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Darkness Descends
Dark Angel
Darkness Descends
Genre: Metal
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Special 180-gram, gate-fold, double album pressing on purple vinyl.


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All Artists: Dark Angel
Title: Darkness Descends
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Release Date: 10/13/2009
Album Type: Import
Genre: Metal
Style: Thrash & Speed Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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Album Description
Special 180-gram, gate-fold, double album pressing on purple vinyl.

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CD Reviews

The best thrash metal album of all time?
Doc Shred | 09/22/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"There are plenty of reviews here stating how great Darkness Decends by Dark Angel is; They are accurate. This is a thrash metal masterpiece. Fast, furious, intelligent, brilliant musicianship... there is nothing bad that can be said. Every second of every track is simply amazing. This might be the best thrash metal album of all time, the only competition is Slayer's Reign In Blood. Darkness Decends is a MUST HAVE for any metalhead. If you like stuff along the lines of early Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Mercyful Fate, or any heavy-fast stuff get this CD right away."
R. Holden | Waco, TX | 10/26/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It's not often you come across a musical masterpiece quite like Dark Angel's Darkness Descends. The album is nothing but a eloquent, incredibly satisfying sonic orgasm. While it is often cliché for a mindless metal junkie to write five star reviews for all albums with a decidedly heavy and fast tone, in this particular case it is quite justified. It is without a doubt my favorite album of all time - and let me tell you why.

The album begins with a simple, eerie fade-in; a guitar slams out four simple notes; Gene Hoglan commences with a drum-blast of epic proportions; and so the tone for the rest of the album is set - a breakneck, remarkably fast performance with only one noticeable break in the action. One interesting thing about this album is its audible bass. Sadly, the bass is often lost in metal music. This album shows what happens when you let the bass loose. You may notice it as a rumbling, churning note amid the sea of guitars and drumming.

Darkness Descends (9/10) - Unlike most title tracks, this isn't the best song on the album. This track features Don Doty with epic piercing screams, and awe-inspiring lyrics from the God of Drumming, Gene Hoglan. Forgive me, but anyone who uses the phrase "Charnal house exsanguined" is a linguistic genius.

Burning of Sodom (8/10) - The fastest song on the album (an astounding 280 bpm), it again features Don Doty's unique wail. It also features a breathtaking breakdown towards the end, quite the match of Slayer's famous breakdown in Angel of Death.

Hunger of the Undead (7/10) - The inevitable weak link on the album, it tells the tale of a dead spirit unable to find rest or peace because an afterlife does not exist. Chilling; but musically it's not the match of the rest of the album. Which is to say, it would be the crown-jewel of most normal bands; Dark Angel, however, reaches higher.

Merciless Death (10/10) - If I were a normal reviewer, this song would be rated even higher than ten. I cannot impress upon you the sheer incredulity this song can produce in a metalhead. After the second chorus, if a metalhead isn't breaking out his devil horns and banging his head without a care in the world, then he's not a metalhead. This song embodies everything it means to be metal. While the entire album is one drumgasm after the next, Gene Hoglan puts in a divine performance on this particular song. Its only failing is its somewhat immature lyrics. I..I can't help it.. WE'LL GIVE YOU MERCILESS!!! *headbang*

Death is Certain...Life is Not (9/10) - Another genius piece of lyrics from the one-and-only Gene Hoglan, this comments on aspects of euthanasia. Everything falls into place here, producing a near-perfect metal song. Not much to say here - get a lyric sheet, sit down and listen to Don Doty spin you the tale of assisted suicide. Even if the music weren't good, the commentary is interesting.

Black Prophecies (9/10) - With its only failing being its length and lack of variation, Black Prophecies is a tremendous song detailing Nostradamus' prophecies. The slowest here, it is by far the longest at eight-and-a-half minutes. One thing to watch out for is an incredible riff-change around 5:45 just before the twisting guitar solo. Another is the constantly humming bass. This was the song that really got me into the movement known as "Thrash Metal"; looking back at my collection Kreator, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Evile, Anthrax and assorted other bands, you could say I have a lot to thank this song for. It'll always hold a special place in my heart.

Perish in Flames (8/10) - This one was hard to place. It was somewhere between "Hunger" and "Sodom", to me. Oh well - this is a good song, average Dark Angel fare, fast tempo, great drumwork and neat guitar solo. Probably would've preferred a different closer to the album - say, swap this and Darkness Descend's places - but oh well.

In closing, this is the epitome of thrash, easily the equal of such classics as Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets and Pleasure to Kill. If you like thrash metal, buy this. If you prefer questionably-innovative metal bands like Killswitch Engage, you probably won't like this. If you prefer pop and country music, don't bother."
Wow. Thieves.
Danny | South Philly | 06/13/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I got this a couple months ago and I think it sounds great. Arguably Dark Angel's best album, it's been remastered, so it sounds a little crisper, but still maintains the raw, dark vibe of the original pressing. Also contains a few live tunes as bonus tracks. The packaging is gorgeous. This is a five-star release. I recommend this along with the other 2008 remasters.

However, as of this review, the album is unavailable from Amazon and the only way to get a new copy is from outside sellers. The cheapest one is going for (get this) A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. That's absurd! I paid fifteen bucks for this only a while ago and now it's fetching for a ridiculous amount. Don't get suckered in, folks. Search the net. You could probably find a brand-spankin' new copy of this for less than twenty dollars elsewhere."