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Mind: Perpetual Intercourse
Skinny Puppy
Mind: Perpetual Intercourse
Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock
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All Artists: Skinny Puppy
Title: Mind: Perpetual Intercourse
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Label: Indent Series
Release Date: 7/23/1996
Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock
Style: Goth & Industrial
Number of Discs: 1
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CD Reviews

Mind: Perpetual Masterpiece.
The Mortician | New Jersey | 12/22/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Skinny Puppy's "Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse" is a brilliant masterpiece. The album is well developed, well layered, and very unique among the music industry. This album is dark, and the sounds will drown you in its shadows. The lyrics are dark and intellectual. Ogre's strong philosophical views, and his dangerous voice make KORN look like barney dancing with little children. If you do not enjoy the CD it is because of a few things.
A) It was too hellish seeming
B) You as a listener, are naive and young to subculture music.
C) You like guitars and bass and stimuli that isn't original.
D) You listen to Slipknot, who looks like a pussy compared to Skinny Puppy.
E) There are more, but I'll spare the insults

The heavy mechanical noises, and the infinite seeming sounds, come from all corners. The album truly defines individual artisty, and should be taken in as an art concept, it may be weak as something to head band too....which is ridiculous anyway.
This album isn't one a group of people can listen to. Give the album a try, and listen to it in your room. Take in the art that is Skinny Puppy.

Personal Favorites

One Time One Place
Stairs and Flowers
God's Gift Maggot
Dig It
Deep Down Trauma Hounds
The most popular of the songs on the album."
Mind: Perpetual Intercourse ~ Skinny Puppy
Bjorn Viberg | European Union | 05/10/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Mind: Perpetual Intercourse being Skinny Puppys 1988 release showed how ahead of their time they truly were. Their use of samples, mixing guitar riffs and electronic muisc was basically unheard of back in 1988 and Nivek Ogre mixes theatre, music and art and has managed to create something quite unique. The use of vocal treatments is also ahead its time and there are so many awesome tracks on it like one time one place, stairs and flowers and many others. I love their use of the vocoder, explosive keyboard sounds and Ogres angry and venom filled vocals."
The most Unique Album ever Made
G. Scott | 04/18/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse is a timeless work, ahead of its time when it came out and still ahead of anything i've ever heard to date. This album is possibly my favorite album of all time.

One Time One Place is rather one of the less mind blowing tracks of the album, but it sets the pace and lets you *slightly* know what is to come.

God's Gift(Maggot) is probably the most horrific Skinny Puppy song ever made(however possibly Knowhere or State Aid), it begins with pounding synths that seem to crush the insides of your brain. Sheer Terror, and incredible.

Three Blind Mice starts out with a catchy stacatto chime sound, and creates a trance.

Love is a great track that relieves you of the intensity of the past 3 tracks.

Stairs And Flowers is probably my favorite Skinny Puppy song, it is just so unique, I have never heard anything like it. It has one of the greatest synths in it that I have ever heard, a sort of classical sound that fits in perfectly with the deathly ghoul moans and Nivek's harrowing wails.

Antagonism is one of my lesser liked tracks off the album, however it is still an incredible song. This track brings back the uncomfortable tension of the album, after the Love + Stairs & Flowers break. The synths are great, sorta like Three Blind Mice.

200 Years starts in with awesome beating tribal drums and a grinding synth noise. Very entertaining song with samples of someone saying, "What's Wrong with you, WHAT'S WRONG WITH EVERYONE IN THIS CRAZY PLACE!!!!" then not sure if it is Ohgr's modified voice or just sampling, right after that screams set the pace of the song.

Dig It breaks in with a cool beat and a rocking guitar that comes in and out. It is one of Skinny Puppy's staple songs and is more presentable that the previous tracks.

Burnt With Water, incredible, on par with Stairs And Flowers in its creativity. Starts with an even pulsing hand shake bell sound and cool synths, and a man talking about I cannot figure out what. Then Nivek comes in and screams Behavior. It is possible that I like this track so much just because of the mosque chants that you can hear somewhere around 2:30 in the song
***This arabic mosque chant is the EXACT same chant as the speaker Mosque in the Motorcade Interception level of Hitman 2:Silent Assassin.*** I know that sounds kinda ridiculous but it was one of my favorite games, and finding out that my favorite band used a sample that was in that game, some 13 w/e years before that game came out, is pretty cool to me.

*Note: Burnt With Water was originally the last track of the album, but the others were added on later versions.

Chainsaw is an awesome song with a sweet baseline and cool drums and great synths... wtf I think that about all SP songs. This is another track that is more presentable than the others. The refrain on this track is incredible, it is just such perfect words by Ohgr, completely unique and not bland in any way, I have to state them:
Introvert overturn..
make from steel the ugly weapon
killers instinct from man to trigger

O also, I shouldn't forget the sound of the chainsaws ripping :)

I'm not gonna talk about Addiction + DDTH cause they don't even have a meaningful purpose to this album, they are and belong on Cleanse Fold & Manipulate."