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Home Invasion
Home Invasion
Genre: Rap & Hip-Hop
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The hardcore rapper's 1993 album featuring 19 tracks. Virgin.


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All Artists: Ice-T
Title: Home Invasion
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Label: Phantom Sound & Vision
Release Date: 2/8/2005
Album Type: Import
Genre: Rap & Hip-Hop
Styles: Gangsta & Hardcore, West Coast
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 766482788040


Album Description
The hardcore rapper's 1993 album featuring 19 tracks. Virgin.

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CD Reviews

Ice T goes off the deep end
Johny Bottom | Jacksonville, NC | 04/23/2008
(3 out of 5 stars)

"While O.G. had a lot of thought provoking insight to go along with the humor and violence, Home Invasion is just a relentless and almost childlike temper tantrum. Free to do as he wants with his own record label, this is the best he could come up with? If he's not bragging about how great he is, he's spewing hatred in all directions. Here are some high and lo-lites of this album.

1. Warning: This is pretty funny and warns the listener that this is not a 'pop' album. One of the strong points made by Sir Ice on this album is that he hates pop and pop stars.

2. It's On - One of the few great tracks
3. Ice M.F. T - Good tune, but Ice T is giving himself all props and inflating his ego to godlike quality.

4. Home Invasion - I understand that this song is about invading homes through his music and having kids listen to him despite their parents, but some really ugly images and horrific wordplay bring the song down to a very low level.

5. G Style - Back to the OG style. It is really missed on this album. This song seems better than it really is because it's mixed in with all this junk.

7. Question And Answer - Ice T is ranting about sellouts and pop stars again.

9. Race War - Ice T has now declared war for the world. And while there will be white kids rolling with the Africans, there are also gonna be black Republicans. This song is hatefilled and ridiculously stupid.

10. That's How I'm Livin' - The Ice T biography from birth, to LA, to the Army, to be the hippest, flyest, mac daddy of them all.

11. I Ain't New Ta This - This song sucks so bad it's funny. The chorus sounds like they are saying "I ain't nudatist"

12. Pimp Behind The Wheels - Switching places, Ice T takes up DJ position while Evil E takes the mic. Now we know why Ice T is the rapper and Evil E lays the beat. Listen to this song closely, you can tell Evil E is going hoarse by the end of the song. There is a reason for this. He probably had to do take after take after take to get anything sounding good out of him. When they pieced it all together, this 4 minute song probably took 8 straight hours to actually record. Evil E please do not embarrass yourself anymore. And no one cares that you are the "pimpfffth" behind the wheels. You have been dissed.

13. Gotta Lotta Love - After all the hate on this album, Ice suddenly and without warning feels good and loves everyone in an imaginary land where the Crips and the Bloods walk hand in hand. This is Ice T's attempt at a Will Smith 'Summertime' song

16. 99 Problems - 2 Live Crew in the House. Not a bad song, and it's got a few laughs.

17. Funky Gripsta - I am now convinced that Ice is on some bad crack. He introduces this cut and introduces 'Gripsta' a 14 year old female ("that's right a 14 year old female") I don't know who let this girl in the studio, but she is terrible. She sounds like MC Pee Pants singing the 'Candy Song" from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

19. Ain't A Damn Thing Changed - Ice just has to finish this album on a sour note by pouring one more hatefilled bucket of syrup on this pancake of an album.
"Every Single F'in Thing I Write, Is Gonna Be Analyzed By So
Chandler | Atlanta (College Park), Georgia | 04/30/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Thats Ice-T for ya, with his 1993 album Home Invasion. After all the heat that he taken from so many people for his infamous song "Cop Killer" from the Body Count, and being dropped from Warner Brothers/WEA, he spins out this album. As you can realize, all the controversy has affected him, and he took it out on this album. Not to mention, him beefing with Reggie Dennis, the chief editor of The Source Magazine. Some see that as a bad thing, but I personally see it as a plus.

Majority of Ice-T's vocals, he sounds pissed off, and it will be evident on the first four tracks. With lyrics stating that he is rich and others are no threat to him, on "It's On". I admit though, the following two tracks are great in my opinion.

Getting all of that behind him, he finally gets back to what he has done earlier in his career with "G Style" and "Addicted To Danger". The latter song is about a girl who he hooks up to turn out to be an undercover agent. "Gotta Lot Of Love" is a good song about gang peace in the L.A. streets. Personal stories like "Thats How I'm Livin'", about Ice's lifestyle all before his rap career, and "**** Hits The Fan" are dope as well. Ice revisits his pimp style on "99 Problems" (yes, Jay-Z did use that song) featuring Brother Marquis of 2 Live Crew.

Fortunately, the flaws on this album are limited. I like the idea of "Race War", but at times the song gets confusing (especially the whole blacks being republican thing and what he means by that). "I Ain't New Ta This" is straight awful. And I understand he is trying to put his people on, but it works sometimes. Even though DJ Evil E sounds good on "Pimp Behind The Wheels", the idea of placing a 14 year old girl named Gripsta on "Funky Gripsta" doesn't sound right.

Home Invasion is an excellent album I believe. I believe that many fans were expecting another O.G. Original Gangster here, but only received less than half of that album. The other portion is the frustration of the aftermath of the effects done by the "Cop Killer" song. I can't knock Ice for speaking his mind here on this LP, because to me, it works out nicely. Peace.

Lyrics: A-
Production: A-
Guest Appearances: B
Musical Vibes: B+

Top 5 Tracks:
1. Home Invasion
2. Ice M.F. T
3. Gotta Lot Of Love
4. Depths Of Hell
5. Pimp Behind The Wheels (DJ Evil E The Great)(featuring Evil E)

Honorable Mention:
1. 99 Problems (featuring Brother Marquis)
2. Watch The Ice Break"
Ice-T - Home Invasion
M.C. Ol' Skool | from the old school | 06/18/2004
(2 out of 5 stars)

"This was a pretty bad album from Ice-T but I've heard worse from him. I think that all that "Cop Killer" hoopla clouded his vision. There are a lot of lousy tracks on here like "99 Problems", which Jay-Z took from and made his own version of it for 2003's The Black Album."