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Title: Use Your Illusion 1
Artist: Guns N Roses
Original Release Date: 9/17/1991
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Crazy World
Artist: Scorpions
Original Release Date: 11/6/1990
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Izzy Stradlin & Ju Ju Hounds
Artist: Izzy Stradlin & Ju Ju Hounds
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Walk on
Artist: Boston
Original Release Date: 6/7/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Bliss
Artist: Birdbrain
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Destination Anywhere
Artist: Jon Bon Jovi
Original Release Date: 6/17/1997
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Family Values Tour 2001
Artist: Various Artists
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Highway to Hell
Artist: Ac/Dc
Original Release Date: 1/1/1979
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: St. Anger
Artist: Metallica
Original Release Date: 1/1/2003
SwapaCD Credits: 2

Title: Load
Artist: Metallica
SwapaCD Credits: 1

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