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Utah Saints
Utah Saints
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop
Straddling the gap stylistically and historically between the cut-and-paste acid house of Bomb the Bass and the big-beat explosion, this U.K. DJ duo fashioned recognizable samples from established classics into equally exc...  more »


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All Artists: Utah Saints
Title: Utah Saints
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Label: London Import
Release Date: 1/13/2008
Album Type: Import
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop
Style: Dance Pop
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 042282837929


Album Description
Straddling the gap stylistically and historically between the cut-and-paste acid house of Bomb the Bass and the big-beat explosion, this U.K. DJ duo fashioned recognizable samples from established classics into equally exciting contemporary dance singles. "What Can You Do for Me" mates Gwen Guthrie with the Eurythmics, while "Something Good" lifts a hook from Kate Bush's "Cloudbusting" (the first time she approved such a usage). Both those club hits appear on the Saints' sole full-length to date, rounded out by notable tracks including a shockingly traditional rendition of Simple Minds' "New Gold Dream" and "Trance Atlantic Glide" (designed to be spun at either 33 or 45 rpm). FFRR. 2005.

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CD Reviews

Released in 1992!!!
(5 out of 5 stars)

"These guys are/were predecessors to Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the like. All they need now is a GAP commercial and they'll be performing at the Grammy's next year. This is probably the first techno album that I liked. Songs like "I want you" are superb. Every song on the album is well architected. Still sounds as refreshing today as it did (gulp!) 7 years ago! Too bad they didn't come out with anything else for release in the US. Another talented band that is the victim of mis-management.The album, however, is a classic...5 stars!"
Utah Saints review
violet-inspired | Sydney, Australia | 03/17/2009
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Not sure whether there are other variations of this cd which have been produced or if the tracklisting on is incorrect.
My cd has the following tracklisting (and also has a blue cover, not black):

1. New Gold Dream
2. What Can You Do For Me
3. Soulution
4. Believe In Me
5. Too Much To Swallow
6. Something Good
7. I Want You
8. States Of Mind
9. Trance Atlantic Glide
10. Kinetic Synthetic
11. What Can You Do For Me? (1926 Melodic Mix)
12. My Mind Must Be Free

I really love this album. It is one of my favourites.
'Utah Saints' is brilliant because nearly every song is as catchy as the last and while each track has something different to offer, one track to another doesn't stray too far away from what you'd expect songs on this album to sound like. (Some records do this and it's disappointing and feels strange).
*'New Gold Dream' is something that can be listened to over and over, emotive dramatic lyrics as well, he sounds very sincere and almost in agony when he sings in this song, when he says "She's your friend" he probably is the most convincing, like he's stating a fact, before "...until the ocean rains" which is more lighthearted and not as intense. His voice is reminiscent of David Bowie in this tune.
*In the 2nd song 'What Can You Do For Me' I like how they scream "The hottest band in the world!" and all the other stuff like they're really pumped up and angry before the song slides into something melodic and pretty.
*'Soulution' reminds me of someone going on a long journey on holiday somewhere, running along sand in a desert barefoot just feeling free.
*'Believe In Me' was really cool especially the chirping female singers over the top of the music and how they repeat, "I believe in me I believe in you and you know I believe in love". Very fun.
*'Too Much To Swallow' was another favourite, it's nice to have some songs around that are purely instrumental but it doesn't matter cause they're cool anyway.
*'Something Good' - The updated version 'Something Good 08' is a far better way to listen to this song, it's not as slow and is a great dance track.
*'I Want You' was very grungey. The machines they used for part of the background sounded sorta like a skateboarder grinding along a steel pipe and their voices are all disjointed like their soundwaves are being broken apart in some sort of blender - interesting.
*'States Of Mind' was similar to the music they play in souvenir shops. Cds which would have titles like: 'Rainforest Sounds', 'The Outback' etc.
*'Trance Atlantic Guide' is quite angsty to start with and then gets really fun later like being at a circus. It is a beautiful, uplifting song the way the rhythm all comes together.
*'Kinetic Synthetic' is all over the place with a thumping beat and strange sounding instruments, doesn't seem to go anywhere much. Reminds me of 'The Presets' song: 'Together' which is just as disjointed and if you were to relate each song to an object it would be a broken electrical wire flapping around crazily, giving off sparks not knowing what to do.
*The 1926 remix doesn't vary too much from the original.

I'm liking music like this the best these days not only because they're awesome albums but because they're songs you can put on and get lost in such gorgeous ethereal instrumentation and not have to concentrate on hearing someone's life story; there's a point and a plot but the lyrics read more like a mysterious poem rather than spelling everything out. It hasn't got the structured formula of beginning, middle and end like other songs. Sometimes they say random words, sometimes there are no lyrics at all, and it all has a place and is beautiful.

If you're into bands such as 'The Presets' or 'The Potbelleez' you may really love this album. I know I do."
Stop trying to hate on this cd please, thanks.......
Jared Jennings | 04/25/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"if you are/were a fan of pwei, prodigy (the older stuff, before the dancer dude started yelling over the music), and 90s uk dance, then this is fun stuff. i find it hard to believe anyone other than me is "on the fence" whether to buy it or not. i got it for "something good" like everyone else, then as i heard on i was like "this is actually great 90s uk dance!" which is the stuff i love, candyflip, chapterhouse, happy mondays, hollow men, pwei, all that air-fairy uk dance stuff, when genre-merging was rather successful, is some of the most fun stuff in my eyes. if you try to compare "the old with the new" it's not realistic, also, i feel like older music had more a of a soul to it. that's why i listen to 90s drum n bass/jungle, do i have newer of electronic genres? sure, but unless it's top top notch (first boards of canada, music has the right) and stuff that is inspired (just got marumari's the wolves hollow and it's really cool stuff also), newer electronica feels like "we have better toys to create with, but ran out of ideas years ago" i will take the time to say the kompakt label kills it, m. mayer is wonderful, his album "immer" is deserving of the acclaim it will always get, and the total kompakt series has a few that are great, but that's based on an older ethos of german minimalism, that is so modern, but has it's heart in the past. anyway, this is a fun cd for a used price, there is more than something good, even if it's the best cut, the rest is just as good and is a fun listen. everyone lighten up a little for jared's sake ok?"