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One for All
Peter Criss
One for All
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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Best known to the entire world as The Catman, a founding member and original drummer of the legendary KISS, Peter Criss has returned with his latest musical project, ONE FOR ALL, a collection showcasing his far-ranging tal...  more »


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All Artists: Peter Criss
Title: One for All
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Label: Silver Cat
Original Release Date: 1/1/2007
Re-Release Date: 7/24/2007
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPCs: 020286105428, 0202861054288, 020286105435


Album Description
Best known to the entire world as The Catman, a founding member and original drummer of the legendary KISS, Peter Criss has returned with his latest musical project, ONE FOR ALL, a collection showcasing his far-ranging talent as a skillful singer-songwriter and his vast range as a gifted vocalist. Intensely personal and autobiographical, ONE FOR ALL, is a song cycle of variously styles, profoundly rich ballads that touch on all aspects of Peter?s life, looking back at his legendary music career while also turning within to reflect on family and friends. It?s the latest chapter in a life story that has given us one of rock?s greatest legacies.

CD Reviews

Peter's most satisfyingly-realized musical offering
Scott R. Harding | St. Johns, MI USA | 08/03/2007
(3 out of 5 stars)

"Lots of reviewers like to throw their credentials out there as they review this release, so I figured that's a good way to start as well:

1) I am as hard-core a Kiss fan as they come, having joined the ranks of the Kiss Army in 1976 upon the release of "Destroyer."

2) I am a professional musician, having earned a PhD in composition as well as being a percussionist.

There! Now that that's out of the way, my opinion shouldn't matter any more than anyone ELSE'S out there. Because ultimately, you'll decide on your own whether on not you think "One For All" is a worthwhile CD. As far as I'm concerned, I think this is a touching and honest release from Peter, perhaps the most codified collection of songs he's ever released. A few particulars:

1) Peter's singing: he's not all over the place in terms of intonation...far from it. I think Peter has a good ear, and his vocal performance is solid and heartfelt. Sometimes the timbre of Peter's voice is a little flat, without any of the interesting throatiness of Paul or the growling quality of Gene. And, much of the time he sings from his throat, which can make him sound strained in higher registers. But he really explores his low voice on the album, especially on the great Sondheim cover "Send in the Clowns." If you accuse Peter of being out of tune, you need to level the same accusation at singers from John Lennon to Janis Joplin.

2) Peter's drumming: I've never understood complaints about Peter's drumming, from other fans or from Gene. Look, if Pete needed someone to pound a cardboard box to keep him on-tempo during the recording of "Rock & Roll Over," then how could he play all those concerts WITHOUT that? I know that he deliberately sabotaged tempos during the "Dynasty" tour, but every time - EVERY. TIME. - I've heard him with Kiss, he's rock-solid. The same goes for his new CD, which is filled with interesting syncopations and creative beats that fit the songs so well...up to and including some tasty brush work. Is he Eric Singer, or Eric Carr? Nope. Why should he be? His sound is all "Peter Criss," and that's honesty at its finest.

3) Peter's producing: I really think ALL professional musicians should work with a producer...even Paul Stanley. An extra set of ears in the studio is just a good idea, in the same way that having someone else proofread a paper is a good idea. It's a different perspective, and how can that hurt? Having said that, I think the delicate sounds on this disc are well-conceived and clear. There are a few studio tricks - Pete's psychedelic vocals on "Space Ace," or the rain on "Whisper" - but otherwise the instruments are allowed to just sound like themselves. This is especially true of Pete's drums, which (thankfully!) lack the amplified trigger sound of recent Kiss releases and instead are tuneful and wooden; he also makes some great cymbal choices.

4) Pete's songwriting: to just read the lyric sheet, the songs seem a little trite, often something I find a particular weakness of Peter's. But he consistently works with Mike McLaughlin, and upon HEARING the lyrics within the structure of the songs, they are beautiful and honest. The arrangements are tight, and a few interesting harmonic choices pop up now & then to keep the music from falling into a 3-chord monotony.

