with Lisa in the band, I hope signing vocals will be done by her on tour. I've never heard Lisa sing, but I'm certain she's better. Oh, and Jennifer's bass on this song has MELODY?! She's playing the song how SHE wants it. Basically this song sounds nothing like the original on "Oracle" because of Jennifer. Jennifer cannot sing and she's not even capable of playing a 3-chord bass line without screwing it up. I don't even play bass and I can play that song! Oh Talena, where art thou? 4/10

"In Winter [Live]" - Jennifer opening her noisy mouth again. If she's not capable of creating tolerable sounds with her voice, they should have hired some singer thing or changed the songs slightly so Morgan could sing and growl. JENNIFER SHUT UP! AGAIN, where the hell is Talena?! In theory Morgan could have sang this song because there's barely any growling but NO they had to have Jennifer do it. 4/10

"Pain [Live]" - This song starts off VERY good until they get to the "you deserve nothing at all" part purely because Jennifer decides to make noises again. Seriously, if their live performances are going to be destroyed by Jennifer then I'm going to lose interest very quickly. She cannot sing. I'd give her credit for being a good bassist, because she is but she...changes songs to suit her.

As for the live videos on the CD. The live songs are "Mouthful of Poison", "Charlotte" and "Wolves"...They're good live tracks, but recorded with poor film. They're definitely watchable and I even burned mine to a VCD so I can watch them on my TV.

So basically, if you think you can tolerate Jennifer's singing then go for it...Buy this EP! I have warned you that she sounds terrible but hey if you think you're man enough for Jennifer's voice box!

I like this EP, but I tend to not listen to the last 3 tracks.

Kittie are my favourite band without a doubt I love them so much, so of course I'm going to buy all their CDs, but I don't find myself listening to this very often."
Don't buy Oracle or Safe
RedZero | Corpus Christi, Texas | 01/22/2006
(1 out of 5 stars)

"Both Oracle and Safe are horrendous. "Spit", their debut album with Talena Atfield and Fallon Bowman best captured the raw energy of the band. The Paperdool EP is also good. Anything after that is junk without melody, just noises and screams. I don't recomend this CD, it really stinks. Sorry guys, you lost your fan base and your way once Talena and Fallon left the band. Kittie as a viable group is dead."