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Bleed Like Me (Bonus Dvd)
Bleed Like Me (Bonus Dvd)
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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This Australian Tour Edition comes with a bonus DVD (PAL, All Region) packed with extra features. Following on from the sporadically pop to relatively somber offerings on their last album Beautiful Garbage, the band have r...  more »


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All Artists: Garbage
Title: Bleed Like Me (Bonus Dvd)
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Label: Wea Int'l
Original Release Date: 1/1/2005
Re-Release Date: 12/26/2005
Album Type: Import
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: Dance Pop
Number of Discs: 2
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Other Editions: Bleed Like Me
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Album Description
This Australian Tour Edition comes with a bonus DVD (PAL, All Region) packed with extra features. Following on from the sporadically pop to relatively somber offerings on their last album Beautiful Garbage, the band have returned to their roots with a harder, faster and more menacing rock sound with Bleed Like Me. The album opener 'Bad Boyfriend' finds Shirley at her most vocally embittered but lyrically playful, providing a rather joyous call-to-arms for anyone who?s ever found themselves in a highly unsuitable relationship. Such reckless behavior is seemingly endorsed by Shirley Manson?s sexually charged delivery and the raucous and unrelenting pop-rock guitars that seem to coax her into such a volatile and apparently excited state. Single 'Why Do You Love Me' finds the band on a rather similar outing of wanton rock ?n? roll abuse portraying another scenario of a broken down relationship full of insecurity and doubt. However, Shirley declares 'your sick of all the rules/ well I?m sick of all your lies' as the crescendo builds into an onslaught of a heavy rock guitar battling it out with Butch Vig?s commanding beats and a rumbling bass that transforms Shirley?s acidic sentiments to ones of affirmation. Whilst a harder sound is fully endorsed on the record, Bleed Like Me is still an album of Garbage?s trademarked loops and varied sounds. On 'Metal Heart', the band deliver an gothic orchestral-laced track of Tim Burton proportions, sounding like an industrial version of 'Hammering In My Head' from their Version 2.0 album. 'Boys Wanna Fight' and 'Why Don?t You Come Over' suitably find the band at their most rousing and entertaining, while 'It's All Over But The Crying' and 'Happy Home' find the band at their reflective and mellow best. Although rumors of a temporary split of the band during the recording of 'Bleed Like Me' have been confirmed by Shirley, it's hard to imagine such a fun, enjoyable and carefree album could be the consequence of such negativity between the band. Mind you, as they say, the best thing about fighting is the making up after. Warner. 2005.

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CD Reviews

Bleedin' good
E. A Solinas | MD USA | 04/12/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"It's been four long years since Garbage released "Beautifulgarbage," their oddball blend of pop-rock and electronica. And somehow the energy is still there in their fourth album "Bleed Like Me," an amped up rock album that takes Garbage back to its musical roots.

Not that it came easy -- frontwoman Shirley Manson has talked about how the band barely made it through "Bleed Like Me," because of (what else?) band infighting. Fortunately, they seem to have channeled that energy to their music. It's obvious from the start that their music has gone back to rock, as the combustible riffs of "Bad Boyfriend" erupt around Manson's throaty vocals.

The songs that follow are steady if unsurprising. Garbage's sound feels like the band has worked out their own niche, like a slightly worn slipper. It's loud and rock-y with some catchy rhythms woven in. These are not simple songs, though -- for example, "Who Do You Love Me" is a betrayal/love song, where Manson accuses the lover of sleeping with a pal one moment, then wails, "Why do you love me... it's driving me crazy!"

Garbage dips into sweeping rock melodies, ballads and electronic sputters here and there, and those touches keep the electrorock from ever feeling monotonous. But the amps and roaring guitars rule the music, much as they did in 1998's "Version 2.0." Sometimes those guitars feel like they're soaring to epic heights, but disappointingly they always get reined in at the last minute.

Fortunately, if the music seems restrained, then the singer does not. Shirley Manson hasn't lost her power as a vocalist; even when her vocals are distorted or distant, she is still the center of the music. She wails, she purrs, she yells, she murmurs. And it all works.

