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Trunk of Funk
Grand Funk Railroad
Trunk of Funk
Genres: Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal
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Each album has been 24-bit digitally remastered including previously unreleased bonus tracks (except live album), expanded booklets, new liner notes and space to hold the remaining 8 Grand Funk Railroad reissues to be r...  more »


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All Artists: Grand Funk Railroad
Title: Trunk of Funk
Members Wishing: 4
Total Copies: 0
Label: Capitol
Original Release Date: 1/1/2002
Re-Release Date: 9/17/2002
Album Type: Box set, Limited Edition, Original recording remastered
Genres: Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Metal
Styles: Album-Oriented Rock (AOR), Arena Rock
Number of Discs: 4
SwapaCD Credits: 4
UPC: 724354142222


Album Description
Each album has been 24-bit digitally remastered including previously unreleased bonus tracks (except live album), expanded booklets, new liner notes and space to hold the remaining 8 Grand Funk Railroad reissues to be released over the next year. Every trunk is individually numbered and includes a sticker, guitar and a pair of Shinin' on 3-D glasses. Only 10,000 boxes have been manufactured worldwide! Closer To Home adds 4 bonus tracks 'Mean Mistreater' (Alternate Mix), 'In Need' (Live), 'Heartbreaker' (Live) & 'Mean Mistreater' (Live). Grand Funk adds 2 bonus tracks 'Nothing Is The Same' (Demo) & 'Mr. Limousine Driver' (Extended Version). On Time adds 2 bonus tracks 'High On A Horse' (Original Version) & 'Heartbreaker' (Original Version). Capitol. 2002.

