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Being a member of the PaperBack Swap and SwapaCD Clubs provides me with access to the world's best in music and literature for the price of postage. I can expand my knowledge through the PaperBack Swap, or add to my collection of favorite musicians by ordering CD's from the SwapaCD Club. Since joining in February of this year I have saved over $200 on books by participating in PBS. The new SwapaCD Club allows transfer of PaperBack Swap credits for ordering CD's, so now I can get either books or CD's. I'm a Charter member of the PaperBack Swap Club, have had over 96 transactions, and have never had a bad experience in any transaction. There are many additional benefits to the PBS memberships, least of which is keeping a list of the books I have in my personal library, books I've read, and books that are waiting to be read. When I finish with a book, I can decide to keep the book or repost it to the PBS list and earn a credit when someone else orders it from me. I highly recommend PaperBack Swap and SwapaCD Club to anyone who appreciates easy and inexpensive access to popular books and music.
Carol W. - SAN DIEGO, CA - 8/23/2006

At first I was hesitant about joining. I didn't think my CDs would arrive. Well, this place has proven me wrong. It is filled with wonderful, courteous, people. It's a pleasure!
Chrissy B. - HICKSVILLE, NY - 7/6/2007