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Henry VIII  & His Six Wives
Thoinot Arbeau, Claude Gervaise, Pierre Phalese
Henry VIII & His Six Wives
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Special Interest, Soundtracks, Classical


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Desert Island Early Music Disc
Cat's Meow | Bradenton, FL United States | 03/18/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I actually heard this on Ohio State's Radio Station, WOSU, way
back in the summer of 1971, I'd just picked up my dog from the vet's, there was a thundershower going on, and this fantastic
album came on the air. I was immediately entranced with it, and
immediately bought the LP. It was out of print for many years,
and so last summer when I was in Seattle for Cycle One of the Ring, I was overjoyed to see a copy of this at Tower Records;and
instantly purchased it.

This is quite possibly one of the best Early Music discs ever
made, bar none. In fact, I believe it set off the Early Music
Revolution-without it, there might be a much smaller interest in
Early Music due to living history enthusiasts, such as the SCA
(Society for Creative Anachronism), Renfaire devotees, and others.

This is the germinal album that started it all: it was the first time that a historical movie had been accurately scored
with the music and instruments of the timeperiod-and David Mun-
row's Early Music Consort's lively interpretations galvanized
a belated enthusiasm for Early Music that continues to evolve
to this very day.

In short, BUY THIS ALBUM-it is a classic. And wonderful to listen to. An added frisson is the Song by King Henry VIII him-
self, "Pastime With Good Company," in his younger days he was
quite the all-round renaissance man, jouster, writer, composer,
athlete, and his music is pretty good, too.

As a companion album to this, I would highly recommend one of the other David Munrow albums to start with, Two Renaissance
Dance Bands, which is LP format was known as Music of the Court:
Music for King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I." This contrasts the
dance music heard at both courts, and the times, also a desert
island early music disc.

In short, BUY THIS DISC!!!!!!!!!!!It kicks musical Uknowwhat!!!

It completely shatters the old, long-held belief that Early Music was dull, dull, dull. Far from it. It was every bit as
lively as anything from the 18th, 19th centuries, and our own."
I'm thrilled to find this is now available on CD!
T.F. | 01/02/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I first received this album as a gift way back in the early 70's, when I was an eleven year old Henry VIII fan. It is often thought to be the score for the BBC six-part series The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, but was actually the score for a spin-off movie by the same name, also starring Keith Michell as King Hal. The six-part series actually did not have much music in it (low budget).

This album has excellent examples of early music, performed on period instruments. It features one song written by Henry VIII, as well as many authentic period pieces. There are a couple of "cheats" - a setting of a poem purportedly written by Anne Boleyn in the Tower before her execution, and a Robin and Marian ballad which was written specifically for the movie, but the rest is authentic and authentically performed. The weakest part of the album is a poor choice in counter tenor, who performs Pastime In Good Company and the song made from the Anne Boleyn poem - he has problems with pitch and diction. Otherwise, the album is purely thumbs up."
RenMusic68 | Milwaukee, WI | 12/29/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This CD is actually a re-release of an old album not from the TV series but actually from a spin-off movie. The TV series is titled, "The Six Wives of Henry VIII". The movie was called "Henry VIII & His Six Wives" (which, unfortunately, was never released on video or DVD here in the states, but may be one day). Regardless, this music from the film is a wonderful example of Tudor and Elizabethan music played on authentic instruments by on of the greatest early music scholars and musicians, the late David Munrow. This is an excellent CD for fans of early music and anyone who wants to experience the true sounds of the period."