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Bach for Book Lovers: A Soothing Companion for Reading
Johann Sebastian Bach, James Judd, Edo de Waart
Bach for Book Lovers: A Soothing Companion for Reading
Genre: Classical


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- Kasia S. | New York City | 09/30/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I think Bach was the musical equivalent of the big romance, his music tugs at the heart with waves that squeeze the listener to the core, after all the man brought Baroque into fashion. This is prefect on my iPod, I love to put this on and sit back while I take the bus, watch people go by, trees and clouds pass in a blur, feeling as if I was in a movie with the soundtrack to my life playing, especially when listening to the first track - Prelude and Fugue, for keyboard No. 1 in C major, I only wish it was longer since it's simply glorious!

My first memories of Bach aren't the fondest, I hated piano practice and it seemed that my teacher had in infinite supply of Bach minuets and bourrees that my fingers twisted ungracefully never hiding the lack of practice. I can play them now but listening to sweet Bach while reading is even better. The music is a mix of serene and articulate, for those who don't appreciate staccato (abrupt and short finger work) it will probably feel this as more unusual for reading but it's blended nicely with other instruments. There is some really beautiful oboe in here, hard instrument to learn gracefully without sounding like a duckling and charming harpsichord, blending together into ethereal sounds of coziness. And there is finally some flute in here, my main instrument that I must confess is not the coziest of sounds but here it shines beautifully, and I smirk sometimes remembering that I had to learn those pieces, now I just get to enjoy them; for once I'm the audience.

Perhaps best known to most for his accomplishment of the Kyrie and Gloria of the Mass in B Minor and the Brandenburg Concerto, Bach's smaller works are not to be missed and he has composed over a thousand of them, so plenty to go around for us bookworms. This is another nice album to have around for any kind of activity.

- Kasia S.
Good for what it is...not sure how JS would feel about it...
K. Swanson | Austin, TX United States | 04/03/2008
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I'm guessing Bach would prefer that we hear his works in context, with all the glories that his pacing and structure reveal. Nonetheless, this is a very nicely assembled collection of quieter pieces that are indeed conducive to reading. Free of the crescendoes that might distract from the book at hand (not that Bach was Mahler), this is perfect background music for reading or eating or just staring out the window at clouds drifting by.

Rather prosaic to take perhaps history's greatest composer and cut him up into soundbites, but that said, I read for five hours last night with this on repeat and it was a fine experience. I wouldn't have bought this, but as a gift it was quite welcome.

There are of course hundreds of complete classical pieces that serve the same purpose beautifully (Satie, Handel and Debussy come immediately to mind), but this does its job well and leaves the mind soothed and relaxed by music of the highest order, and that can't be a bad thing."
Bach for Book Lovers
Jan B. Hicks | 01/23/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The receiver does a lot of studing/reading and
considers this c.d. excellent.

Thank You"