Garbage doesn't disappoint in their fourth album, "Bleed Like Me." Perhaps the album's main flaw is that they don't forge any really new turf. But purely as a follow-up, it's a darn good album."
A bittersweet CD--they bled and got strong for it!
Matthew G. Sherwin | last seen screaming at Amazon customer service | 04/12/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Some will say that Garbage hasn't matured but instead put out a long awaited album that is somehow lacking-or just too much of the same with all those sounds of the 1990's. There's no doubt, however, the 90's elements on this album are good and work as part of Garbage's typical style. (I think Garbage did tone down some of the electronica effects and elements that have been part of their trademark.) Maybe there's some truth to this-and maybe not. But there's no escaping THIS truth-this album REALLY rocks hard! It's an exciting, strong, straight ahead smack in your face set of song tracks leaving you wanting more! To start off with, the first several songs on this CD are the best nonstop, unrelenting run of recorded guitar-crunching Garbage work since the best parts of their self titled CD debut ten years ago! The intensity and elements of the stunning guitar work in the three songs "Bad Boyfriend," "Right Between the Eyes" and "Why Do You Love Me" leave no doubt that these guys have proven that despite all the band's recent problems they can still make crackin' hot music! "Bad Boyfriend" also features Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters fame on drums.

There's no shortage of honesty and emotion in the lyrics, either. Shirley Manson, the Scottish singer, does her usual job of singing awesomely; she also plays electric guitar on this album. Some say Manson sounds at times like PJ Harvey; she can be a quite the versatile performer! What's more, the songs are full of blunt, awesome in-your-face tough lyrics such as "I know some tricks I swear will give you the bends" and "If you can't love me, honey/Go on, just pretend." I love the effect this all gives you! Obviously Manson and the others in Garbage don't play games when it comes to truly sharing their feelings. I think Manson's own pain over her breakup with her husband is something she channels into her songs about emotional torment. These situations are so real to us too because inevitably so many of us experience these feelings sooner or later.

I especially liked the track "Run Baby Run" and the empowering, almost sacred song "Right Between the Eyes." Then there's the song "Bleed Like Me." This one is fierce, rockin' with raw emotion-excellent musical work! (The band says that the song "Bleed Like Me" was inspired by the movie Thirteen.) There's also the scorching hot song called "Why Don't You Come Over," with its references to Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" and Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It." Incredible stuff! All in all, the CD is bold and strong, yet more than honest enough to expose some human vulnerability in the relationships we all go through.

The band works well together on this CD. Despite a few problems--including a serious break between drummer-guitarist Butch Vig and the band--they pull this CD off really rather well. It all makes for some really good listening. Look for Steve Marker on both electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizers, laptop, programming, and noises! Steve even does bass overdubs on "Bad Boyfriend" and "Metal Heart." Another major contributor is Duke Erikson who also plays both electric and acoustic guitars, works with synthesizers, programming, and atmospherics, too! Duke also works the mellotron and plays piano on the ballad "It's All Over But The Crying" and "Happy Home." Among other things Vig (who worked so hard on Nirvana's Nevermind) plays electric guitar, drums, and bass on the song "Bleed Like Me." Justin Medal-Johnson plays bass also and Matt Walker plays drums on several of the tracks here.

"Happy Home" seems to work pretty well in its place at the end of the album; this song is a somewhat painful yet beautiful track about independence and what is yet to come. Yes, I would agree with others who write that the end portion of the album has a slightly different feel to it; but really it's still very good stuff.

Hey, look-this band is ROCKIN'! Bleed Like Me is really a rather good album proving once again their numerous talents-it's a great addition to any solid rock/alternative rock collection!
Underground Sky High Cruisers
The Girl Who Would Be King | Canada | 07/16/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Rocking the wave of their 2001 album "Beautiful Garbage" (a schizophrenic experiment of pop/rock/and otherworldly flavors that crashed into the aisles of perhaps too bizarre to bother; regarded by many fans, critics and maybe even the band themselves - though I would never presume to speak on their behalf - as the black [or should it be pink?] sheep of the family. Ironically, however, it is also the album's oddity of pop glamor with an experimental lemony twist that make this record a cherished gem) Garbage have returned with BLEED LIKE ME: A surefire rock album that is loaded with guitars, schismatic drumming and ultra smooth bass lines. Despite the undertaking of a more live sound, BLEED LIKE ME engages the Garbage hooks that elevate their sound beyond that of an ordinary rock record.

