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Title: This Perfect World
Artist: Freedy Johnston
Original Release Date: 6/28/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Loose
Artist: Victoria Williams
Original Release Date: 10/18/1994
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Country Shots: God Bless America
Artist: Various Artists
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Are You With Me
Artist: Cowboy Mouth
Original Release Date: 7/2/1996
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Nothing But Good
Artist: Dawn Sears
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Whatever Comes First
Artist: Sons of the Desert
Original Release Date: 6/3/1997
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Little Head
Artist: John Hiatt
Original Release Date: 7/1/1997
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Seen a Ghost
Artist: Honeydogs
Original Release Date: 8/26/1997
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: El Baile De La Cobra
Artist: Cigar Store Indians
Original Release Date: 7/7/1998
SwapaCD Credits: 1

Title: Happy, Texas: Music from the Miramax Motion Picture
Artist: Various Artists
Original Release Date: 9/14/1999
SwapaCD Credits: 1

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