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Live Through This
Live Through This
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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This whole album is filled with scathing fury, mostly directed at the impossible situation that confronts women when they are asked to be both wild sources of pleasure and unblemished mother figures. Live Through This uses...  more »


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All Artists: Hole
Title: Live Through This
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Label: Fontana Geffen
Original Release Date: 4/12/1994
Release Date: 4/12/1994
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: Indie & Lo-Fi
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 720642463123, 020642463148, 718750493521, 720642463147

This whole album is filled with scathing fury, mostly directed at the impossible situation that confronts women when they are asked to be both wild sources of pleasure and unblemished mother figures. Live Through This uses the same recipe of punk and metal wrapped around pop melodies that made Nirvana so captivating, but Hole uses the methodology in a more conventional manner. The metal ingredient tends to dominate, perhaps because it's the simplest to master, and too often the album resembles early Heart or late Joan Jett--particularly when Courtney Love opens up with her big, wailing voice. Love externalizes her anger, blaming all her problems on the rest of the world. Self-confrontation makes for far more interesting songs. --Geoffrey Himes

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Member CD Reviews

Louis G.
Reviewed on 3/29/2017...
Courtney Love is no Yoko Ono. Enough said.
Reviewed on 10/6/2010...
I think this captures the essence of Hole, really their best stuff. If you like grunge with a side of "don't mess with me" femininity, you'll probably like this. It's moody, broody, all the good stuff of grunge and "not giving a care" youth-hood. I def like it!
1 of 2 member(s) found this review helpful.
Jax M. (Destructa) from SAN JOSE, CA
Reviewed on 2/2/2009...
Live Through This is that rare album that grabs you by the shoulders and rocks in your face for 40 minutes. Certainly Hole sounded similar to Nirvana at this point, but that didn't automatically translate into fans: Courtney was shunned by many Kurt fans for riding his coattails, allowing him to die, or for being just plain scary. Anyone denying themselves the listen of this album for the above reasons is not only missing out on one of the decade's finest records, but also a piece of rock history. Every song has great hooks and defiantly powerful lyrics. Courtney's voice does it all: the agonized croon of broken-hearted Heart, the instant-gratification-demanding swagger of Wendy O. Williams, and the "gonna wipe the floor with your face" roar a la Lita Ford. Small wonder that she's such an accomplished actress.
3 of 3 member(s) found this review helpful.
Richard M. from ELMIRA, NY
Reviewed on 1/18/2007...
The same tracks and cover art but is a BMG Club Edition on the DGC Label.
0 of 1 member(s) found this review helpful.