Recovering from a less-than-stellar high of "Beautiful Garbage" and having fought through illness, divorce, and a temporary break up that threatened to be not-so temporary, Garbage have described making this record as a fight for their lives. Well it's a good thing that Butch Vig (drummer/producer) resurrected this project (which evolved to the aptly named BLEED LIKE ME) as it is a highlight of Garbage's career.

BLEED LIKE ME harnesses the darker rock elements of their self-titled debut, the rock electronica of "Version 2.0" and even some pop element of "Beautiful Garbage" to invent a whole new vibe and atmosphere from their previous work. This album, however, is not just a hodge podge of what made BLEED LIKE ME's predecessors a success. BLEED LIKE ME is louder, more confident and more defiant than previous albums. Shirley Manson (singer/song writer) explores new vocal ranges Garbage fans have never before heard. She goes from a sultry, yearning seductress to a vulnerable, broken-hearted siren all the while channeling the energy of Chrissie Hynde and Karen O.

The album opens with the aggressively lusty track, Bad Boyfriend. Produced by Dust Brother John King and starring Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age) on drums, Bad Boyfriend is the trigger opener of BLEED LIKE ME. It is this track that warns fans: this is not the same old Garbage and cries out, "Yes, we are a rock band!" On this track, Manson is not looking for love; it's all lust, baby! "If you can't love me honey go on, just pretend!" she moans to her bad boyfriend; I'm sure, however, that our supervixen singer will show this boy had to really be bad!

The following track brings the listener off the tantalizing yearn of Bad Boyfriend and into the smooth plane of Run Baby Run (second Australian single; third UK single). Manson has mastered the mystery of hooky lyrics on this track as she pleads, "Run my baby, run my baby run. Run from the noise of the streets and the loaded gun." Run Baby Run begins with a teasing guitar opener reminiscent of the likes of Jeff Martin of the Tea Party. The ultra smooth bass line lifts the song into a sort of desperate atmosphere making Shirley's pleas all the more poignant.

Right Between the Eyes is an ode to Miss Courtney Love. The song is pushed forward by menacing guitar chords that have an undercurrent of more fluid guitar work. Shirley advises her friend that "They're so jealous of my pretty star / `cause you've got soul inside your shattered heart." The highlight of the song has to be the end where Manson cries out, "Stay alive, my love" that would make Bono listen twice. Right Between the Eyes has the hooky rock elements of Run Baby Run while retaining a menacing aura that is found in the following track, Why Do You Love Me.

Why Do You Love Me introduced BLEED LIKE ME to the world as the first single. With sinister guitars that may make fans wonder, "Have Garbage completely deviated from their rock electronic ways?" Why Do You Love Me takes its audience on a sonic rendering of the trepidations of an ending relationship seen through the contradictory eyes of a woman who is both confident ("I'm no barbie doll. I'm not your baby girl.") and insecure ("I'm standing in the shadows with the words stuck in my throat") who begs, "Why do you love me, it's driving me crazy." The song starts off on a high and then relaxes into a catchy, fun to sing along to verse. However, this peaceful moment that is made all the more appealing by Shirley's sultry voice is abruptly ended when the song shoots into the chorus that is backed by raunchy guitars. Everything is brought to a stand still at the bridge when Shirley sings in a quiet voice that is almost torn by grief, "You still got the most beautiful face. It just makes me sad, most of the time." And let's not forget the girl group build of "I get back up and I do it again" that leads to the final reiteration of the chorus.

The title track (and second North American single) Bleed Like Me, brings the album from its pedestal of hooky guitars and catchy lyrics into the doom and gloom side of Garbage. This modest track is not overwhelmed with guitars, drumming or intricate production work. A simple guitar riff leads the song on into the world of self-mutilation, eating disorders, gender confusion and addiction. There is no chorus. Rather, each verse tells a different story of Avanlanche, Chrissie, Doodle, Speedie and JT and each verse builds up to a divine symphony that introduces Garbage's first trumpet work. The highlight of the song arrives when Shirley sings in a heavenly voice "You should see my scars," that will surely choke up fans; this moment will make fans and critics alike realize that Shirley isn't just a singer, she is a damn good one with dimensions one can only hope to achieve.