CD Reviews

Homer's in a COMA.....and here's WHY......
j.r.rose | Woodhaven, MI | 10/01/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I first heard Grand Funk in the back seat of a '57 Chevy goin' up M-24 in late September of '69...."PARANOID" was the first tune to hit my ears (and made them BLEED), and I've been a DIEHARD GrandFunkFanatic ever since that day. I've heard about every GFR tune ever done, own every CD there is, 8 track, cassette, LP, you name it- I've either had it or own it presently and play the hell out of it, still.Well, my FunkChildren, it's time to put the old records/CDs/tapes away; seal 'em up and save 'em for posterity; there's plenty of reason to do that, and it starts with the brand-new TRUNK OF FUNK, and the first four CDs of the NEWLY REMASTERED (in 24 BIT, no less) GRAND FUNK RAILROAD CATALOG!!"ON TIME", "GRAND FUNK", "CLOSER TO HOME" and "LIVE ALBUM" are all there in the best sense of every note, phrase, lick, lyric, kick drum, bass run up the scales and cymbal crash- OH, BABY- if you're a diehard GFR fan, like me (and a few dozen other of my pals from around the world), your ears are gonna MELT and BLEED before you're done with these CDs. You'll smile ear to ear all the while, too."ON TIME", the first release from GFR in '69, is just AWESOME from start to finish; the separation of the individual instruments, the definition, clarity and the BASS WHOMP!! that Mel Schacher hit us all with that got the world's attention is all there, PLUS sonic enhancements- you'll swear that this may be the first time you ever listened to this album like this, you can't help ROCKS. This may be one of the greatest BLUES/ROCK albums ever made, but because of Terry ("I'm not a producer") Knight's incompetency behind a mixer, nobody ever knew it before now....take a listen and you'll hear what I mean. It's soooooo good, soooooo smooth and groovin', even Todd is smilin' ear to ear and he had nothin' to do with GFR (yet....)."GRAND FUNK" was THE DEFINITIVE 'heavy metal' album that hooked us all. THAT BASS- whoa, baby- POWER CHORDS- rippin' vocals- and Mr. A$$KICKER lettin' it go on the drums made EVERYONE sit up and take notice that this was THE BAND to pay attention to. You ain't gonna believe what this sounds like, unless you sit and roll a big, ol' fattie up and crack a Schlitz with the headphones on. Do it....and you can thank me later. OUT-FUNKIN'-STANDING. Four bongs!!"CLOSER TO HOME"....for many of my brothers and myself, CTH was THE GFR album that got us back to "The World", mentally and emotionally, let alone physically. It did me. There's a special place that no other record will ever be able to hold in my heart that this one has securely all by itself.My God, I stood in the middle of the room when I played this, with tears in my eyes. This is timeless, historical, reverent and incredible music, my friends. It sounds as if you're hearing it for the very first time, it's soooooo good. This album should be mandatory listening for EVERYONE on this world. It's fabulous. If this doesn't grab you, you're already dead. Wonderful from opening note to final fadeout. AND, those "bonus cuts" are hot as hell, too!"LIVE ALBUM"....HOLY BACK-DRAFT, BATMAN, can this band - R O C K - or what??? You may THINK you've heard "live albums" before that melt the tweeters and shred the woofers- but man, you ain't heard THIS ONE like this ever before!!!!!! Brace yourself, grab onto the chair- THIS was the record that the Memorex ad with the guy sitting in the easy chair being blown away facing the speaker was representing!! Even Terry (I'm STILL not a producer) Knight's awful mix can't take away what happens in this album right from the first chords of "ARE YOU READY?" (and you damn well better be, too) till it's OVER. Finally, the PROPER ORDER of the show is revealed, too. This one is gonna rock yer (eye)balls off. Guaranteed to start a WHOLE NEW GENERATION of ROCK FANS to want MORE of this band (who, by the way, is reformed and out on tour NOW [minus Mark Farner, solo performer]- replaced by KISS veteran Bruce Kulick on guitar, .38 Special's MAX CARL on lead vocals, and The Silver Bullet Band's keyboardist Tim Cashion with, OF COURSE, Don "Mr. A$$KICKER" Brewer and Mel "The GOD of THUNDER" Schacher, the heart, rhythm and backbone of GFR from the start)!! I can't WAIT to get my hands on the next four remasters!! DAVID TEDDS & Co. has done yet ANOTHER incredible job (see "GRAND FUNK RAILROAD LIVE- The 1971 TOUR"). THANK GOD Capitol Records put Grand Funk Railroad's remasters in the capable hands of such DEDICATED GRAND FUNK FANS as DAVID TEDDS and EVREN GOKNAR!!GET THE TRUNK OF FUNK. GET THE REMASTERED CDs. GET READY TO ROCK LIKE YOU WERE 15 ONE MORE TIME.You're welcome!!"
drdog | Wisconsin USA | 10/18/2002
(2 out of 5 stars)

