Help Center - Will I get a lot of emails if I join SwapaCD?

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SwapaCD does not share your email address or personal information with anyone; you will not get spam from joining SwapaCD.

  • SwapaCD is very careful not to send too many emails.
    • One or two emails will be sent to you when you register
    • email is used to notify members of Wish List offers and requests to their CD Towers.
    • many of the email alerts from SwapaCD are optional and can easily be opted out of in the Account Settings.
  • After the day of registration, how much email you get from SwapaCD will depend on how actively you swap CDs, and if you choose to use some of the optional site features.  
    • You can opt out of most SwapaCD emails in the Email Settings in your Account Settings. 
    • There are opt-in SwapaCD emails also, such as the SwapaCD Newsletter.
    • There are very rare (2-4 times per year) clubwide emails, which announce important events in the club, such as major feature changes or postal rate increases.


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