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Circa Survive
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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All Artists: Circa Survive
Title: Juturna
Members Wishing: 0
Total Copies: 2
Label: Equal Vision Records
Release Date: 4/19/2005
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: Hardcore & Punk
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 794558110327

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CD Reviews

No Surprise Considering Where This Band Came From
LeftManOut | TheCityThatNeverSleeps, FL | 12/10/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Take away the fact that anyone in Circa Survive was ever in a previous band. "Juturna", Circa Survive's debut for Equal Vision Records, would still be amazing. Now add the fact that the members that comprise this band came from such stellar acts as This Day Forward, Saosin, and Taken, and it's no real surprise how good this album is. That's an impressive resume that few bands can top. While Circa Survive may not have a hint of the sound of any of the previously mentioned bands, it's safe to say that if you were a fan of any of the bands, particularly Saosin, you're going to find a lot about this album to like. The music is stellar, and Anthony's voice really helps to give this band a great vocal presence that is often overlooked in many musical acts today. This really turned out to be one of the best records of 2005, and one of my personal favorites.

Like mentioned, Circa Survive really doesn't sound like anything the members of this band have previously played in, and that's a good thing. While the previous bands were all emo/hardcore/post-hardcore kind of stuff, Circa Survive is a very ambient, spacy rock band. I don't necessarily agree with the comparisons to The Mars Volta (TMV is much more atmospheric and multidirectional), but comparing them to say someone like Saosin or This Day Forward would be wrong. If you need an introduction to the band or its sound, then you should look no further than the album's stellar opening track "Holding Someone's Hair Back". The guitars weave in and out of eachother creating beautiful patterns and harmonies, coupled with the excellent backing of the drums and bass, and finally topped off with Anthony's trademark vocals which gives the band a very unique sound. Anthony really takes this band to its highest limits in tracks like "Act Appalled" and "We're All Thieves", where his vocals seemingly make or break the song. His voice is uniquely different from anything he's recorded in the past, and that really helps to define Circa Survive as their own band. His lyrics are another excellent aspect of the band, and they are as good, if not better, than anything he has ever written. Check "Handshakes At Sunrise" and "The Great Golden Baby" for examples. The guitars are a very intrical part of "Juturna". Colin and Brendan (who both came from This Day Forward) were more previously known for their chugging, heavy riffs in their previous band, but here show they are capable of using atmospheric and intricate groove-oriented guitar parts to get their points across. There's so many tiny effects, fills and harmonies that add to the sound, and you can really only appreciate how well these guys play together by listening to "Juturna" through headphones. The rhythm section of the band is also equally as talented, as their bass player was from the wonderful band Taken. The drums and bass don't try to show off too much, but instead work with the guitars to create the fullest soundscape that the band is capable of. This record is so uniquely different from anything that is out right now, and especially different from anything the members were previously involved in. If you are open to a different kind of music, and especially bands more like the Mars Volta (although I hate the comparison), then Circa Survive will be a much welcomed surprise in the heap of the emo and hardcore filler that is so dominating in music right now. Highlights are "Holding Someone's Hair Back", "Stop The Car" and "We're All Thieves".

I really didn't know what to expect when I first listened to Circa Survive. All I knew was that I liked all the bands the members were previously in, and I hoped I would like this. And if you are open to different kinds of music, Circa Survive is going to be a real treat for you to listen to. While the influence from the previous bands may be there, the sound is one unique only to Circa Survive, and that makes them special. If you give this record a listen I almost guarantee you're going to find something that is not only very special, but one of the best and most original pieces of music you've heard in quite some time. Circa Survive really is a band that shows they mean business, and "Juturna" is classic that establishes them as a premium player in the music world."
45 Minutes Is All It Took...
Kevin | California | 03/12/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I'm in awe.

I'm writing this review right as I finish out the last seconds of 'Juturna', and the only dissapointing thing that comes to mind is the fact that it took me so long to discover this truly captivating piece of work.

I've always heard words of hype around these guys ever since Anthony Green walked away from Saosin and decided to join up with the remains of TDF -- and wow, that decision was clearly made for the better. In all honestly, as respected as Saosin has become in the underground scene, I don't see much of a lasting future for them -- regardless of if their highly-anticipated debut catapults their career, every band has their 15 minutes -- but Circa Survive has the epic cinematic, atmospheric, dark, intelligent appeal (comparable to the likes of A Perfect Circle), that should guarantee lasting power.

The one and only minor downfall to Juturna is that it becomes repetitive towards the middle tracks. The instrumental arrangements/progressions become so indistinctly meshed that you get a sense of "hey didnt i just listen to this song..."-- With so much talent flowing between these five guys I expected a little more diversity.

Nonetheless, because I know some people have and will label this album in the over-generalized genre of 'emo', doing so would be a massive insult to the band and its unique creative force. This is purely ambient, experimental rock at its finest. It's music like this that gives hope to the rest of the industry to break all of the cliches and set higher standards in what's considered good taste.

I highly recommend this album to anyone that's in need of something refreshing. Hopefully Circa Survive will use this album as a launching pad for things to come. It's easily one of the strongest debuts I've heard in years.

Personal Highlights:
- We're All Theives
- Oh. Hello
- In Fear And Faith"
Every song is a beautiful intigrated masterpiece.
N. Forte | Dallas, TX | 07/22/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"First off I'll be up front. I haven't even heard of the earlier projects of any of the members of Circa Survive. But I'm as qualified as any to review their album since I've been fans of almost any genre of music (excluding most country) and I've played more then six instuments since I was in fourth grade (I'm twenty one now). Don't take me wrong, I'm not gloating. When I listen to Circa Survive I listen to every musician both individually and simultaneously, and try to be as analytical as my limits allow me. Juturna is one amazing album from start to finish. Forget all the people who will shun this band because the "singer sounds like a girl." Anthony Green has an amazing voice, there is no doubt about it. Half the people who will criticize him couldn't hit half of the notes he does, nor could most of the bands they listen to. It is so gratifying to here such a talented singer in a band, without the band being so popular they only show up to your city's arena. Fortunately, the singer is backed up by a musical equivalent...members of This Day Forward, Saosin, etc. (mentioned by plenty of preceding reviews). The intricate weaving of the guitarists (including bass) is accentuated with a slew of effects. At first listen the bass might trick the listener into thinking the music is pretty simple. Listening closer to the guitarists riffs is as rewarding as it is entertaining. A lot of the lyrical content seems to refer to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, especially the obvious "Meet me in Montauk" acoustic-closer. Songs like "Holding Someone's Hair Back", "Act Appalled", "Glorious Nosebleed", "Always Getting What You Want" (the best song on the album, in my opinion), "Wish Resign", and any of the other songs will remind you why exactly you took my word to buy this album. There is even a secret song after the last song that is as classic as the rest of the album. So stop losing I.Q. points by reading my writing and go buy this excellent outing."