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On the Way
Abra Moore
On the Way
Genres: Alternative Rock, Folk, Pop, Rock
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On The Way finds Abra Moore completely at ease in her own skin and voice. It's a ferociously quiet album that unfolds gently but packs an emotional wallop with its unwavering honesty. It's an album full of subtle moods....  more »


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All Artists: Abra Moore
Title: On the Way
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Label: Sarathan Records
Original Release Date: 1/1/2007
Re-Release Date: 6/12/2007
Genres: Alternative Rock, Folk, Pop, Rock
Style: Adult Alternative
Number of Discs: 1
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Album Description
On The Way finds Abra Moore completely at ease in her own skin and voice. It's a ferociously quiet album that unfolds gently but packs an emotional wallop with its unwavering honesty. It's an album full of subtle moods. There's always been an atmospheric quality to Moore's writing - maybe that's why Hollywood keeps seeking out her music. Moore's songs have appeared in more than 25 films and television shows including Cruel Intentions, Sliding Doors (with Gwenyth Paltrow), Happy Texas, Party of Five, Dawson's Creek, Felicity and Melrose Place. Her song "Big Sky" was used in the super-hot video game The Sims with one little twist--she had to rerecord all the vocals in Simlish, the language used in the game. In many ways, On The Way captures the cinematic magic of a great film. From the opening seduction of "Into The Sunset" to the closing reprise of the title track, it transports the listener to a different space. It's a roll-the-windows-down-and-drive kind of record. "Making this record I found the sweet balance," says Moore. "My life is good and happy. These songs are little snapshots of where I'm at. I tried to capture and present these experiences as honestly as I could. If you just stay honest and true, you'll connect with the listeners. You become part of their lives. That's a privilege you can't take for granted." Reveling in the sheer joy of making music, living in the moment and enjoying the process is an integral part of Moore's journey. That's why On The Way is so aptly titled. It's all about the journey--life unfolding in all its mystery, agony and majesty. True art holds a mirror up and reflects back the hard truths, as well as the ones that enlighten. On The Way is a masterpiece of mood and honesty from one of the preeminent artists working in popular music.

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CD Reviews

The Light That Makes Her Sing
J. Berkman | San Diego | 06/22/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Since creation of her last album EVERYTHING CHANGED, everything has changed for Abra. She got married (sorry guys) and has often sung jazz standards at upper end jazz clubs in her Austin, Texas hometown. The latter should not surprise anyone who has followed her direction since jazz is her musical first love. As with Linda Ronstadt, I am impressed with their versatilityseamlessly flowing from jazz to pop and rock. The question now is: will Abras fans like this new direction on several of her new songs? The first time a trumpet was used on her albums was the delightful pop/jazz fusion NO FEAR (NO FEAR, EVERYTHING CHANGED) "Stay awhile won't you? Stay here in front of me. Take your chances on what could be. Feel no fear."

Mitch Watkins, her long time producer, lead guitarist, and keyboardist is thankfully back doing all of the aforementioned. Backup is handled by more than adequate Will Sexton.

When I met Abra after a concert in 2002, I told her I'd never listened to anyone as much as Id listened to her. That is still true only more so. Rarely a day goes by without being uplifted by some of her classics: FOUR LEAF CLOVER, SAY IT LIKE THAT, SWEET CHARIOT, THROW A PENNY, BIG SKY, SHINING STAR, TAKING CHANCES, NO FEAR, DREAM TIME, STRANGEST PLACES, KEEPS MY BODY WARM, SING, PAINT ON YOUR WINGS, DONT FEEL LIKE CRYING, TRIP ON LOVE, PULL AWAY, IN LIGHT OF IT ALL, I LOOK AROUND, YOUR FAITHFUL FRIEND, SOMEBODY WHO CARES.

AFTER ALL THESE YEARS, now playing from ON THE WAY, sums up why: Ever fresh melodies blending perfectly with poetic, candid lyrics. You can picture Abra sitting alone in a darkened room, warmly recalling her old flame in AFTER ALL THESE YEARS:

I've got my foot on the parking brake

Waiting for that song on the radio to play out

Alive as an ember burning inside

Just when you think its ended

It comes on bright

Alone in the dark

I whisper your name

It's calling me again

But I am with you now

We are dancing in the moonlight

You got me spinning around

I can feel everything

Lyrically reminiscent of TOUCH AND GO (SING) "I pull you out every once in awhile, just to look at you...," with a moderate pacing and absorbing sing-along, nostalgic feel of TAKING CHANCES (NO FEAR, EVERYTHING CHANGED) "I'm walking backwards into the future," AFTER ALL THESE YEARS is another good enough to Grammy Abra classicwhich sadly, will probably be overlooked by mainstream radio.

Abra has done concerts in churches (See the free DVD with EVERYTHING CHANGED). So it is no surprise that I BELIEVE could be sung by swaying, tear-filled congregations in houses of worship--with its affirmation of faith in persevering with love--even during a dark night of the soul:

Where is the laughter where is the hopeful

Where is the Light that makes me sing

Where is the courage, where is the faithful

Where is the wind beneath my wings?

I can't get back, my heart beats flat

The colors black, I dont feel like I used to

When something's that wrong gotta make it right

When the day's so long, gotta make it right

Could you give me an answer could you give me a sign

God don't let these monsters make up my mind

You know what I'm after, its gonna just take some time

She magically turns darkness to light through the humble, prayerful, mesmerizing majesty of her angelic self harmonies immersed in the repeated I BELIEVEs.

