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Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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All Artists: Crossfade
Title: Crossfade
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Total Copies: 3
Label: Sony
Release Date: 4/13/2004
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: American Alternative
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 696998714823

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CD Reviews

Great Band - Flawed Release
TOL | Long Island, NY | 12/27/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is a great band. Although I live in their home town of Columbia and I did hear about them back in their Sugardaddy Superstar days, I only actually heard about this CD through Taxi - which is the independant A&R company that got them signed. And I have to say, they deserve every bit of the success that will surely come their way. They are absolutely terrific songwriters with catchy hooks, great musicianship, and smooth dead-on vocals that really come through on this CD. I have read the other reviews that say this band lacks originality and, I have to say that I don't totally disagree on Tracks 5-10. But it doesn't really bother me because it seems to me that the band is still trying to find themselves, and they certainly have a lot of talent to work with. So let them be a little unoriginal at first, as long as they progress as they grow. That said, tracks 1-4 really define this band. These are, by far, the strongest tracks on the CD featuring an original songwriting style that, if drawn upon for future albums, should give them the long musical careers that they deserve. On tracks 5-10, there are obvious influences from other bands - most notably, in my opinion, P.O.D. and Linkin Park. Again, I think this is OK for their first release because the songs are just that good. My complaint is that they don't pull off the styles as well as the original bands that defined them. For example, on a few tracks, they try to mix a bit of rap rock into the choruses - a task better left to Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit. This vocalist just doesn't have the right style for it. But, all of that aside, the talent and songwriting ability of this band shines through any "start-up" problems that they may have. And if they continue to draw upon the totally original and self-defining style that they establish on tracks 1-4, their future looks very bright indeed. So, overall, for the songs, I would give it 5 stars.

So why the 4 star rating? Well, it has everything to do with the production. The CD was recorded in their basement studio and the record label picked it up, re-engineered it, and released it. And although they obviously did a good job on the original basement recording, and the mixing engineers up in Canada did an even better job on the re-engineering, I think this band deserves better. The album features some VERY powerful songs. And powerful songs deserve a powerful recording. Because it was recorded in a home studio, the drums sound flat and the mix sounds a bit lacking. Don't get me wrong, everyone did a great job and the recording is immensely listenable. But I just think that the record company could have sprung for the few extra bucks and put these guys into a real studio. With songs like these, it would pay them back twenty-fold. I know the recording industry isn't in the best shape right now, but they should still be willing to invest in their talent. And I think they did these guys an injustice by not giving them the best recording they could possibly deliver.

My second problem has to do with the length of the CD. With 10 songs at just over 3 minutes a piece, the entire album clocks in at just over 34 minutes. That's fine for a demo CD, but not for a major label release. With the rise of music downloads, consumers expect to pay NO MORE than $0.99 per song. At a list price of $12.98, this album just doesn't add up financially - especially given the fact that the recording was done in a basement. Again, this is not the band's fault. It's just that consumers deserve better and, by not delivering it to us, the label is putting the band at a disadvantage.

So, overall, this is a great band with a great album that should have been longer and better produced. But the future looks bright as long as the record label gives them the proper support that they deserve. Let's hope for more next time..."
Hey, it was good...
Nolan Lewis | Milwaukee, WI | 09/04/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Well Crossfade may just be another modern rock Alt Metal band but that doesn't make them bad. Sure, they don't really add anything new to the music out now but that shouldn't take away from the music itself. All I know is from what I heard they have some really good tracks. I first heard the track "Cold" on the radio and it was just one of those songs that I love instantly. I just had to go out and get the album. After getting the album It turned out to be pretty good. I pretty much enjoyed everything on here. Although, my favorite tracks would have to be "Cold", "Starless", "Colors", and "Dead Skin". Here's the track ratings...

1. Starless - 9.5/10
2. Cold - 10/10
3. So Far Away - 9.5/10
4. Colors - 10/10
5. Death Trend Setta - 10/10
6. The Deep End - 9/10
7. No Giving Up - 9.5/10
8. Dead Skin - 10/10
9. Disco - 7/10
10. The Unknown - 9/10

Overall: 93% A-

Sure, it's not really anything new but It is good and a nice listen. I enjoyed this album very much and am very curious to see what Crossfade has done with their new album that was just released. Anyway, anyone who's into this style of music will probably end up finding a bunch of other good tracks for their music collection."
A Solid Band,....... But Nothing Special !!!!!!
Rogue Fox | the middle of nowhere,.....USA | 09/12/2005
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Look, I'm a guy that loves rock music and has a wide taste whether it's from Death Metal, Old School Metal, Metalcore, nu metal, heavy/hard rock, punk rock, classic rock, and alternative rock. I bought this CD after listening to their hit single "Cold" on the radio along with their other hit "Colors". I ended up liking the album, it was a disapointment, but still good.

