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Genres: Dance & Electronic, Pop, Rock


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All Artists: Techno Animal
Title: Re-Entry
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Label: Caroline
Release Date: 6/20/1995
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Pop, Rock
Styles: Ambient, IDM, Techno
Number of Discs: 2
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UPCs: 017046179621, 724384040420

CD Reviews

Simply one of the best pieces of work of all time
Sean Gallagher | NJ | 02/16/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"And I don't say that too often about records. Here, JKB and KMart take the forumula they used on their debut Techno Animal album, "Ghosts" : repitive beats, but with atmospheres below them. However, I'd say Ghosts was more on the industrial sounding side (almost like a guitar-less version of Streetcleaner to an extent). Here, they the beats have a worldy feel to them, and are alot less relenting then on Ghosts. That doesn't make it a lesser album, but a much more diverse one.

For instance, the first track on disc one would be the perfect soundtrack to walking on an Iraqi battlefield. It has sirens and a middle eastern beat with some arabic chanting. The album gets better as it goes along- track 2 has so many layers of music under the beat (almost a slow hip hop beat in this one). The song ends with what ends up being the intro of "Evil Spirits" on disc 2- it shows how greatly the two discs tie together. The song also leads perfectly into the next one, which has a Native American rain-dance beat to it. Slow, menancing, and heavy, it sounds like a death march at midnight. The next track is a continuation of this one, more dubby and trippy. "Narco Agent vs. the Medicine Man" sounds like you're alone in a desolate area, all while in the eye of a hurricane. A sound in this song appears on "Catatonia" on disc 2, once again showing how greatly the two discs compliment each other. Disc 1 ends with the orgasmic "Demodex Invasion". If anyone's seen the movie Altered States, this song would be perfect for the trippy scene where fireworks fill the sky, and everyone turns to ashes, until they slowly disintigrate.

Disc 2 starts out on a completly different note- without a beat. It's a really creepy song; I once played this song to the silent film "Meshes of the Afternoon" at a party and EVERYONE was in awe. It has a trance inducing effect indeed. Catatonia is a really long and trippy regagge groove, utterlly twisted and ending with a long droning sound. It's very easy to get lost in the track "Needle Park", the only other track on disc 2 with a beat. "Red Sea" sounds as if a traveler is lost in a black skied night in a sea of blood. It instantly gives the feeling of paranoia. I'd describe Cape Canaveral as the "God vs. Flesh" of the album- a nearly half hour long quiet, drony, creepy atmospheric piece. The album ends with "Resuscitator" which to me, sounds like a guitar crying in isolation- the perfect ending for this dramatic album.

Justin and Kevin never did put out another Techno Animal album as dramatic and amazing as this (Babylon Seeker, the follow up e.p. comes close. Their later noise hip hop work IS great though ) . It's an album that can describe life perfectly, sum up any thoughts and emotions, and brings forth new ideas. It's perfect music to think to, to sleep to, to live to. It's Re-Entry to the deepest parts of your mind, and it's highly recommended."
Another work of art I hope people will mention in 30 years
brycepunk1 | New Paltz, NY United States | 07/03/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This album (albums) beings a bit loud, with a whaling siren and a heavy beat... but the beat becomes less important as the album goes on. Within the first three songs you'll (if you are into headphone music, paying attention, or whacked ...) be taken back into the depths of the chair you're sitting in..., and I'll avoid any pointless adjectives usually prescibed to music.
It gets dark, and gets lost on some beautiful worlds. I had to write a paper for my 300 Expository Writing class with the assignment: Critique(sp) a work of art (5 pages)... so being ambitious I chose "Needle Park" from disc two... a song 11 minutes long, with no words... I wrote easily five pages on this track alone. This, to me, is the new classical music, the stuff that in 300 years people will say "This is where it began."
Absolutely genius..."
brycepunk1 | 02/17/1999
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Good stuff. The first disc contains long dub tracks and the second disc is droney ambience. The tracks are repetitive and the changes are subtle, but if you like this style of rhythm and atmosphere, it's not a bad buy. For a more dynamic and varied disc, see Radio Hades."