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Encore (Deluxe Edition)
Encore (Deluxe Edition)
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop
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"ENCORE" is multi-platinum recording artist EMINEM's first full album of new material since 2002's "THE EMINEM SHOW," which spawned the hit singles "Without Me" and "Cleanin' Out My Closet." That album went on the sell ov...  more »


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All Artists: Eminem
Title: Encore (Deluxe Edition)
Members Wishing: 0
Total Copies: 1
Label: Aftermath
Original Release Date: 1/1/2002
Re-Release Date: 11/19/2004
Album Type: Explicit Lyrics
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop
Styles: Gangsta & Hardcore, Pop Rap
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaCD Credits: 2
UPCs: 602498646717, 0602498648841, 0602498646717


Album Description
"ENCORE" is multi-platinum recording artist EMINEM's first full album of new material since 2002's "THE EMINEM SHOW," which spawned the hit singles "Without Me" and "Cleanin' Out My Closet." That album went on the sell over 19 million albums worldwide. He followed up in November 2002 with Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture ?8 Mile?, which featured the Academy Award winning song "Lose Yourself" and sold almost 9 million copies worldwide. Earlier this year, Eminem?s group D-12 released D-12 World (global sales over 3 million) and scored hits with "My Band" and "How Come". ENCORE, Executive Produced by DR. DRE, features guest performances by 50 CENT, D-12, NATE DOGG, OBIE TRICE, and STAT QUO. BONUS DISC: This two disc set includes a bonus CD with three previously unreleased EMINEM songs.

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Jolene F. from PYRITES, NY
Reviewed on 8/16/2010...
I love all the music.
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CD Reviews

Vanilla Ice, take 2
Godzilla | 12/08/2004
(2 out of 5 stars)

"Let me start out, by saying that I was a huge Em's fan. "The Marshall Mathers" Lp is the album, that got me into rap. The rhymes this guy was spitting literally made my jaw drop...It was the first time ever I pressed rewind to actually listen to a piece of lyrics for a second time!!! Here, let me give you an example:

Sonny Bono, skis horses and hittin some trees (HEY!)
How many retards'll listen to me
and run up in the school shootin when they're pissed at a
teach-er, her, him, is it you is it them?
"Wasn't me, Slim Shady said to do it again!"
Damn! How much damage can you do with a pen?

Woooow, ain't it? I ain't saying that his previous Slim Shady Lp was worse. Let's read some phat rhymes from that one:

I hang with a bunch of hippies
and wacky tobacco planters
Who swallow lit roaches
and light up like jack-o-lanterns
Outsiders baby, and we suing the courts
Cuz we're dope as f*** and only get a 2 in the source

That's dope!!!!!! And, now, Let's read some from the much beloved "Just Loose it":
It's Friday and it's my day
Just to party all the way to sunday
Maybe til monday, I dunno what day
Everyday's just a holiday

AM I THE ONLY ONE TO WHOM THE DETERIOTATION OF EMINEM AS A LYRICIST IS OBVIOUS? It's not like I chose the best passages from the first two albums and then the worst passage from Encore!!! The whole albums is full of simple two-word rhymes, soap-opera like-melodrama and stupid voices which stop being funny after four lines. These ain't Eminem's raps in the past , when rhymes and metaphors were polished to absolute perfection and he managed to say things there that would make some people's hair go up!! No, now he is a below average rapper, acting like his life has more drama than a Shakespearian play. I want Slim Shady Back!!!! I want nice ass rhymes and dope lyrics back!!!! Anyway, the only good things about this album are the beats.

