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Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B
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America?s favorite boy band - Brian, Will, Q, Mike, and Robert are back for another season of music, drama, and Diddy on MTV?s hit reality series, "Making The Band 4". The new group, hand-picked by Diddy and collectively k...  more »


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All Artists: Day 26
Title: Day26
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Label: Bad Boy
Original Release Date: 1/1/2008
Re-Release Date: 3/25/2008
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B
Styles: Pop Rap, Contemporary R&B, Soul
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
Other Editions: Day26 Target Exclusive
UPCs: 075678994906, 0075679993311, 075679993311

America?s favorite boy band - Brian, Will, Q, Mike, and Robert are back for another season of music, drama, and Diddy on MTV?s hit reality series, "Making The Band 4". The new group, hand-picked by Diddy and collectively known as DAY26, is reunited with surprise solo winner, Donnie, to begin their journey into the music industry. But there?s a new twist?This time around platinum recording artists and winners of Making The Band 3, Danity Kane, join the guys in the same house to begin working on their respective albums. This season features a competition to see which group will finish their album first plus all the drama that Making The Band fans have come to expect: Diddy?s infamous challenges, bitter feuds, and more!

More than anything else, this season focuses on the musical development of DAY26. Their journey kicks off with the fresh new single, "Got Me Going," produced by studio heavyhitter, Mario Winans. In addition to the aforementioned track, the collection features production from The Runners (T.I., Chris Brown, Rick Ross), Jim Bean, Grammy Award-winner Adonis (Diddy, Usher, Danity Kane), and multiple Grammy Award-winner Bryan Michael Cox (Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey), featured on Making The Band helming the quintet?s debut single, "Exclusive (No Excuses)."

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Member CD Reviews

Stacey M. from ROCHESTER, NY
Reviewed on 3/7/2010...
It's a decent cd. It reminds me of New Edition. There's nothing original but the songs are fun.

CD Reviews

Visuals Help Album
Shamontiel L. Vaughn | Chicago | 03/25/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Diddy knew exactly what he was doing when he picked this crew. Q and Willie are the guys who would make a woman do a double take when they walk by; Mike's eyes could make a woman forget her words; Donnie is just friggin' ridiculously gorgeous (never mind that he's not part of Day 26, he's close enough!); Brian A. has that passion and raw energy that R&B artists of the past have; and I can ALWAYS tell when Robert comes in because of his powerful voice. Notice that I mentioned the last two member's voices over looks. That's not because they're not nice on the eyes, but I find it ironic that Diddy said they were the weakest links, but their voices stand out to me. I like all five members' voices, specifically Mike's, but those are the two that stick out on every track.

Silly Love: The chorus of this song is so annoying with that nah nah nee nah nah nah, but it's okay.

Come With Me: I love the way they performed this song on the show, so this was a favorite track for me. I guess it could be the new jump-off track, but I don't like the choppy part that Q does on the song. It messes up the vibe. I really like Robert's and Brian's parts on this song.

Co Star: It's a smooth, romantic jam. Pretty good. I like Q's part on this song. He has such a wonderful voice, but I think sometimes he gets drowned out.

Come In (My Doors Open): The harmonizing at the beginning is tight. It could be a female thing, but the begging makes me like this song. This is the usual track when a guy tries to talk a woman out of an empty relationship, and it works!

Are We In This Together: It's easy to like a song that you have a visual to. Every time I hear this song, I remember Brian singing in the studio with his arms out looking like he was REALLY feeling the track. On top of that, the beat automatically makes me want to dance. Beat wise, this B. Cox track is the best track. Every time I hear it, I like it more.

What It Feels Like: I like the melody on this song. Every single member was at a ten on this one, and I love when male singers go into that high register. This is my favorite track. It's a feel-good song; the type of song you could listen to at the lakefront (Chicago, for those that don't know), cruising down the street, with that special someone, or just hanging out around the house.

Since You've Been Gone: The first time I heard this song was when Q was walking down the street looking fresh out of a soap opera with his emotions on his sleeve. As soon as I heard the track, I went "Who sings this? I want it!" Even better, the guys performed this song on the finale episode, and I loved it although Robert's James Brown routine was a little melodramatic. This is my second favorite track on the whole album.

If It Wasn't For You: I had to listen to this song a few times before I could really get into it. This isn't on here for the beat; it's solely on here for lyrics. I respect this song because it's basically thanking whomever was a positive role model in someone's life, kept them off the streets, and out of trouble instead of glorifying folks with the crabs in a barrel mentality. It has a church-like feel that makes you want to clap your hands while you think about someone who helped you as you grew up.

Don't Fight the Feeling: Why is there a speech necessary about ballads at the beginning of this track? Just let Day 26 sing the song please. This song was another one that didn't really stand out to me. It's not a bad song; it's just an okay song for me.

