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Grainger: Piano Music
Percy Grainger, Charles Villiers Stanford, Richard [1] Strauss
Grainger: Piano Music
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Special Interest, Classical
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Fantastic Grainger Recital!
Darin Tysdal | Bloomington, MN 55420 | 01/08/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Strangely enough, there have not been too many recordings of Grainger's piano music. Martin Jones did a four disc set on Nimbus. But this set is good because it has his famous arrangements (Country Gardens, Irish Tune From County Derry, Shepherd's Hey) which makes this disc irresistible for someone looking for a one-disc survey. I was utterly surprised when this disc came out-Hamelin keeps on surprising me with his choice of repertoire! He is on his toes throughout, and in the lyrical music he is superb! My favorites are In Dahomey, which is Granger's version of Scott Joplin (he puts two tunes together) and the "MacGuire's Kick" from the Stanford Irish Dances (a transcription of a transcription!)Utterly fascinating, and beautifully recorded."
Clarity,simplicity and refinement is what Grianger craves
scarecrow | Chicago, Illinois United States | 10/02/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Grainger is soulfully direct engaging music. You cannot toss it off as simple,playful disarming bits of snap and pop for the musical imagination. Grainger was a deadly serious musician,and scoured countless musical genres,the piano,our fortune was his most cherished and sought after timbral center. Ample degrees of pure refined,tailored piano timbre you'll discover in this music,fine bits of grace notes to help colour a downbeat,or a flourish.Fine voicings of chords,and it is the ultimate mark of genius when you cannot imagine another realization of these finely wrought piano solos,even though their source was the voice. I think Hamelin needs this music to help deepen his own musucianship.Picasso said this of art, the problem is not becoming an artist,but remaining one,and,his fan club claims he sometimes plays a bit robotically passive,all furioso technique without an engaged soul,or emotive mannered bombast like Horowitz I suppose. Yet Horowitz knew how to create excitement without sacrificing deep musical committment,as the Carmen Variations. Hamelin has been scouring the neglected piano repertoire,for quite some time, Alkan,Sorabji,Catoire,Medtner,Busoni,late Listz,Roslavets, Villa-Lobos,and quite recently Frederic Rzewski's political/mural ,the Variations on the powerful Chilean folk tune.I wish other pianists had this vision. The Jutish melody here did have a reference to a political situation, the Jute Mill was the site of rebellion in 19th century agrarian British culture.Whether Hamelin puts off the overtly emotional is a matter of taste and judgement. I tend to get excited about clarity first,and Grainger's music begs for clarity,for if you ever heard excessive rubatos,and durational liberties, the content of the wonderfully simple melodies, their charm and reverie would have escaped into mediocrity and sacrificed at the head-block of performative indulgence. I think Hamelin treads a fine line,between what should emote and what should remain within the refinement of pianistic timbral clarity."
(No title)
offeck | New York, NY -- United States of America | 12/07/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Hamelin's Percy Grainger, presenting not only old favorites but should-be favorites (absolutely delightful discoveries for many of us), played with breathtakingly deceptive and natural sound ease, in its superb control and subtle artistry, is perhaps one of the most riveting and satisfying to date -- a real delight. What marvellous melodic voicings, and such a gorgeous mastery of the pedals! Don't be hesitant in acquiring this; you should do so by any means necessary!"