"Encore" will make a great coaster
somedude | Rancho Cucamonga, CA United States | 11/13/2004
(2 out of 5 stars)

"sGeneticists have used genetic know-how to splice together the DNA of two separate entities allowing them to create a single entity known as a hybrid. This album sounds like the hybrid one would obtain from the splicing together of Eminem's genes with those of a big steaming pile of maggot-infested rottweiler crap. Suffice it to say that, for me, this is not a desirable combination. Eminem going from the likes of the Marshal Mather's LP to this, is not unlike Steve Martin going from "The Jerk" to "Sgt. Bilko". Or like Rick Moranis going from, well, going from-okay Rick Moranis is a bad example; the point is that Eminem used to make nothing but filet-mignon hip-hop, but has now decided to provide the hungry hip-hop consumer with a big heaping plate of rancid tripe. This album is the hip-hop equivalent of the thick, bloody vomit-like muck that covers the floors of filth-ridden slaughter houses owned by shady republican businessmen and manned by inept illegals. Well, okay, it's not quite that bad-but there's no denying that this is not a good album-on any level.

The production on the album typically ranges somewhere between abysmal and crappy, and only occasionally skyrockets to the realm of decent. I mean, come on, when is Eminem going to give up the whole production thing? Eminem should be producing his own beats like Quentin Tarantino should be acting in his own movies. When Dr. Dre is willing to give you an entire album's-worth of beats, you don't tell him "naw man, it's cool-I'll take care of it." You thank your lucky stars that such a blessing has been bequeathed upon you and you take everything he throws your way. Actually, unfortunately, that's kinda what Eminem did, as this CD features some of Dre's most lackluster, uninspired production in quite some time. Dre produced "Just lose it". In case you skipped over the previous sentence, let me say that again: "DRE PRODUCED JUST LOSE IT'. This is a beat that should be produced by a Casio keyboard, not Dr. Dre. If modern science could come up with a way to bestow consciousness/self-awareness upon that beat, it would have killed itself-and rightfully so. The other Dre brain-children aren't nearly as down-syndromed as "Just Lose It"; but they're definitely not up to Dre standards (even though they are better than most of Em's beats).

Lyrically, Eminem is strong on a couple of tracks-"Like toy soldiers" and "mockingbird" are both worth listening to--as is the second verse on "Rain Man". But overall, he's either whiny, corny, contrived or some combination of the three. If he's not making unfunny jokes, or rambling dementedly about Kim he's whining about his mom or some other facet of his life that we're all sick of hearing about. Plus his rhyme-structuring isn't nearly as complex as on previous installments. Insane, effortless rhyme-structuring is what helped propel Eminem to the super star status he ultimately attained, but this album features nowhere near the same degree of rhyming-prowess exhibited on "The Eminem Show", "The Marshall Mathers LP" and "The Slim Shady LP". I should note that I'd be willing to sacrifice some of the rhyming complexity for an equivalent boost in content, but no such content boost is present on this CD

On this album, when he's rapping he's not great. But I welcome his emceeing any day of the week over the vocal atrocity he euphemistically refers to as singing. Every time Eminem starts belting out a verse, I find myself yearning for someone to reach into the deep recesses of my ears and rip out all the innards that allow me to process audible data. Eminem sings as well as Richard Simmons isn't gay. He's off key, he's got a terrible singing voice and worst of all, he sounds corny as hell. I mean, come on, what are you thinking dude? Remember the whole Everlast beef? Remember? Singing=bad, rapping=good; remember? There are certain things I'm no good at, and I've come to accept that fact. I wish Eminem would realize where his strengths lie (emceeing) and where his weaknesses are (everything else).

I still think Eminem is an immensely talented guy, and placed sporadically on this album there are glimpses of that greatness. I've heard a lot of talk pertaining to the notion that Eminem has "lost his gift". I don't think it's possible to truly lose a gift, but he's definitely not using that gift to it's full extent. Eminem has said this will not be his final album and I, like most Eminem fans, hope he can rekindle the flame that made his previous albums so impressive and maybe finally grace us with the classic album that I truly feel he has the capacity to create. All in all, this album suffers from bland production, uninteresting concepts, and weak/corny lyrics. There are a couple of decent beats, and a handful of tight verses, but the overall lack of talent exhibited on this album result in a product not worth buying and barely worth downloading (even if you've got DSL).