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Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
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For their second major-label release, Northern California's Papa Roach follow the same recipe of other rap-metal crossovers: aggressive, thick-chugging riffs, angst-driven lyrics, and touches of good ol' classic rock. Trac...  more »


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All Artists: Papa Roach
Title: Lovehatetragedy
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Label: Dreamworks
Release Date: 6/18/2002
Album Type: Enhanced, Limited Edition, Explicit Lyrics
Genres: Pop, Rock, Metal
Styles: Funk Rock, Alternative Metal
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For their second major-label release, Northern California's Papa Roach follow the same recipe of other rap-metal crossovers: aggressive, thick-chugging riffs, angst-driven lyrics, and touches of good ol' classic rock. Tracks "Time and Time Again," "Born with Nothing, Die with Everything," and "She Loves Me Not" have big, fat, clever choruses, which would fit with ease on harder mainstream radio. Elsewhere, they are far more engaging: "M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)" bashes away with punk stylings, and the sweeping "lovehatetragedy" includes interesting chord and tempo changes. Jacoby Shaddix (the vocalist formerly known as Coby Dick) gives an impressive performance, and while he might not have the power of most of his contemporaries, he makes up for it with his more melodic approach, even within his raps. The only thing that's lacking is a distinction factor that sets them apart from everyone else, but at least they didn't steal any Iron Maiden riffs this time. --Gail Flug

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Review of lovehatetragedy
Gates-Reaver | Ann Arbor, MI | 06/24/2002
(4 out of 5 stars)

"In this CD, Papa Roach have dropped the rapping in every song save for the single "She Loves Me Not". I don't know weather this is good or bad. Some songs were almost certainly written with rap in mind, namely tracks 6,8,10, and maybe 3. Anyhoo, here's the song by song.M-80: All in all a good song, though a bit confusing at first. Good rock anthem.Life is a bullet: Probably the worst song on the album, but gets the emotions through well.Time and Time Again: Good song, I like the beginning, and the chorus.Walking through Barbed Wire: Easily the best song on the album. Kind of scary thought, mathcing the lyric "I would die for you" with the fact that it's about a dead dog.Decompression Period: Slow at first, but then it picks up.Born with Nothing, Die with Everything: Great song to headbang to. Love the beginning.She Loves Me Not: One of the best songs on the album, and the only one with rap. Good cymbals.Singular Indestructable Droid: Cyborgs kick [bottom]. So does this song. This was inspired by the DJ from Slipknot (get the Sid acronym?)Black Clouds: Great song, inspiring to anyone who suffers from depression. Captures the essence.Code of Energy: Don't quite get the lyrics, but you can still rock out.lovehatetragedy: Has a bit of an epic feel. I like the slow part. I have it stuck in my head right now. Good lyrics to.Gouge Away: Bit weird, but good. Drug reference, shield your virgin ears.Never Said It: Weird lyrics, great instumentals.Overall worth buying, in my opinion. Very different from Infest, but change is inevitable (except from a vending machine). The drums seem to be a little quieter, and the guitars a little less staticky, less rough. If you're to closed-minded to appreciate an excellent album just because they are no longer embracing the nu metal fad de jour, rap-rock, then it's your loss."
On Second Thought........
Michael Crane | Orland Park, IL USA | 07/24/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

".....this album is really better than I had thought at first. I wrote a review giving it only four stars. (Well, actually 4 and a half stars.) This album is really a lot better than I gave it credit. I've had a chance to listen to this album more and more, and the more I hear it...the more I like it.Unlike the first album, "Infest," "Lovehatetragedy," steers away from rock-rap and just dives into rock. With the exception of the last verse of "she loves me not," there is virtually no rapping at all. That may anger some fans....and yet, it may make fans more happier. I know it did for me. The lead singer really does have a great voice, and he takes advantage of it more than on the first album.The songs are written a lot better, especially lyric wise. They're more deeper and emotional, even darker at times. The guitars also have improved more, as well as the drumming.EVERY song on this album is good. My favorite songs still have not changed from the previous review, with the exception of adding "gouge away" to that list. But really, this is an album you can put on and not worry about what song it's on. A great album to play when driving! I still think that the only weak point of the album is the length. It's not even fourty minutes long. It would've been nice to have it longer. Then again, when do you get to hear an album with no bad songs? So I guess that makes up for it.If you really like the group, I suggest getting the limited editon of this album. It has two extra songs, which are awesome, and it includes two live videos for the computer.I've noticed that some people have been complaining about the "whining" that this band does in the songs. Dude, this is what rock and music is all about. How else are these guys going to get their emotions out? Isn't that why they wanted to be in a band in the first place? They may be famous, but they still have problems just like you and me. Just because you have it all, doesn't mean you HAVE it all, you know.So, I've upgraded my rating of "Lovehatetragedy" to five stars. It really deserves it, and should've been the rating on my first review. Sorry about that. It's nice to see that the boys are starting to leave rap-rock and just play great rock music. Heavy, and brutally honest and emotion packed, "Lovehatetragedy," is a great album. If they keep it up, it looks like they will be around for a long time. It'll be something to see how these guys change when they come out with a third album."
michael | ca, USA | 06/25/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Well when i bought the cd and listend to it i was astonished. Heres a rating review1. M-80- pure energy the song still stays Papa Roach 9/102. life is a bullet- one of the best songs on here.good song that you cant hate 9/103. Time And Time Again- what can i say? mabye the best song on the album. it is total papa roach. 10/104. Walking Thru Barbed Wire- ausome song very origanal. a little bit love type but still good. 9/105. Decompresion Period- I love this sony.It is one of my absaloute favorites. Depressing but good. It gives you the real Roach felling. 10/106. Born With Nothing, Die With Everything- Pure Papa Roach.Best song of energy on the album.And I cant go on to the next song without givin props to Jerry Horton for ausome guitars. Good Job Jerry!. 12/107. She Loves Me Not- good song!its original with the guitars,lyrics,beats,drums,bass,fifs,and agian got to give props to Jerry with his fiff. Good job with the chorus pedal. 10/108. S.I.D- Ausome I love this song. Good bass especialy so Tobin good job way to handle the Lankland five string. And props to Coby good lyrics. 10/109. Black Clouds- The best song on the album. Total Papa Roach when you are down or ready to hear good rock and lyrics so you gotta "face your demons" when you hear this song you gota head bang.Good job guys !!! 1,000,000,000/1010. Code Of Energy- good song overall not to judge from how it starts buy the pre-chorus you have to listen to it over and over. 10/1011. LoveHateTragedy- good song. It makes you really appreciate what you have. 11/10 Well there you go and go buy this cd. Good job guys !!!!"