My favorite track of the record, one that is more "Version 2.0" than all other tracks but with an industrial edge, is Metal Heart. Shirley's vocals are layered with attitude and beauty and are delivered in an almost prayer-like way especially on the lines "I wish I wasn't flesh and blood" and "My sweet lord take care of me . . ." Butch has managed to channel Dave Grohl as he pounded into the bridge; Let's not forget about Steve an Duke who push the song to a more industrial edge with the high-octane thrust of the guitars. This is the most stand-out track of the record which why it is often compared to Hammering in my Head of "Version 2.0" for its off-beat quality.

Sex is not the Enemy is an anthem that challenges society's attitude towards sexuality. With the anthem-esque "A revolution - is the solution," Shirley brings to light the fact that our society has fallen into a stagnant way of looking at sexuality. Shirley has found enough daring to walk onto more religious territory, singing "True love's like gold, there's not enough to go around. But then there's God, and doesn't God love everyone?!" Despite it's provocative message, Sex is not the Enemy is a fun track that is fueled forward by rolling bass lines, playful guitars and drum work that is similar to that of Cherry Lips off of "Beautiful Garbage".

Our second of three ballads off the album is the beautiful "It's All Over but the Crying" which challenges You Look So Fine of "Version 2.0" as best Garbage ballad of all time. Once again, Shirley demonstrates her gift of creating rhythmic lyrics as she sings "Everything you think you know, baby, is wrong." Soft piano brings the song into a more mournful atmosphere though if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you'll notice that in this song, Shirley is a confident woman who is walking confidently away from a broken relationship.

Garbage, ever the masters of the roller coaster effect, brings things back up into the energetic dance world with the track "Boys Wanna Fight." This song, with enough backing, is destined to become a hit in dance clubs around the world. Despite its fun, energetic side, this is Garbage's first blatantly political song. It's message, however, is delivered in a sarcastic box wrapped in plenty of tongue `n cheek attitude which make it different from other political songs such as System of a Down's "B.Y.O.B." Fast pounding guitars and Shirley's shouting of "The boys, wanna fight - but the girls are happy to dance all night" twist this song into a surefire dance hit.

Why Don't You Come Over, by many fans, is regarded as the disposable track of the album. However, by many other fans such as myself, this song is yet another beloved gem. Shirley evokes Karen O as she wails at the end of the track, "Why-don't-you-come over!?" The only biting element of the song is the over-repeated chorus where Shirley sings in a playful manner "Why don't you come over?" eight times! Regardless, the song moves onto the second verse that makes the repetitious chorus worth every line as Shirley sings in a venomous tone, "You wanna, live freely. Don't wanna die!" This track is worth listening to a few times over before meriting a concrete judgement.

Alas, the last track. In Garbage fashion, the album closes in an atmospheric ballad called "Happy Home." Though Shirley has not commented on the meaning of the song, it can easily be interpreted as being about her divorce. Like the title track, there is nothing overbearing about this song. It's a relaxing, if not heartbreaking, listen as Shirley lays her heart out on the pages for us to see and criticize. The ending of the song is totally Garbage. The song brings the audience into a trance as the drums and guitar build and build, which is quite a contrast to the quiet one-guitar opener, and then finally fade away while leaving the listener begging for just a little more time, just a little more.


In my opinion, this is Garbage as their best; in conflict and crisis, this band are at their musical best. I am very thankful and gracious that Garbage made the decision to push past their conflicts with each other to create this masterpiece of which we could have been all deprived. So thank you Shirley, Steve, Duke and Butch for sticking through it!

Ranking of the albums: (1) Bleed Like Me (2) Debut & Version 2.0 (3) Beautiful Garbage
Ranking of BLM tracks: (1)Bad Boyfriend 10/10 (2)Run Baby Run 9/10 (3)Right Between the Eyes 9/10 (4)Why Do You Love Me 10/10 (5)Bleed Like Me 8/10 (6)Metal Heart 10/10 (7)Sex is not the Enemy 10/10 (8)It's All Over but the Crying 10/10 (9)Boys Wanna Fight 9/10 (10)Why Don't You Come Over 9/10 (11)Happy Home 8/10"