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Toy Story
Randy Newman
Toy Story
Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Soundtracks
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1995 original soundtrack provided by Randy Newman, features 16 tracks. Rock/Disney.


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All Artists: Randy Newman
Title: Toy Story
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Label: EMI Europe Generic
Original Release Date: 11/22/1995
Re-Release Date: 2/13/2006
Album Type: Import, Soundtrack
Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Soundtracks
Style: Comedy & Spoken Word
Number of Discs: 1
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Album Description
1995 original soundtrack provided by Randy Newman, features 16 tracks. Rock/Disney.

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CD Reviews

The Musical Accompaniment to Pixar's First Big Picture.
tvtv3 | Sorento, IL United States | 01/26/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"TOY STORY was the first feature-length motion picture that Pixar released in theatres. The movie was literally ground-breaking in what it did for animation and also included one of the best movie plots to be seen on screen that whole year (1995). In addition, there was the music. Randy Newman has been plugging out show tunes for years on end. However, with the release of the TOY STORY, Newman entered a new era. Some will disagree and others will say that TOY STORY is when Newman sold out, but with the TOY STORY soundtrack, Randy Newman's music went mainstream in a major way and became popular with a whole new audience (largely composed of children and young adults).

TOY STORY is a buddy flick and the songs and music on the album reflect that. From the wonderful "You've Got a Friend in Me" to the charming instrumental "Woody and Buzz", the music and songs of TOY STORY reflect an awareness and mentality that is often missing in movie music.

I enjoy listening to the instrumental pieces on the album, but am especially fond of the regular songs. Those songs are:

"You've Got a Friend in Me"--the song that captures the whole
buddy-theme of the movie. As a sidenote, this was one of the
most requested songs on the children's radio show I used to

"Strange Things"--a song about one's self-awakening and the
frustration felt in the goings on.

"I Will Go Sailing No More"--one of the saddest and most
haunting songs I have ever heard sung in a movie, the song is
all about the loss of a dream.

The TOY STORY album isn't for everyone. However, fans of the film and Randy Newman fans will probably enjoy it, not to mention Disney maniacs."
Toy Story: A Randy Newman Masterpiece
Brandon Cutro | 12/24/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"In November of 1995 audiences were treated to the first computer animated motion picture event: Toy Story. Many were to soon pick up a Copy of the Soundtrack to own that following Christmas. When I first heard the Score for the film 'Toy Story' it stuck with me for a bunch of years. Now I am finally able to write a review for the Score. Here is my Track-by-Track Review: (I will be only reviewing the Instrumental Pieces!)
04. Andy's Birthday: (3/5): As the opening to the Score of the Film I don't think I really expected much. For the opening it certainly doesn't start with much of a bang! Though I must say, it does get right to the idea of this piece. It's Andy's Birthday and Woody and rest of the toys are dreadfully worried!
05. Soldiers Mission: (3/5): Okay's heres the whole idea, Woody has sent the little green army men to go and see what presents Andy is getting for his birthday. This Instrumental doesn't say very much in terms of storyline presentation, but it definaly picks the Score up a little more. It is more high noted and more exciting then the previous Instrumental!
06. Presents: (5/5): WOAH! Now this one is what makes the score pick itself up. I'm not too sure on the name of the track being 'Presents' but I know that it totally captures that strong sense of panic when Woody and the rest of the Toys descover Andy is coming upstairs!
07. Buzz: (4/5): Well, the name says it all! Andy and his friends have just left and Woody has just got a new look at Andy's new toy! Buzz Lightyear! This Instrumental carries the story quite nicely. The second part of the Instrumental, the music from the 'Flying' Scene, reminds me of a Roller Coaster. By the end of this part in the Film Woody is Jealous of the new toy!
08. Sid: (5/5): Finally! We get introduced to the Villian of the film in this Instrumental Piece. Woody is busy mocking Buzz when they hear the laugh of Sid Phillips. A boy who apparently tortures toys! The Music for this scene fits quite well as an introduction to Sids character. Cruel, Rude and Punk!
09. Woody and Buzz: (4/5): The title for this Instrumental Piece fits quite well considering the Scene's it surrounds. First Woody accidently knocks Buzz out the window, next he is threatened by the toys, then meets up with Buzz at the Gas Station on the way to Pizza Planet. There is a certain tenseness concerning the bit of the Instrumental in which the toys attack Woody! Not much else to say about this Piece.
10. Mutants: (5/5): WOAH! I don't know why on earth this track is titled Mutants. The Mutant Toys dont make their Music cue until almost the end of the Piece! Anyway, Woody and Buzz are in a Claw game where you use a claw to get a prize. And guess who turns up...Sid! Sid 'Wins' them then takes them home. Soon after Woody and Buzz have a frightening confrontation with 'The Mutant Toys'! The object of Sids playtime. The Music for this whole track is pretty nice. It works well and gives off a definate wacko/horror sense, which makes scense considering the idea of the scenes.
11. Woody's Gone:(4/5): This Music Piece is calmer then the previous 'Sid's House' centred Pieces entitled 'Mutants'. Even do why this piece is entitled 'Woody's Gone' is beyond me. The music for this track begins after the Sequences at Andy's house. Whatever. Anyway, Woody and Buzz have survived one night, now they are victim to Sids cruelty. Thankfully they almost escape. But then the 'Mutants' arrive but Woody fails to be truly terrified again, and flees the room but discovers Sids Dog: Scud. Under the Circumstances this music is a preety fair accompnient to the introduction of Sid's Dog. The music is tense but not high noting tense. Besides, things are about to get worse.
12. The Big One: (5/5): Poor Woody and Buzz. Buzz has a broken arm and is trying to explain that to Andy's Toys, then Sid comes along and desides to blow Buzz up with a new rocket! Though the circumstances arn't ALL bad. Woody discovers the Mutants are not Cannibals like supposed back in Instrumental 10 'Mutants'. They fix Buzz. As an instrumental, its another panic piece. Though this time there is more at stake. Buzz's Life! Besides the music for this track is exciting and tense at the same time.
13. Home Together: ( 5/5): Well, I dont know why this track is titled 'Home Together'. Shouldn't it be 'Hang Together'. Who Knows?
This track is much like the previous one. At least the panic part is. But it has more of a marching tune to accompany the Mutants. Anyway, to get the lowdown, Woody and Buzz talk to each other, then Sid wakes up and takes Buzz to blow him up. Woody panics then enlists the help of the Mutant Toys, realising now they are not Cold hearted! The Mutants make their way outside without being noticed. Then they get ready for their showdown with Sid!
14. On the Move: (4/5): Not really one of my favorites. It is mostly a transitional track. In other words it wraps up the whole 'Sid' plot then goes right into the Climax. It works though! Anyway, Woody and the Mutants put their plan into action and terrify Sid. After a little celebration Woody and Buzz run to catch up with the moving Truck! THIS is the most dramatic scene! Will Woody and Buzz make it?
15. Infinity and Beyond: (4/5): Well this track concludes the Score for 'Toy Story'! Woody and Buzz use the rocked Sid strabbed to Buzz to catch up with the Van and land in the box beside Andy! A Happy Ending, as usual. As an insrumental piece it is very UPLIFTING and soars high with its high notes which, unlike the ones occuring during the 'SID' sequences (10-14) are not ones of horror. Otherwise a good piece.
As a complete Score Randy Newman does an excellent job of leaping from Joy to fear to bittersweet tears. This is by far my favorite score for a Disney/Pixar film. I highly reccomend it!