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What's on My Mind?
The Dayton Family
What's on My Mind?
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B
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No Description Available. Genre: Soul/R&B Media Format: Compact Disk Rating: Release Date: 25-APR-1995


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All Artists: The Dayton Family
Title: What's on My Mind?
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Label: Relativity
Release Date: 5/9/1995
Album Type: Explicit Lyrics
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, R&B
Styles: Gangsta & Hardcore, West Coast, Pop Rap, Soul
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 088561151423, 088561151416, 088561160340


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No Description Available.
Genre: Soul/R&B
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 25-APR-1995

CD Reviews

It doesn't get much harder than this here
Philip Y. | Israel | 06/21/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Dayton Family is a rap group, coming from Flint, Michigan (about an hour from Detroit), growing up in one of the hardest and hopeless ghettos to be found. This album is hard-core to the fullest, it just doesn't get harder than this, it just can't! The album is street-gangsta rap in it's purest form. Those guys (rappers Bootleg and Shoestring, with their producer Steve Pitts) are on a whole new lever when it comes to spitting hard lyrics. Their flows are untouchable, the definition of hardcore rapping, and the whole feel of the album is different than many albums. The Dayton family do not focus on getting rich and gaining some (fading) fame, buying expensive cars and useless jewelery, their mentality is totally different - it's grim and dark. With them it's all about modest survival, just maintaining and staying alive. This album was released nation-wide in 95, but most of it was already released on an indy label ib 93. Yet it won't sound that out of date. The beats are banging', a combination of West Coast and Midwest flavor. Like I said, Shoestring and Bootleg's deliveries are plain ruthless, and the lyrics are some of the most shocking you'll get to hear. They don't hold back for nothing! For exmaple, on the title track you get to hear (over a great beat):
"What's on my mind is a rape in progress/
I got my di** in between some bit** breasts/
What's on my mind is a knife at a ho*'s throat/
I took her gold, her pus**, and her mink coat/"
If you read this, you'll get the idea. Don't think it's some stupid album, all about killing and drug dealing, it's much more. It's about survival, about hustling, and trying to have a normal life in an imposible environment. The album title suits it's content perfectly, the boys speak their mind, and tell about the life they live. Dayton Family is one of the hardest and realest groups ever, and if you are fan of the likes of NWA, Geto Boys, Compton's Most Wanted and Three 6 Mafia, there's no way you won't love "What's On My Mind?", the group's first album (they only released two albums after that) and it is a classic.
Bootleg, Shoestring and tha MFn' Backstabba.
M. Gage | Brooklyn, NY | 08/23/2004
(3 out of 5 stars)

"At first look this album looks like a piece of crap. However, a first listen will reveal a more polished turd.

The cover is a Bloods & Crips/Early Geto Boys/Not-Quite-As-Low-Budget-As-Brotha-Lynch-Hung photo of three run of the mill dude wearing cheesy matching jerseys. It's the kind of album you pick up and show to your friend and say "Jesus look at this poop. I bet I could make a better CD than this. And I'm White. And from Minnesota!" (Not that Minnesotans can't rap.) But, These guys are from Flint. One of the brokest places on earth. It's like the Bangladesh of the Great Lakes.

So despite a home made cover this disc has high production values and three of the best tracks to come out of Midwest...well they're good tracks. "Smoke for Free" is the first song but the second track. The first is some weird digital digestive sounding noises that last like 15 seconds. Anyway "Smoke for Free" espouses the ghetto version of "Ass Gas or Grass No one ride for free" The song's tight and you find yourself quoting it around friends that bogart.

"Nutty Niggaz" is an aggressive synth-driven beat with some of the most threatening lyrics I've heard. Shoestring and Bootleg rap like they don't need to breathe. The words just keep coming. "Ira's a killa and sniper protected by viper, my two year old still walk around with Os in his f**kin' diaper." The lyrics aren't about Bentleys and Bling. These dudes probably owned guns more expensive than their cars. They're about hard living in a place that sucks; devoid of glam or spotlight.

The absolute without a doubt highlight is the final track, "Flint Town." It has the same beat as Run DMC's "Rock Box," which is awesome choice number one. The next sweet move by the Dayton Family is bustin' out a 5 minute song on how great the once murder capital of the world, small Michigan town that spawned them is. Sample: "So just shake your body and don't you quit/other city's say they number one but that's ho sh*t." If that ain't the truth I don't know what is. This song is so awesome it make s me wish I was from Flint so I could play this every time my friend's and I wanted to pick a fight.

All in all an OK album. I can't bring myself to get rid of it because some of my favorite tunes are on it. But it's not something you can listen to all the way through seriously. Songs like "Oxydol" touting "You can wash me out in Oxydol and can't fade me" about 30 times. Or a song with crunching sound effect called "Potato Chip" that's so stupid you'll feel embarrassed for the band. I would suggest picking it up if you find a good deal. It could be the best (...) you'd ever spend. Because "Flint Town alone is worth a twin."
Comin Hard Out The Cut
G-Funk 4ever | Listenin' to the Delfonics | 01/10/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"1993 and 1994, The Dayton Family straight outta Flint, Michigan makes some cuts and finally releases an album in 1995, their debut, What's On My Mind? Bootleg and Shoestring come real raw and hard on the mic. The beats produced by Steve Pitts are hard and heavy midwestern madness and many have an early crunk and southern vibe mixin some G-Funk here and there. The beats are cool for rollin' hard and are perfect driveby soundtracks as are the lyrics. Anyone lovin' hard core gangsta rap and horrorcore will love this one as it is definitely violent. "Watch Yo A--" is one of those prime examples as TDF peelin caps and pumpin' fear into ya ear. The title track is real hard. What's on their mind is some gruesome bloodbaths. The beat is a mix of rattling midwestern bass and crunk. The only issue I have with this song is about raping a girl, which is something I do take some offense to. I can always skip over that part of that song. "Smoke For Free" is the hooter joint with a swangin' G-Funk style beat with an eerie keyboard riff and a whiny synth perfect to ride to. They warn that hunnies comin to kick it can't smoke for free without having sex. "Potato Chip" has a slight reggae flava and drops some offbeat lyrics personifying bustas, snitches, and marks as favorite brand name chips. It is a hard, energetic joint. "Billy Blunt" is another crunk joint about loc'n off the weed with cool scratches and an interesting "Inspector Gadget" keyboard sample. I do not have to go too much into detail about all the songs here because the album is consistent in subject matter, but it is definitely worth a listen. Anyone listening to rap by Ganksta NIP, C-Bo, Brotha Lynch Hung, Gangsta Pat, and 3-6 Mafia will definitely dig this banger. The cool thing is that it can be found in stores still today, so get it before it goes outta print. If you dig this one, check out TDF's 1996 classic FBI for more of that "Dope Dayton Ave" game."