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Catch Without Arms
Catch Without Arms
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, Metal
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If you wonder too long about where to place a band like Dredg, you?ll miss where they?re going. The band slips between the cracks of whatever rock classifications you try to stuff them into. Likewise, the Bay Area is just...  more »


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All Artists: Dredg
Title: Catch Without Arms
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Total Copies: 2
Label: Interscope Records
Release Date: 6/21/2005
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, Metal
Styles: Indie & Lo-Fi, Alternative Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 602498821770


Album Description
If you wonder too long about where to place a band like Dredg, you?ll miss where they?re going. The band slips between the cracks of whatever rock classifications you try to stuff them into. Likewise, the Bay Area is just a mailing address; Dredg isn?t evocative of any particular place or scene. So what do we make of a band that makes music that?s heavy, pretty, experimental and tuneful ? sometimes all in the same song? You can be frustrated that Dredg rejects the idea that the goal of music is to be easily described a couple of buzz words. Or with attentive ears and an open mind, you can enjoy the hell out of ?Catch Without Arms.?

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CD Reviews

A new success for the band
Chris Wren | Chicago, Illinois | 06/24/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The winding path Dredg has taken throughout their three album career remains a rare one. While not achieving mainstream popularity, their name is still passed around like the password to a secret club. Strident in both agenda and ideals, this band from Los Gatos has achieved a manner of success from their peers through two classic albums (according to their loyal legion of fans) and overly impressive live shows. With the film-turned-soundtrack qualities of Lietmotif and the epic, Dali-influenced work of El Cielo, the artistic expectation of the next Dredg record was simply through the roof.

Then again, how can one surpass these defining moments of millenial art rock? Both great and fulfilling records, the development of Dredg's sound is truly one of people growing up and refining their sound and style. While youthful ambition is still present, the refining in songwriting and talent remains absolutely astounding throughout Catch Without Arms. The aggressive hard rock so embraced in the earlier records has been embellished with melodicism and extremely catchy songwriting. Singer Gavin Hayes' voice has achieved the sound and enthusiasm that were merely hinted at in the past two records, developing amazing melodies. The now perfect timing of Dino and Drew in the rhythm section is astounding, while guitarist Mark Engles has became almost a modern The Edge, using his guitar to coax a sublime texture into the song.

To write appealing songs doesn't mean you're kitsch or pop. This collection of twelve songs, unified sonically moreso than thematically, remain absolutely enjoyable. While considerably less esoteric than previous releases, the Dredg sound is considerably imbued into each track, astounding highs included. "Spitshine" could become a new anthem, "Bug Eyes" has a rock sound that takes over where El Cielo ended, and "Sang Real" leaves us in the desert of Leitmotif. With very few breaks (in comparison to the sound-bytes that pepper the first two records), the feel is remarkably streamline and unbelievably easy to love.

In the desolation of contemporary rock and roll, I still find this band to be one of the few torchbearers. Truly without peer and remarkably tralented, Dredg still remains one of the few bands that can inspire you both on the record and on the stage. It is unfair to compare this record to the last two; it is a step to a larger stage and to fill the void in rock that we all knew was missing but didn't know what to fill it with. Now that Catch Without Arms is here, I know I'll be satisfied. Until the next one."
A meteoric rise awaits them
J. Persh | West Bloomfield, MI United States | 07/03/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is probably the most highly anticipated record of the past 3 years for me. After stumbling upon "El Cielo" from reading the reviews on Amazon, I thought they were a pretty cool band...little did I realize over the past 3 years Dredg would become my favorite new band of the last 10 years or so.

In case you haven't heard Dredg, their sound has been called everything from Emo to Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Alternative and they probably are all of the above. Gavin's vocals are very distinct and on the higher end of the register and the lyrics are...well in a word, deep. Behind him is a band of talented young musicians that collectively form the nucleus of what is the most exciting thing happening in music today.

About 6 weeks ago "Bug Eyes" appeared as a pre-release single on Itunes. I downloaded it, it blew me away and I have not been the same since. Not only is it the record of the year, but its honestly as good as anything thats ever been released in its genre. The lyrics just astound me. Well, that's great and all but I feared the rest of the record would have a hard time living up to "Bug Eyes"...