"First off, Grand Funk is my all time favorite US garage band, if not US band period. I was stoked to hear of the COMPLETE Capitol catolog re-release's. Secondly, I am happy with the CD's themselves, although I thought the idea of buying the trunk (Box set)was to get ALL of the CD's at once. My first dissappointment however was the lack of thought (coolness!) and 5 cent budget put into the trunk (cardboard box covered with colored paper & filled with 2 measly little useless trinkets in a special smaller box.) Remember the age group this band came from! If you are short of money, then I suggest "Thirty Years of Funk" box set, as a much better value. My second & biggest dissappointment is that no where in the 12 album (CD) reissue is the number one album of all time! Mark, Don & Mel 1969-1971 ! This is the ONLY CD REISSUE most of us even want. I played this album, 8-track, & cassette to death. Fortunately I still have an LP to burn a CD from."
Finally Capitol Does GFR Right
Richard D. Cappetto | Moodus, CT United States | 09/17/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The Trunk Of Funk look's like an old leather trunk and includes the first 4 reissues ON TIME, GRAND FUNK (what we FUNKnatics Call RED ALBUM), CLOSER TO HOME and LIVE ALBUM-all 24 Bit Digitally Remasterred with Bonus tracks and new Liner notes-already inside and space to hold another 8 classic GFR reissues that are to be released over the 7 or 8 months. Each box is a LIMITED EDITION and each is individually numbered 10,000 copies will be manufactured worldwide. Each box also includes a sticker, a pic and some Shinin On 3D glasses. This is a must have for any BIG Grand Funk Fan. This box set inclde GFRs first 4 album's from their power trio days. All four of these CDs are 24 bit digitially remasterred and are masterpiece's of rock n roll from cover to cover. Capitol Hired David Tedds (A Huge GFR Fan) to head the project and he did a wonderful job. The remastering is wonderful the (Bong Rattling) bass of Mel Schacher is right in your face the whole set, Mark Farner's Guitar is crisp and clean Don Brewer's (competent) drums are clear as a bell and the (wild shirtless) Vocals of Mark and Don are all clear and fantastic. (Parentheses from Homer Simpson). ON TIME is a Great debut Album and ranks out there with the greats of the 70s. The songs are; Are you ready, Anybody's Answer, Time Machine, High On A Horse, T.N.U.C., Into The Sun, Heartbreaker, Call Yourself A Man, Can't Be Too Long, Ups and Downs all rock and this CD includes new liner notes and Photo's as well as bonus tracks. The Bonus tracks are The original versions of Heartbreaker and High On A Horse, both are very cool. RED ALBUM Like On Time its a sledge hammer album, but even heavier with the smash songs that GFR used live such as In Need, Inside Looking Out and Paranoid as well as the radio friendly songs Mr. Limousine Driver, Please Don't worry, and High Falottin Women; and the Sledge hammer rocker Got This Thing On The Move. The Bonus tracks are a demo version of Nothing is the same, which I absolutely LOVE, and an extended version of Mr. Limousine Driver which is very cool. CLOSER TO HOME; singled a change for GFR. Now this "heavy Metal Band" is showing the ability to change and showing versatility and more sophisticated lyrics. A more blues based album It also contains GFR magus Opus, I'm Your Captain. Its wonderful song and singer Songwriter Mark Farner said it came to him in a dream and that he believe God gave him this song to be meaningful to people. It has been meaningful to me for over 30 years now and to millions of others as well. The song is just a beautiful blend of melodic Guitar chords (Mark Farner) a great lead bass line
(Mel Schacher) and wonderful drumming along (Don Brewer) with great lead
vocals by Mark and wonderful Harmonies between Mark and Don, take all that
and include a great orchestra blended and you have an all time rock classic. This CD is great from start to finish. Sin's a Good Man's Brother is a hard rocker with an infectious groove. Aimless Lady a cool Bluesy rocker. Nothing is the same showed more sophistication in lyric writing for the young band and it rocks as well. Mean Mistreater and is slow down for the band a bluesy song crying out for lost love. Get it together is a fun (mostly) instrumental a nice grove provided by the rhythm section and some nice guitar chops at the end. Hooked On Love has that Gospel feel that influences much rock n roll from the 60s and early 70s, a typical we got to have Love song and a very good one.. The Bonus tracks are an Alternate mix of Mean Mistreater. And three excellent Live Rockers, In Need, Heartbreaker and Mean Misterater all from the power trios prime performances.LIVE ALBUM is pure energy; its GFR in all its Live bombastic, Spinal tap, Power Trio Glory. This is the Greatest Live Album of all time (or second Best behind Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour, Its a toss up), there are no overdubs only a few tweaks with the audience noise (the sound on these blows away all the imports). Mark and Don together were just the pack, but when they stole Mel from ? and the Mysterians the magic happened and the Pack became Grand Funk Railroad. This album captured millions of fans for GFR who still
reminisce about it to this day. It sounds fantastic, its nice and bass heavy, like GFR was, in there power trio days. This edition of LIVE ALBUM is a 24 Bit Remasterred Masterpiece, of hard rock n roll from cover to cover. The tracks are; Introduction, Are you Ready, Paranoid, In Need, Heartbreaker, Words Of Wisdom, Mean Mistreater. Mark Say's Alright, T.N.U.C., Inside Looking Out, and Into the Sun. This is a MUST HAVE LIVE ALBUM from the 70s. for Every fan of Hard Rock."