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Moving Along with Harvey Pittel, Saxophone
Paul Creston, Ingolf Dahl, Sergey Rachmaninov
Moving Along with Harvey Pittel, Saxophone
Genre: Classical
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Fine content, lackluster performance
(2 out of 5 stars)

"Pittel's attempt to create a "benchmark" classical saxophone record is laudable. The pieces on the album are standards: Creston's Sonata, Ibert's Camera, Maurice's Tableaux, etc. The recording of this album was certainly a large undertaking, but I find several fatal flaws:-As previously noted, Pittel's intonation is severely off in several, if not all, of the selections.-Articulation, articulation, articulation. Where is it? Pittel's tongue is extremely heavy, and renders most of the pieces fine for background music, but not critical listening.-Stylistic interpretation. Contrary to a previous reviewer, I find his "interpretation" of Tableaux to be wrong. To slow down in the technical passages, speed up during the slower sections, and generally play rhythms incorrectly is not the mark of a good saxophonist, let alone musician.-This album is fine for anyone who wants to hear a mediocre saxophonist. I strongly recommend, however, Pekka Savijoki's recording of Tableaux, also available on Savijoki's recording is far more accurate than Pittel's."
Hey guys this is not cool
A. Harrison | 11/02/2005
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This album was quite good, and shame on all you people who disltked Pittels playing. Pittel is the greatist classical saxaphonist alive right now. Im only a 14 year old kid, been to three of his performances and probubly know alot more bout Pittels music then alota ppl. So give him a break as that one guy said, and please look beyond bout what hes playing and look into the soul of the tracks on this album. I mean its the soul that counts in music, and in the music industry. Now shove that in your pipe and smoke it fools."
Saxphone Player's Review
A. Harrison | 02/23/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have to also come to Harvey's defense. I dont know what most of you are hearing, but the pieces done by pittel are amazing. Most saxophone recordings are done by people who are just trying to play fast, there is no emotion or dynamic. However, Harvey does a very good job. He plays hem at a solid tempo and has amazing dynamic contrast. This is an excellent cd."