And I know it's gotta be me that changes

I know it's gotta be me that makes it

Because I believe, I believe, I believe

This is pure Abra revival in her Universal Church of the BIG SKY. To say its good enough to Grammy is understatement, and in a sense, beside the point. Rather, her presence as transformative Priestess is renewed and once again fulfilled in this radiant connection to the heart of humanity.

INTO THE SUNSET opens the album with a colorful portrait of a boy who takes his shirt off in the rain, touches people in a golden way, and flies too high into the sky and is carried away. This update of the Icarius myth is trumpet backed, a little jazzy and the melody will likely grow on you until you finding yourself humming it.

SUGARITE rhymes with meet not light. And no, its not a new artificial sweetener. It starts with her quiet wailing and has a primitive, jungle like atmosphere. The title seems to be an affectionate nickname for someone I cant help but call your name as she exclaims its been a long, long road, Sugarite, Sugarite, Im growing old. Fastest song on the album has the alternative feel of KEEPS MY BODY WARM (STRANGEST PLACES) and Melancholy Love (EVERYTHING CHANGED).

"ON THE WAY to your room

I'm alive, I'm a flutter, I'm a bloom."

A sweet, slow and simple love song with a jazzy, flugelhorn, piano backing. Producer Mitch Watkins notes that he had a hard time distinguishing horns from Abras voice when mixing the album. Listen closely and you will hear what he means. This one will also likely grow on you until you find yourself humming it.

SORRY is a lovely, heart-felt breezy, jazzy, trumpet, and piano-by-Abra-backed, apology to one or more persons she has disappointed by not following through on a promised relationship. Good fans know that part of her job description is receiving way more social invitations than one person could possibly handle. So her not following through is understood.

TAKE CARE OF ME, a sad one, sounds like it was written for a dying friend (Gretta's song):

I can feel me falling into the sky

I'm blowing away into the wind

We wont ever have to say good-bye

I'm just leaving this life that I'm in

Steel guitar adds to the emotion. Melody grows with repeated listening.

NO TURNING BACK is the only piece not written by Abra. Tom Freunds moody, winter imagery sounds like Chris Isaak's WICKED GAME at the start. No game here though as:

You make me feel at home wherever I stand

Cause once youve crossed over theres no turning back

Memorable winter imagery with a touch of danger, could find itself on movie soundtracks (and many of the others could also):

Well this river shivers in the cold tonight

And I stand almost frozen under the neon light.

YOU shifts the mood from winter to what sounds like young love in Paris in the springtime. Bouncy, upbeat, and cute.

It is no wonder BIRTHDAY SONG's haunting atmosphere reminded me of PRAYER FOR AN ANGEL (SING). Gene Elders enchanting violin on both spans the twelve year time between songs without missing a string. BIRTHDAY is more melodic and less stark than PRAYER. Of course this is a celebration whereas PRAYER is more than tinged with sadness.

For you are so beautiful

You are so wild, you are so young

Could you stay the way you are

You dont have to carry this world on your shoulders

This life can be scary

When you get older

Has a beguilingly slow and catchy melody that takes you by surpriseaided by rhythmic strings heard in five-time patterns.

ON THE WAY (CODA) is the 11th and final cut. It's also the shortest and is the first Abra composition in which she does not sing. Rather, Mitch Watkins keyboards reproduce 12 extended, low, organ-like notessome of which are heard at start of ON THE WAY. The effect is like being in an ancient, cavernous monastery with nothing but calm enveloping you. This "Abra-diance" rivals her perfect lullaby DREAM TIME (SING) in its peaceful effects on the receptive listener. In that Abra practices Yoga and has spoken about bodily energy centers, it is likely that this is intended as a prayer for opening her listeners' heart centers.

A Supreme Court judge was once asked why humanity would be worth saving. He replied "I have read Anne Frank's Diary." I agree and would add: I have heard Abra Moore's music. My all time favorite singer-songwriter has brought us yet another remarkably beautiful creation.

The warm heaviness of seduction
Feminist Review blog | worldwide | 07/21/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Moore was one of many women who benefited from the movement in music that Lilith Fair generated, bringing many unknown female artists to the forefront of the public's consciousness. There are traces of the peppy pop-sensibility that earned Moore her fame with her hit single "Four-Leaf Clover," but On the Way is a more mature and introspective endeavor. Moore's innocent, lilt in her voice occasionally breaks with emotion in a somewhat prescribed manner.

Her musical arrangements flow gracefully with her vocals, as in the opening track, "Into the Sunset," where gentle beats complement her soft style. "On the Way" is definitely the standout track of the album. It has a gorgeous, loping melody that conjures up the warm heaviness of seduction. Moore takes us with her into her lover's bedroom and brings us into the colors and sensations of a path that maybe is new, possibly familiar, but perfect in this moment's anticipation.

Much of this album contains personal themes of regret, centering and loss. "Take Care of Me" exemplifies this and touches on the need to be cared for when taking care of someone else, as Moore did for her father in his last days. On the Way is an album for open car windows on a night's drive, a summer porch in the evening and a glass of wine by the fire. Moore gently encourages the listener to take care of herself, while her smooth melodies further encourage evenings of quiet comfort and rest."
Master peaceful
Greenfire | California | 07/28/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is incredible music. Masterfully crafted, written and performed from a consumate female artist. Perhaps one of the best, if not THE best female artist on the scene right now. It was enough that she is still know for "Four leaf Clover" and/or her contribution to the Lillith Fair. Her latest work and the video for "Sugarite" lend validation to her excellence. She has moved beyond despairing her lack of recognition to embracing her God give talent. This girl deserves much success, not only because she has earned it, but because she has the talent and heart to match it, one on one. This is incredible art."