CD Reviews

One of My All Time Favorite Albums
M. Hart | USA | 09/04/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Of the various grunge bands in the early 1990's, Hole certainly has to be regarded as one of the landmark groups with the release of its debut album "Live Through This" nearly 10 years ago. Formed by the well-known wife of grunge icon Kurt Cobain (1967-1994), Courtney Love sings all of the vocals as well as plays guitar in a unique style. My ratings out of 5 stars for each of the songs on this album are as follows:1. "Violet" (5+). A fast & powerful start to this great album featuring Courtney's powerful vocals. One of the best songs on the album and the perfect way to start it.
2. "Miss World" (5). Starts slowly, then builds into a forceful crescendo with Courtney's screaming vocals.
3. "Plump" (5). A fast and aggressive song mixed with soft and screaming vocals, giving way to a softer sound midway before escalating back into its fast and aggressive beginning.
4. "Asking For It" (4.5). A soft but impressive ballad that later escalates into a more emotional statement from Courtney at the end.
5. "Jennifer's Body" (4.5). A faster song backed primarily with Courtney's screaming vocals giving way to more melodic parts.
6. "Doll Parts" (5+) An emotional and dark ballad that is one of Hole's most recognizable songs with Courtney comparing herself to a doll.
7. "Credit in the Straight World" (5). Starts very softly but builds rapidly into a complex song with unusual chord combinations.
8. "Softer, Softest" (4.5). Starts as a soft and emotional ballad but slowly builds to an emotional crescendo towards the end.
9. "She Walks on Me" (4). A fast, metal & harsher sounding song.
10. "I Think That I Would Die" (4.5). Unusual chord combinations are used in this song which is softer than the previous.
11. "Gutless" (4). A slightly repetitive song that is faster than the previous, but not as harsh or metal sounding as track #9.
12. "Rock Star" (5+). Courtney's tribute to growing up in Olympia, Washington in her raw and unique grunge form. A powerful ending to Hole's debut album that captures the essence of grunge.With only just over 38 minutes of music, "Live Through This" may be a short album, but its impact was huge when it was first released. Many people don't like Courtney Love, but many who don't like her must admit to her talent and ability demonstrated by this album. Sadly, her husband Kurt Cobain did not live long enough to see her further successes. However, Courtney's impact in the world of music will remain in spite of the fact that Hole broke up not long after the release of their last album "Celebrity Skin". Overall, I rate Hole's "Live Through This" with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars. You don't have to have grown up in Olympia to enjoy Courtney's raw and powerful voice."
"...My Bitter Hand Has Bitten Me..."
David Baker | Nosgoth | 12/02/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"When you think of Hole (well, when I do, anyways), you think of the crap that comes out of obnoxious frontwoman Courtney Love's mouth. You do, I do, and I'm sure even Drew Barrymore does, too. No matter. But when thinking of Hole musically, things aren't quite as negative. I used to be a Hole fan, but as time went by, and Courtney became even more annoying, I stopped listening to the band entirely. And after looking back at that Hole phase of mine, I wondered what I was even thinking (actually, I still wonder...). Then, one day, I pulled out this CD from my "never listen to" pile, and decided to give it a spin for whatever reason. And you know what? This is still a damn good CD; perhaps even better as time goes on, as I certainly like it more than I once did. Hole's earlier material was loud and angry, but unlike "Live Through This," it was all misguided; kind of like Limp Bizkit, angry just for the sake of being angry (though not as dumb). "Celebrity Skin" was Courtney's failed attempt at making Hole a Hollywood band. And even with its catchy hooks and riffs and intelligent lyrics, it was still a so-so album (barely, I might add). "Live Through This," however, is completely different. Courtney snarls with rage that would scare most Kid Rock fans. And unlike Kid Rock, she's intelligent and thoughtful in expressing her pain. And she certainly expresses a lot of her pain. Dealing with all sorts of trouble women go through (image being the one that comes up most ofter), Courtney tackles one problem head on and rages on to the next like it's nothing. "Live Through This" opens up with "Violet," which is often considered their best song. It's easy to see why it is considered their best song, as right from the opening chords, you get a feeling that the song is going to explode. And explode it does, as Courtney wails "Go on, take everything, take everything, I want you to" over and over. Britney Spears this is not. "Doll Parts" has some of the best lyrics Courtney has ever written. They're very tragic, dark, and depressing. Definitely one of the highlights. "She Walks On Me" is the harshest song here. It's real Punk, not the Blink-182 kind of watered down stuff. The drumming on this particular song deserves the most attention. Patty's drumming is fast and powerful, she never lets up, and continues to pummel the listener. The song rolls and roars stopping a few times only to drag you back down and take you for another skull-rattling ride. A very close second to "Miss World," which is, in my opinion, their best song. "Miss World" is a little more light-hearted than the rest of these songs, even a little funny. Courtney's lyrics will get a chuckle for the honesty she puts forth; and this song is the only time you laugh (assuming you even do so). It's both catchy and smart, funny and honest, rocking and fun. "Plump" is the exact opposite, with a much more serious tone and feel, as well as lyrically confrontational. Take, for example, the unapologetic lyrics: "They say I'm plump, but I throw up all the time." The music is just as good as well, there's a break in the middle of the song that completely throws the listener off gaurd, kind of like Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" does (not that I'm comparing the two, mind you). The break in the middle of the song is actually quite beautiful, almost angelic (again, like "Master Of Puppets"). It's a strong testament to the great musicianship Hole have. That leads me to me next topic: the musicianship, which is unbelievable. Eric Erlandson's guitar playing is brilliant, Kristen Pfaff's bass playing is beautiful and melodic, and Patty Schemel's drumming is almost as good as Dave Grohl's. The production isn't as crisp as, say, "Celebrity Skin" was, which is unfortunate because Kristen's bass can sometimes get drowned out by the guitars and Courtney screaming. My favorite part of "Live Through This" is the lines in "Asking For It": "Was she asking for it? Was she asking nice? Did she ask you for it? Did she ask you twice?" You have to buy it just to hear that. After I listened to the album, I gladly put it with my other CDs (the ones I actually listen to, that is). "Live Through This" is a very deep album, very personal, very unique, and absolutely beautiful in all its ugliness; and to think, it clocks in at just under 40 minutes. If you only check out one Hole album, make it sure it's this. The rest of their material is, in my opinion, lame, but this is a masterpiece; there's not one bad song on here, and all of them are perfect. One of the best albums of the '90s. Worth all five stars. PS: You don't have to be a woman to like this, guys."