Bonus Track (Song with Danity Kane): I did not buy Danity Kane's last album, but I loved "Show Stopper." I'm hoping their album is better than this song. It sounds like a Cherie Dennis rip-off to me, and Cherie could've sang it better during the ladies' part. I'm not feeling it. The guys sound like they're whining (not in the fun way of "Come In"), and it's a little irritating. I didn't like it in the opening of the show, and I'm not into it now.

Bonus Track (Song with Danity Kane): I do NOT like this song, but talk about catchy. I sing it almost word for word every time it comes on. I usually never get into show opening songs, but this song started rubbing off on me when the two groups went against each other and performed it live. I always imagine Brian H. dancing (he was so underrated; too much attitude, but he was an EXCELLENT singer--I miss him although I like the selected members) during this song. I watched him through that entire performance.

Overall: Diddy was right. I didn't expect to like this album as much as I do. I thought it was going to be a Jodeci/H-Town/Boyz II Men knock off, but they came with their own sound."
An Almost Flawless Album!
Brok Bunnell | Indianapolis, IN | 03/25/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Diddy, Diddy, Diddy! This man is known to do some crazy things, and get what he wants, but let me tell you something. That man sure does know how to create a group, and what good music is. After Danity Kane, I didn't think he could make a group come up to parr with them, but he did, and they are awesome! Now time for a track for track review of the album.

1) I'm The Reason-What an excellent way to start off the album! The production is amazing, and the song is extremely catchy. It is definately one of my favorite songs on the album. Everyone's voice is just flows well and this song. I like it alot 10/10.

2) Got Me Going-This is the first single off of the album, and I think it was a great choice! Everyone sounds amazing on the song, and it's not overproduced like alot of tracks nowadays. It is just really simple and catchy. 10/10

3) In My Bed-In my is a great song! It isn't the best on the album, and took me some time to get used to, but it eventually grew on me. It isn't one of my favorite songs on the album, but it is a great one nevertheless. 8/10

4) Silly Love-This is my second favorite song on the album. This song would make an excellent single! It has wonderful vocals, it's just calm and collected and has amazing production. I think this song will win alot of people over. 10/10

5) Come With Me-This song is good as well, but I would say that Robert oversang his part a bit much. This song really didn't need to involve much in the "vocal" department, and it seem that he tried a bit too hard. But overall it's a pretty god song 9/10.

6) Co Star- When I first heard this song on the show, I fell in love with it! It was very well produced, and really catchy and smooth. It does a great job showing off everyones vocals! I could most definately appreciate this song! I like it alot! 10/10

7) Come In-Wow!!!! By far the third best song on the album! This track is slick. Its so melodic and catchy and this is a track where you could seriously keep on repeat and just relax to. Excellent song! 10/10

8) Are we in this together-This song has an excellent meaning and a good premises for a song. I can really see this being a fan favorite. The vocals and production are very good! And I could see this song definately being a single choice. 10/10

9) What It Feels Like-This is my favorite song on the album! This song is just wow!!! It's so melodic and sensual, and just an overall sexy song to tell you the truth. There is seriously no other way to describe this song. It is just amazing! Definately listen to this song when you guys get the album, I think you will have the same thoughts as me. 10/10

10) Since you been gone-This song is said to be there second single. While I do like the song, I do not agree with the choice that this should be a single. It doesn't really showcase nothing new for the boys and it really wouldn't make a major stand in the R&B Industry. I do like the song though, and if it is the second single, I hope it does well. 9/10

11) If It wasn't for you-Another catchy jam! The production on this song is one of the best one the album! Everyone did a phenominal job singing it! It seems like everyones voice is most definately on point! Excellent song. 10/10

12) Don't Fight The Feeling-Willie and Rob sound really good in this song! It's not the best on the album as far as catchiness is concerned, but the vocals are amazing! And the production is just okay. I am pretty sure the song will grow on me a bit more as time goes on. 8/10

13) Ain't Goin'-This song appeared on Danity Kanes album, and I will say the same abut this song as I said on Dk's review. The song is average at best. There is nothing special about this song at all. It's not bad by any means, but it really isn't an attention grabber. I am pretty sure I will like it over time, but overall it's just an okay song to me. 7/10

14) Exclusive-Everyone who watched making the band, knows what this song is. The song is really good! But it is getting extremely old. Everytime the guys would sing on the show, they would sing this song. I am a bit sick on the song, but I cannot base my rating on that. Since it is a good catchy song, and I love the vocals and production I think it deserves a fairly good rate. 9/10.

130/140=92% Which is an A Rating. Day26 Has an awesome debut album on there hands! I thinnk when people listen to this, they will realize that all of these guys have potential! This album is definately an amazing one and everyone should have it in their collection!"