After a few listens I thought this was a good record, but perhaps not great. Slowly, other great songs ("Jamais Vu", "Ode To The Sun" & "Spitshine") started to emerge and the record started to reveal all its intricacies, layers and nuances. Then I started to like how the band was willing to experiment and grow their sound -"Sang Real" & "Zebraskin" and it became evident what a great record this in fact is.

The production by Terry Date and the overall engineering deserve kudos as well, as this is a fantastic sounding record- The instruments and vocals were all recorded amazingly well.

Record Of The Year and the new standard in Emo/Prog/Hard/Alt Rock."
The Fanboy -vs.- The Purist
JB Webb | Huntington, WV | 06/24/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"From what I've seen here already, I see two camps forming. Those who are just loyal to the band, and those who claim the band have sold out. In my opinion, neither of these opinions really matter very much. We should look at this album without preconceptions.

Now, as far as the album goes, I love it. I think it is a great album. It's not the art-rock concept piece that "El Cielo" was, but I never expected it to be. It is also not very much like "leitmotif" (which is just an OK album, but important in tracking this band's beginnings). I hate that it is being called over-produced just because it is clear. I think Terry Date has done as fine a job here as he has done with his many other projects. The vocals are finally crisp and clear, the guitars have this beautiful, mellow quality, and the bass and drums are very punchy.

The musicians on this album have really outdone themselves on this album. I think that "El Cielo" is still the better album, because of all the new ground they tread on it. However, we can't expect them to breakthrough with every album they release. NO musician has ever been able to do this. I think that the melodies and harmonies laid down here vocally are very interesting. He might not be reinventing the wheel, but the vocals are more than adequate. Lyrics, also, are a high point for this album. They aren't like the "poems" of previous efforts, but seem more cohesive. You might call this mainstream, but I just call it songwriting. The guitars are good, but seem to add more of a texture than a driving force in the music. Guitar tone is good, but not great. This band is being led by a solid rhythm section, and the bass is pretty original compared to what is popular in music right now. The drums are also very good.

The songs are:

Ode to the Sun 9/10: A little simplistic, but a nice opener.

Bug Eyes 9.5/10: I've loved this song since it was released, but it seems out of place. Seems to be one of the first songs written after "El Cielo", as it has a similar quality.

Catch Without Arms 9/10: I love the guitar riff, but the chorus is a little weak in my opinion. This song is about the state of current popular music.

Not that Simple 10/10: Great, simple song. There is nothing that jumps out at me here, but I still have this track set on repeat.

Zebraskin 10/10: I love how the synth leads this track. Gavin's voice is a standout on this track. Lyrics are good, but not the best he has written.

The Tanbark is Hot Lava 8.5/10: Reminds me a lot of The Cure (don't shoot me). Has a very punk rock quality to it, while still remaing Dredg.

Sang Real 10/10: OMG!!! This song is by far THE BEST song on the album. Everything about it is great. Worth the price of admission. I had no idea music could be this good.

Planting Seeds 9.5/10: Very haunting. Of special note, is the bass when it comes in. The song has a very ethereal quality to it. It makes me think of a beach before a storm comes. When music does that, you know you are on to something special.

Spitshine 8/10: Oddly enough, the beginning reminds me a lot of Team Sleep's new album. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not too far removed from Death Cab for Cutie's "New Year" either. Still, it is unmistakably Dredg.

Jamais Vu 10/10: Very, very good song. The guitar is nice at the beginning. Vocals flow a lot, and the drums add a nice backbeat. I have no clue what he is talking about, but I don't care. This is probably my third favorite song on the album.

Hung over on a Tuesday 7.5/10: Decent, but nothing special about this song in my opinion. Good lyrics, but music is very strange. Might just be a filler song. However, a decently good filler song.

Mastroshka (The Ornament)10/10: The beginning guitar sounds like it could have been played by U2. The vocal line at the beginning has (dare I say) a Beatles feel to the melody. When he goes higher, I go back to thinking about Robert Smith of The Cure. Great way to end the album.

So, if you are still reading, this album in my opinion is definitely worth the price. I don't consider myself a fanboy, and I definitely am not a purist. Just a music afficionado who happens to enjoy this album. Overall: 9.25