Yes they have some good songs, but really they aren't much different from "Breaking Benjamin", "Seether", "Shinedown", and "Three Days Grace". Crossfade doesn't really have it's own unique style to their music, sounding like a clone of 10 other alternative bands. A problem most modern alternative bands share. I think "Crossfade" is over rated because of one song, "Cold".

They have some potential,... but they really have to work harder on making the whole album enjoyable. After 5-6 days I just set this album aside and listened to some Metallica and heavier rock. Look, this Cd isn't one that will be remembered, but if you are a alternative fan you will love this. Great band, bright future, win win senario!!!

The same old, same old an exact clone of "Breaking Benjamin". Virtually unknown, come out with hit single, and basically change their music to imintate other aternative bands. The way I see it me being a metal fan is, the band doesnt't play the instruments as well as they could either, some good guitar chords, no solos though. Crossfade does post off some good beats and for a rookie band not to bad, great actually. Nothing innovative like Staind's "Dsyfunction" the dark side of alternative, or "American Idiot", which was a great alternative/punk release.

Really these guys or Nirvana or Pearl Jam, not by a long shot. "Crossfade" is an average band, and you will have to wait for a second album to tell, the future of a band. If they work a little harder on the bands chemistry and songwriting and take one song at a time, and not become money hungry sell outs, like a lot of bands. This album has some good songs, but the rest is plainly bland and repetive. These guys have the potential of being the next big alternative band out their. Good album,.... not great though!!!


When I started listening to the Cd I was quite impressed with how the opened with "Starless"(Personal Favorite), (4.5) an awesome song, followed by "Cold" ( Love it!!!)(5) which is the gem of the cd. Then they come in with "So Far Away" which was more of a lighter rock song, which was nice, over rated, not my favorite(3)!!! Then you move on to their second single colors same beat as "Starless" and a some from "Cold" as well, great song(4.5)!!!

After the first 4 songs the album starts to switch between very good to medicore, and to very bad!!! Songs 5-10 is a roller coaster ride. "Death Trend Setta", this song Crossfade tries to make this song heavier with the scream and grunts, but its too repetive and not written that good, amusing once or twice than gets annoying, also what is with the rapping, whihc completly destroys the song.... only rap if you are good at it(2). Then we have "The Deep End" This song is pretty good and at first wasn't that impressive, than it really grew on me, sounds like Papa Roach style guitar playing well done( personal favorite).... (4.5)!!! "No Giving Up" At first I really liked the song but the song is so freaken repetive and gets unbearable after long periods. (2)"Dead Skin" the chours is pretty good but the rest of song is a little weaker, but pretty nice song (3)
""Disco" Great guitar playing and is pretty nice catchy, but is some what repetive, but is the heaviest song on the album Nice! (4). "The Unknown" is more of an ascoustic guitar based song, which was horrible in my opinion,....(1)!!!

The Cd is very good, but some songs were weaker and didn't belong in the album. Some filler tracks, and most of their songs get repetive after awhile. They have to try to add more flavor to the lyrics, instead of playing it safe. The rapping isn't a good idea for Crossfade, just listen to Death Trend Setta and you'll see what I mean.

Overall, I enjoy listening to some lighter rock and taking a break from metal for awhile. NO this is no Nirvana, Pearl Jam, or Soundgarden, but these guys kill posuers like Nickleback and Puddle of Mud, not bad. Not the best band, but a band that we will be hearing from in the future!!! I will give this a 3.3 (exact average based on song ratings)out of 5 stars!!! If Crossfade would just add their own style and go for higher standards for their next album.

Just consider you have great bands like "Reach 454" and "Seven Wiser" who are both better bands, but because of 1 hit single "Crossfade" gets all the atention. There are a lot of better alternative bands, that have great music using their own unique style. Breaking Benjamin" and "Crossfade" are two of the most over rated bands since "Nickleback" and "Puddle of Mud"!!! Don't get me wrong "Crossfade" is a great band but highly over rated plainly.