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Here are real testimonials from some of our club members. If you like what we are doing in general or maybe you consider a certain feature to be a miniature "stroke of genius" :), please take a moment to let us know about it. Hey, we like to read these testimonials and we can then publish them for prospective members to read as well. (More CDs! More CDs!)

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"What a Great Way to find new music! Love it! AWESOME CD TRADING SITE!"
CJ R. (cj) from ROME, GA - 1/16/2009 
"saving money at a time like today is very important. Music is the way to relaxation so I think it perfect to save money."
Eddie H. (edster) from DES MOINES, WA - 1/16/2009 
"Wow, this site is truly killer! I've been able to find so many awesome cds that I've been hunting down for years. And I plan on staying here for a long, long, long time."
James B. (wandersoul73) from LINDALE, TX - 1/13/2009 
"So much music, so little time!"
Jeff B. (findtune) from TUCSON, AZ - 12/19/2008 
"LOVE this site almost everytime it is a clean transaction and if not then they fix it immediately. THIS SITE IS GREAT i have got 19 cds so far and the only thing i have against it is that they are limited by some cds but eventually get them in, so people need to sign up and get some more cds on here."
David v jr P. from BOURBON, IN - 12/18/2008 
"I have fairly unique musical tastes and know that if I donated unused CD's to the library, they'd just continue to gather dust waiting for someone to happen upon them. Your site is great for me because I know that the CD I'm mailing is going to be used and enjoyed because someone WANTS it. Great job on coming up with this service/concept. I'll be cleaning out other shelves in the next few weeks and will certainly be visiting some of swapacd's sister sites."
Paul L. (atlanta678) from MARIETTA, GA - 12/11/2008 
"This is a great site for getting that CD that's hard to find for a Christmas gift!! Thanks so much for being here in a pinch! This has to be one of my FAVORITE sites! LOVE IT."
Susann R. (Lukes-SPIRIT-Academy) from DURHAM, NC - 11/18/2008 
"SwapaCD rocks! I've spent years spending huge sums of money on CDs, used or new. The CDs I didn't like, I could sell at Hastings for only like a few cents. Not fair. Then I read about SwapaCD in Reader's Digest and it's like, YES!!! I LOVE YOU!! The site is totally awesome and works so well. I love being able to just trade a CD for another, and anticipating the CD coming in the mail totally psyches me out. The site is just so convenient. If only I'd had this 2 years ago..."
Neil M. from PIE TOWN, NM - 10/19/2008 
"Today I received a communication indicating one of wish listed cds was available and I had 48hr to respond! I am thrilled. I was able to transfer a credit from PBS...and now I will get a cd I have been waiting for!!! I was always so dissapointed when I received the 'sorry, you snooze you lose' email."
Mary M. (cruisin) from AKRON, OH - 8/21/2008 
"SwapaCD is so bomb! We are spreading the love around the country."
Lisa D. from WACO, TX - 8/16/2008 
"I have been a huge fan of PBS for several years but didn't want to part with my CD's. On a whim I posted over 90 today and have had over 15 requests! What a fabulous site this is! I'm so glad to be able to share with other people!"
Kelly S. from BLANDON, PA - 7/20/2008 
"This site is my favorite on the web! I love music and it is such a treat to trade for CDs I really want. I'm trying to cull my (large!) book collection and with the "transfer credits" feature have been trading books for music. Sweet!!"
Trish R. (oldiesandjazz) from DECATUR, GA - 7/18/2008 
"I found this site a couple of months ago and LOVE it! I am telling everyone about it and now I sometimes even buy CD's I find inexpensively just to post and swap for things I really want! Just a tip to pass along."
Laura J. (haven7) - 7/13/2008 
"Great site. Glad I found it, I just love it. No problems with swapping and/or receiving CDs in the mail. Great selection of Cds. All the members that I have dealt with are excellent! I have saved lots of money and I can enjoy a new CD anytime I want!!"
Charlene Roberta T. from HAMPDEN, ME - 6/22/2008 
"This is such a great idea. You get to share your unwanted cd's with other people around the country, and you can stock your own collection with music you really want at a fraction of the price of purchasing new cd's. I think it's interesting to see where my cd's are actually going - I think I've sent one to almost every state in the union! I love it! It's a lot of fun."
Bette S. (mizzbett) from HURLOCK, MD - 6/15/2008 
"This is so much better than taking my CD's to our local used CD store and getting next to nothing for my unwanted CD's. Now I can get rid of the one's I don't want and get new ones I do want for a fraction of the price of even a used CD. Love it!"
Heather G. (Rockchick429) from CENTERVILLE, OH - 6/10/2008 
"I love it! SwapaCD keeps getting easier to use, with more cool features. The SaCD experience definitely goes above and beyond simply wishing and sending. I've discovered new artists I enjoy, and gotten rare CDs I've wanted for years, all for a fraction of the retail cost. And it operates smooth as butter for the most part. So please join and post your unwanted CDs--you could make someone very happy!"
AnnMArie V. (MsUnderstood) from SAN JOSE, CA - 6/5/2008 
"This is great. I really appreciate all the new information you've incorporated into the new site. Although, like Scott, it may force to me to trade more CD's. Oh well - the only one complaining is my wife."
Robert P. (Boberty) from CONCORD, NH - 6/4/2008 
"This is the best thing ever. I had so many old cd's that I know I'll never listen to again and my tastes are constantly changing, so this is a wonderful thing. At first I was timid about posting but once I got started I am busy streamlining my collection and it's a wonderful thing!"
Bette S. (mizzbett) from HURLOCK, MD - 6/4/2008 
"I love the new updates! The slider feature on the home page is awesome!! Now it's time to upgrade swapadvd and paperbackswap. Keep up the great work!"
Della G. (Tinker) from WALTERBORO, SC - 6/4/2008 
"I love SACD! There's nowhere else on the internet that I could build up my cd collection as fast and as inexpensive as I have here. SACD rocks!"
Billy G. (BillyG) from WARRIOR, AL - 5/16/2008 
"How fun is this. I send someone cd's that I'm not listening to anymore and voila- I have a fresh stash arriving in the mail on a regular basis. Love it!"
Stacy J. - 4/22/2008 
"This site is totally awsome!! I have gotten almost every cd that I could ever want. Thanks"
Lewis C. from FRANKLIN, TN - 4/11/2008 
"I'm's almost like an addiction....."
Scott C. (scotso) from EAST ISLIP, NY - 2/29/2008 
"I'm amazed with how many CD's there are on this website; my eyeballs are going into overdrive.. I'm gonna have to buy another iPod to fit all of my new music on now.. not such a bad problem to have though."
April W. - 2/13/2008 
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