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I've been a member of SWAPACD for five months. I've sent out numerous CDs and ordered plenty myself. I love music, and had many CDs sitting around from my years of DJing. This gave me the opportunity to turn over a lot of music that I would never listen to, for music that I'd wanted for a long time! The price is right, and as I've personally experienced, SWAPACD's guarantee of quality CDs is exceptional. I received a couple of defective CDs (skipped), and they not only restored my credits, but also the 49 cent transaction fee! Super site, run by super people with terrific members! I'm waiting on 4 CDs to arrive as I write!
Dwight M. - RUTLAND, MA

What a great site this is.
I recommend clicking on the "community" link above to read all the testimonals, everything said has been true in my experience.
This site is so easy to use, each step is clearly outlined, the cd's come promptly, the prices are dirt cheap, and now I can afford to hear all those tunes I have been wanting for years, then swap then out for something else.
The sister site, PaperbackSwapdotcom is equally great.

In these painful economic times,replacing a lost collection of cds seemed impossible until I found swapcd.
Thank you to the generous members who included the case with the multi-disc requests, and thanks to the kindness of the members who patiently answer questions in the forums so us newbies can have a great swapping experience.
This is by far the most affordable and practically effortless place to share great music.