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Title: Sculpture
Artist: Sculpture
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Transcendental
Artist: To-Mera
Original Release Date: 1/1/2006
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Space In Your Face
Artist: Galactic Cowboys
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Youthanasia
Artist: Megadeth
Original Release Date: 11/1/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Buried in Oblivion
Artist: Into Eternity
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Fall of Troy
Artist: Fall of Troy
Original Release Date: 1/1/2000
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: No World For Tomorrow
Artist: Coheed and Cambria
Original Release Date: 1/1/2007
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Promised Land
Artist: Queensryche
Original Release Date: 10/18/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Great Collapse
Artist: Fear My Thoughts
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Identity 7: Deadly Sins
Artist: Various Artists
SwapaCD Credits: 1

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