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Video Games Live, Vol. 1
Wendy Carlos, Michael Giacchino, Jason Hayes
Video Games Live, Vol. 1
Genres: Pop, Soundtracks, Classical
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2008 release, the soundtrack to the true gamer's life! Conductor Jack Wall leads the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and Crouch End Festival Chorus through many of the most popular video game themes and creates a glori...  more »


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2008 release, the soundtrack to the true gamer's life! Conductor Jack Wall leads the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and Crouch End Festival Chorus through many of the most popular video game themes and creates a glorious aural paradise for the gamer in all of us. If you are hooked on the music from video games like Sonic The Hedgehog, Myst, Final Fantasy, Warcraft, Super Mario Brothers and others, then imagine those themes as performed by an orchestra. Yes, it is like heaven without the joystick! EMI.

CD Reviews

Worth Every Penny
M. Pittman | Houston, TX United States | 07/28/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Video Games Live Vol. I music album. Trust me to everyone who is considering buying a copy: it is worth it. The more people who buy this album, the more sales they will get, and the more chance VGL Vol. II will come. Jack Wall actually said he wants to make AT LEAST four albums, and that won't happened unless this album is successful. So if you know anyone who enjoyed this album and pirated it, PLEASE, PLEASE, urge them not only to not do something so illegal, but to purchase this album whether here or in digital format (also offered by Amazon) to help promote future volumes by making this one successful!

First thing: Where were these songs when I went this last time to VGL '08? Hahaha. Yeah we had some fantastic music, but one thing I noticed was a total lack of the use of the live choir. It's like they were standing back there for no reason the whole time except to sing in the Halo Suite, God of War, & Sweet Emotion.

That's not the case with this album. If you are a fan of live choirs in orchestrated music, this has an abundance and beautiful harmony.

Track o1:: Kingdom Hearts [3:37]
For fans of the intro track to the KH games...this is the Hikari Orchestrated track, but better. Definitely more bombastic, the horns are louder, the bass is louder. It's gorgeous.

Track o2:: Warcraft Suite [5:05]
A montage of music throughout the Warcraft games. Many of you will recognize the main songs throughout the track as the themes of Warcraft III & World of Warcraft. Emotional music accompanied by a beautiful choir...nothing makes you want to commit massacres of entire villages of centaurs and jungle trolls quite like this. The various different songs are seamlessly interwoven within this track. Definitely a favorite, really gets that dramatic feel down beautifully.

Track o3:: Myst Medley [6:04]
The one and only Myst. Yet another choir-accompanied piece, this track definitely captures the ethereal quality of the Myst soundtracks. This is a beautiful and moving track, complete with dramatic solo chanting and rising melodies. Around [4:10] the ethereal child solo turns into the bombastic melody I'm sure Myst fans will recognize.

Track o4:: Medal of Honor (LIVE) [5:43]
I'm not familiar with the source material, so I'm not sure what particular songs are included in this. All I can say is that it's a beautiful, moving track. Starts off with a choir, then moves down into a soft moving orchestra piece, and then a rising choir and melancholy violin, piano, rises back into a rousing melody, then finishes with percussion.

Track o5:: Civilization IV Medley [4:56]
This has turned out to be by far one of my favorite tracks on the entire album despite not being familiar with the source material (I'm going to go find it now.). A nice medley of various tracks from the game of various ethnic origins, around [2:00] a soloist kick in alongside with the choir for some beautiful African (?) singing. This is a very beautiful, very moving track that both fans and those like myself not familiar with the source material will enjoy.

Track o6:: Tetris Piano Opus No.1 [1:09]
Martin Leung plays Tetris on piano. Yes! Korobeiniki!

Track o7:: God of War Montage (LIVE) [3:35]
I'm not familiar with all the source material, though I do plenty recognize the rousing choir and symphony accompanied by soloist from the various game footage I've seen. Very cool track, GoW fans will definitely enjoy this one.

Track o8:: Advent Rising Suite [6:27]
Again, not familiar with the source material. I feel ashamed to call myself a game music fan now hahaha. Anyways, beautiful and moving track with orchestra and live choir. Definitely a joy to listen to.

Track o9:: TRON Montage [5:18]
I would literally kick an elderly woman (a mean one, of course) to see this song live. The second the first note hit I knew which track it was. The way they've recreated the completely digital soundtrack with a live orchestra, and even have the choir. Oh man. This has hit the nostalgia chord for my favorite Disney film dead on. Beautiful.

Track 1o:: Halo Suite [6:38]
The song I spent the entire show waiting for. Halo's soundtrack is hands down one of my favorites, and this does not disappoint. A montage of themes from Halo 3, the Halo 3 version of the main theme plays a huge part in this Suite. Oh yes, Tommy Tallarico on guitar. This is a very moving track, call me dorky, but listening to this stirs something inside of me. I love this song.

Track 11:: Castlevania Rock (LIVE) [4:44]
To quote Jack's shouts at the beginning of this live recording..."The one, the only, Castlevania!" You've got it: Vampire Killer! If I said this is the best rendition of the song I've ever heard, I wouldn't be exaggerating. Orchestra, electric guitars, drums, everything. It's amazing. Hands down the best ever!

I give this CD a full 100%! Whether or not you've been to a VGL concert before, you MUST buy this album! It's worth it for all game music fans! Even friends and family who do not know anything about game music still enjoy this album as well. The music is just that beautiful."
Amazingly Beautiful just like the live performance!
J. Martin | Iowa, USA | 07/24/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Worth every penny. While it's not every song performed at the live performance, it's a good handful of the songs. Every last one sounds gorgeous and the quality is amazing. This is a must have if you've been to the live performance of Video Games Live! Although, any game fanatic would enjoy it.

Amazing, truly."
Great orchestral music!
Kurt A. Johnson | North-Central Illinois, USA | 08/18/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Video Games Live is a concert series featuring music taken from, or adapted from, (or whatever) video games. The music of such great games as Warcraft, Medal of Honor and Halo are included here. But, this is not merely music lifted from the games. Instead, the music is very well arranged and has all of the quality one would expect from great concert music.

Now, I must admit that I am not familiar with all of these games. I mean, I do recognize the Halo music and Tetris (of course), but I must admit that I am not familiar with all of these games or their music. Nonetheless, I found the music to be really well done, and all of the tracks to be excellent to listen to.

So, if you have a favorite game, and want to hear the music in all its glory, then get this album. Heck, even if you just like great orchestral music, then get this album. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it!"