If I had to compare this release to anything, it certainly wouldn't be Kiss. Kiss has always been a unique collection of four individuals, all of whom contribute to the sound of the band. Depending on the lineup and band effort, this has resulted in either some of the greatest rock & roll ever, or vapid verse/chorus anthems with musical inventiveness so insignificant it can't even be charted. Individually, each original member of Kiss does what he does best: Paul records sparkling pop rock and radio-friendly ballads, Ace delivers hard-driving rock with monster riffs, Gene goes all over the map with ballsy crunch and McCartney-esque triflings, and Peter...well, Peter lets his voice flow over smooth R&B with a little swing & rock thrown in for good measure. "One For All" sounds more like an Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach collaboration, with perhaps a little late-60s Moody Blues/Procol Harum thrown in. I wish folks would detach Pete from his Catman persona and give this album a chance...just as I hope Kiss fans will understand that this music is Peter unencumbered by the rules and dictates of his former bandmates. He is stronger for it."
I'm glad you don't like it! It's cool!
E. Spears | 07/30/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"There are quite a few folks who don't like this album. To that I say, Good! Music these days stinks bad. It all sounds the same. It's all made cookie-cutter and it's freaking boring. Since there are some who will compare Peter's effort to Gene's and Paul's, I will only briefly. Paul writes the same tired, frayed tunes he always does. Gene, well, Gene is quite possibly the worst song writer to come down the pike since, well, me. :)

Peter wrote what he liked, sang the way he sings and released and album that is not something you will find anywhere else. You will know it's Peter Criss.

When I first heard the snipits, I was like, what the heck is that? But I waited. I don't want to get disappointed until I heard the whole thing.

When the CD arrived, I put it in the CD player and slapped on the headphones to give it an honest listen. After three listens I was hooked. Why? Because it's honest. It's real. It's not over produced like his last release was, like Stanley's or Simmon's. It's the real Peter Criss there, not a computer. That's why I like it.

I grew up in the 70's when stuff was real and there was no such thing as protools. So no matter if the pitch is perfect, or the lyrics don't meet your standards, it's from the heart, it's real and it's honest. Britney Spears could learn a thing or two here.

I haven't stopped listening to it. The songs stick in my head and I can't get them out. They're catchy tunes and quality tunes. I'm glad I bought this album. Peter captures an era here that has long since passed. I'm glad he did.

He's coming out with two more, so this is only the first. As I understand it, we'll here rock and swing! Can you imagine that? What we here from the others? The same old tired stuff. If you like that, it's cool, dude, but if you are looking for something different, catchy and a lot different, than this CD is worth the price. At the very least you know when you buy this CD you won't be buying a studio's version of a band. It's the real guy.

To Peter I say congratulations. You flip your bird at the nay-sayers and did it your way.

Thanks for reading. :)"
Kevin Dobbs "dragonboots" | Perth Western Australia | 07/24/2007
(2 out of 5 stars)

"This seems like a far more genuine set of tunes from Peter than Cat #1's rock stance ever provided but does it mean its better well frankly yes and no. But there are some nice moments and one great moment. Lyrically clumsy and tone wise often head scratch-ingly askew it does have what perhaps was last displayed on Peter's first post Kiss release "Out of Control" a sense of 'screw you I'll do what makes me happy' and for this I say good for you. For the uninitiated Peter's blues and R&B leanings are not going to be a big draw, the 'Beth' brigade may feel let down by the quality of the ballads and the 'Baby Driver' metal crowd are going to be horrified by the non rocked-ness, but you know what I quite like it (at times). So what works well is "Last Night" which is a tender ballad over acoustic guitar and the cover of "Send In The Clowns". Both are genuine and have that realism that the other more up beat material seems to lack. "Don't Get Better Than This" is heartfelt but not too great lyrically "Falling All Over Again" with its country twinge is quite nice but lacks a a hook, "Whisper" reminds me a little of 'First Day In The Rain' from 'Let Me Rock You' with an almost Mac like 'Albatross' sense to it. I think I will appreciate this more from a few more listens. "Memories" is also kinda sweet in intent but a little under constructed. Outside of that group the rest is a less than stellar. Honest and from the heart, ambitious or just plain bad on the first few spins I am not really sure, I guess time will tell?"