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The Boredoms
Pop Tatari
Genres: Alternative Rock, World Music, Special Interest, Rock


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All Artists: The Boredoms
Title: Pop Tatari
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Release Date: 5/29/2007
Album Type: Import
Genres: Alternative Rock, World Music, Special Interest, Rock
Styles: Indie & Lo-Fi, Far East & Asia, Experimental Music, Progressive, Progressive Rock
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPCs: 093624541622, 093624541646, 823566021520

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CD Reviews

Robot Fish To Resurrect Fossils
boeanthropist | Cambridge, MA | 09/12/2000
(4 out of 5 stars)

"New robotic fish unveiled by Japanese scientists will allow long extinct species to be recreated. The robot models of modern fish are so lifelike that only closely inspecting the eye tells them apart from real fish. The project at Chateau Boredom cost $1 million and the company expect the technology will be used in virtual aquariums. They have already created a robotic replica of the rarely-seen coelacanth. They intend to recreate fish which died out millions of years ago and are known only from fossil. "If this technology disseminates well enough, the cost could go down and we might have them in the entrance hall. But, at this point, I cannot say that is happening," remarked Eye-san with a sly wink as he climbed into his submarine.Yoshimi, on the other hand, believes there may be spin-offs for the band's main business: "The idea of this fish fin movement could be applied to realize the difficult technology of making guitars to feedback under the ocean. Starfish and sea-urchin and giant squid, all need noise-rock, too." Boredom's expertise was stretched to the limit to develop the fish. Dozens of tiny sensors around the tank transmit messages to the fish, telling them where to swim, what to wear, who to turn to in times of great inner turmoil. The messages are sent from a computer inside Yoshimi's favorite cocktail drum. The robot sea bass is controlled from Eye-san's microphone.The first robot, a sea bream, weighs 25kg and is 500cm long. Its top speed is 18 knots. The battery can keep it swimming for up to 30 minutes. In comparison, the coelacanth robot is a metal monster, weighing in at 40kg and measuring 120cm long.The first robotic fish, a tuna, swam in 1994 in Yamamotor's pool. The band members admired the energy-efficient swimming motion of the fish, honed over 160 million years of evolutionary change, as well as the rippling silver quality of its scales in the moonlight, reminding all present of the way Hawkwind had made them feel when they were teenagers, and bringing a tear to more than one eye. The band believe robot fish could swim far further than autonomous CDs, given the same amount of battery acid. The cyber-fish could then search huge areas of the ocean, looking for White Castle sliders and pasting up flyers for next Boredoms show."
Old Tatari for 100% Pure-Ear
M. Maxwell | Vancouver, BC, Canada | 04/30/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Eveyone I know hates this album. Who can blame them? Some Japanese kids with _SEVERE_ ADD running around inside a studio doing pisstakes left, right & centre. I mean, these friends... some of them appreciate Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and other strange bands, but the Boredoms just crush them. Sure, Fantomas may not ever be able to play a riff for more than 10 seconds at once, the Melvins may drone on the same note for 6+ minutes, but THIS?!?!? Again, who can blame one for feeling that way?

Nevertheless I can listen to all 67 or so minutes of Pop Tatari and never be bored, never be annoyed, always engaged and entertained. Someone wrote that this is like a Manga comic for your ears and that really captures it perfectly. I can't imagine what the A&R rep at Reprise was thinking (this was on a major label?). They clearly took a chance and didn't reign in this band one bit and the results are spectacular.

For all the insanity and abrasiveness contatined within, this album is actually very soothing in some inexplicable way. It's the ultimate in stress relief, but not like listening to Minor Threat or Slayer which amps up the anger level, but rather like watching a hilarious movie. Great for road trips too, as long as there's no one along for the ride. This is what I use to de-compress from listening to god-awful AOR Top 40 bucolic radio garbage force-fed to me at work.

Just try singing along.

B.......... O............. R.............. E(e)(e)(e)(e)................. AYEYIEYIEYIEYIEYIEYIE YAKAKAKAKAK SPFLTHFTPDBVvvv... YUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNU (bliston) BLISTONNLANNNNNNNNNNN!!!"
Pervert your senses with Pop Tatari
J. Holmes | yokohama, japan | 01/10/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Pop Tatari was the first Boredoms music i had ever been exposed to. my initial reaction was... "what the hell is going on here?" and thankfully, my reaction has not changed years later. this album still holds the unrestrained crazed sounds of pure insanity. but in a really fun and goofy way. the songs are sharp and full of ridiculous noisy musical ideas. and they are all pieced together with random outbursts of non -sensical conversations between the band members; which could only be described as "B*O*R*E*speak. most of those dialogue segments (although completely unintelligable) are hilarious. Pop Tatari stands out as a classic moment in Boredoms history where all the elements that make them so wild and crazy have a particular staying power in the way that the complete package is presented. it's not to say that these songs are poppy or catchy...quite the opposite (i'm not even sure that these tracks could even be considered "songs"); but there is a certain magnetism that draws the unsuspecting listener into this messy outlandish masterpiece and holds them down until their senses are thoroughly [...]."